31 January 2012

Yankees Go Home

Yankees Go Home, Coming St., Charleston, S.C.
It is such a relief to be Canadian. I've never read, "Canadians, go home, eh!" in the pavement. It looks like someone tried to rub this out but it was too late.

Like a bird, on a mansion fence

16 Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.
Most people don't go to the Calhoun Mansion on Meeting St. to take pictures of birds but he was posing so sweetly for me.

I know a few readers are planning trips to Charleston this spring so thought this link to the Historic Charleston Foundation's Spring Home & Garden Tours might be helpful. It looks like they go from March 22 to April 21: Festival of Houses and Gardens.  It should be glorious!

Forgive me for not answering everyone's comments promptly. I try my best never to blog or comment from work. I'm constantly telling my boss that I do try to behave. It's a struggle but I do try.

30 January 2012

Townhouses on Bull St.

Bull St., Charleston, S.C.
This stretch of tall masonry town homes always reminds me of Savannah. But they aren't, ha! They are right here in Charleston. Since one had a Sale sign on it I was able to google around and find a bit of information from the real estate web site:

103 Bull St.: Built in 1853 by Sara Smith, Historic Bee's Row was taken over during the Civil War by William C. Bee, owner of a blockade-running firm. Located on what was then known as "Bee's Block," the properties located at 101-109 Bull Street were partially used as warehouses and stores during the war. This fabulous masonry home and carriage house can easily accommodate a large family. The property consists of 6 bedrooms (currently used as a four bedroom house with a media and exercise room), 5 full baths and 2 half baths. The carriage house, approx. 1,545 square feet, is large enough for guests or it could serve as a rental with 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, an updated kitchen and parking. Situated in a wonderful, quiet location in Harleston Village, you are within walking distance to local schools and hospitals.
If you are interested, the link has a photo gallery showing the inside of the main house. Wowza! Let me know if you buy it. I'm coming over for dinner and I might not leave.

29 January 2012

Spring Blossoms in January?

Duncan St., Charleston, S.C.
Look at these blossoms! In January? This is very odd. A cold snap could do some serious damage at this point. These are on Duncan St. The old sign on that little building says "R & M Sweet Shop" although it is too faded to read easily. 

I spent this afternoon at the Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach Auction and luncheon at the Charleston Marriott. Our Lady of Mercy has an Outreach Mission on Johns Island offering free dental and ob/gyn visits, English as a second language and GED classes. It is a pretty impressive operation and a good thing to support. I am glad some people had more money than I do to bid on the grand but expensive auction items. I think they did very well!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend and that everyone who went to the Lowcountry Oyster Festival didn't spend all day in traffic.

Thou Shalt Not Park Here

No Parking Sign, Hassell St., Charleston, S.C.
I don't think they want you to park at the Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Synagog on Hassell St. Not only that but they really don't want you taking pictures of the area either.

The gate was open to the parking alley as I walked by and the sign made me grin and reach for my camera. In an instant a police officer and temple member were on either side of me asking what I was taking pictures of. When I explained that their parking sign was fun they looked relieved and waved me on. It is a good addition to my No Parking series.

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance

King St., Charleston, S.C.
I am ahead of the game here since we are only an hour into Sunday as I post this. I spotted these choir members heading to St. Mary's on Hassell St. as I did my morning walk last weekend.

I've had a bit of a lazy day today but an unexpected treat on Friday night. Facebook friend Donna caught me just as I left to go out on my walk and suggested meeting up for a bite to eat. We enjoyed a lovely dinner (mushroom ravioli...mmmmm) at Il Cortile Del Re on King St. It was warm enough to enjoy sitting outside on their patio and fun to meet another Facebook contact.

27 January 2012

Charleston Doors

Meeting St., Charleston, S.C,
It's late and I should be in bed. I worked late this evening and in my mind that already justifies slipping out to get to a movie tomorrow afternoon. I still need to catch Meryl Streep in Iron Lady, doncha think?

Aren't these the most beautiful doors?  They are on lower Meeting St. almost at White Point Gardens. If the doors look like this, I can't even imagine how beautiful the interior is.

I want to thank everyone who has added information about pictures recently in comments and on Facebook. It is so much fun to get more details about a scene I've captured quickly as I go by. Buildings in Charleston have such history and it is lovely for you all to make it more personal for us. Thank you.

G'night kids!

26 January 2012

The future of healthcare has a big grin!

SCRUBS "U", Roper Hospital
When the nurses at Roper Hospital told me I could register as many students as I wanted in an evening health career program for tonight, I was so happy not to have to turn them away I registered eighty students. What was I thinking? Ha! Happy chaos. Thanks to all the staff who worked the long day and gave these kids a taste of what it is like to be a nurse.

A special shout out to teachers from Dorchester Country Career and Technology School and Ashley Ridge High School.  The enthusiasm and dedication of these two teachers was infectious. They encouraged all their students to register and came with them. That is pretty impressive in my opinion. I know how precious evenings are. Thanks to everyone who made it a successful night.


25 January 2012

Robbie Burns' Day

Edinburgh, Scotland

''Then you, ye auld, snick-drawing dog!
Ye cam to Paradise incog,
An' played on a man a cursed brogue,
(Black be your fa'!)
An' gied the infant warld a shog,
'Maist ruined a'.''

Robert Burns (1759-1796), Scottish poet
Happy Robbie Burns Day, kids! I'm not sure what this poem means but I had a good Scottish picture with a dog in it and this was his only poem mentioning a dog. Is he even talking about a dog? In 2008 I flew to Edinburgh and hiked across England coast to coast along the ruins of Emperor Hadrian's Wall. It was a grand trip but beginning and ending in Edinburgh was one of the highlights. I am a Cameron on my mother's side and it was good to be in a city with old connections.

I trust my brother Bob is in his kilt celebrating with a generous share of whisky.

Abandoned Gas Station

Wentworth St., Charleston, S.C.
This sweet brick gas station on Wentworth St. has been abandoned as long as I remember. Does anyone know more about it? I've never noticed it for sale so there must be a reason but in theory it would make a cute little house. I'd love to see it fixed up and occupied.

Ohhh....I am having a hard time making myself go for my walk lately. I hit my favorite corner of my couch and don't want to budge, but I did it. I marched the King, Meeting, Broad St. loop in the dark. The more you learn, the more getting some exercise seems to be THE most important thing to do to stay healthy and I really enjoy being healthy. I sit on my tail too much of the day clicking away at my keyboard. I have to get out moving fast in the evening to make up for it. 

I stopped by Fish restaurant to return the giant French flag they loaned me to celebrate a French theme day in our hospital cafeteria. It was a big hit! They also gave me the contact info for a wandering accordionist who played French cafe music. Can you picture me trying to fold up this flag to return? Thanks to Randall Goldman and Jodie Battles for making our day so successful.

In other news, how am I supposed to make a black bean burrito with three cans of garbanzo beans and no black beans? What kind of a kitchen am I running around here. A pretty poor one.

24 January 2012

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

Water St., Charleston, S.C.
How about them wheels?! Almost matches the house color. How fun.

I love getting phone calls in the morning from people who recognize their aunt's house from the previous day's posting. :) Who lives in this one? I want a ride!

I am discombobulated this week. Tuesday felt like Thursday so can Wednesday please be Friday?

23 January 2012

Old Buildings & Sardines

Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.
Isn't this a lovely home? I wandered the Church, Water, Atlantic St. route on Sunday morning and didn't jot down each location but I think this one was on Church St.

Edit: Corrected by commenter to 22 Meeting St. Thanks! 

Sunday's Post & Courier also had this letter to the Editor that caught my eye. It appears that the writer is responding to what must have been an article about over crowding in area schools and she is saying that Trident Tech classes are crowded as well.

You can click the link to get to the full letter but I had to laugh when she complained about being stuck in skills labs with eight to ten students to an instructor stuck in a classroom built before the '90's. Ha! If she is lucky she will get a job when she graduates and work in a building built well before the 1900's.  Sardines in a can before they die?! Can she be serious?

Trident Tech's 'sardine' students:

For skills, we are divided up into groups, often taught by other students. In skills lab, we have five and six instructors with eight to 10 students each, crammed in a small classroom built before the '90s.

Once again, it is difficult to see or hear the instructions to perform the skills needed for the next day's clinicals at the hospitals.

I often wonder if this is how the sardines in a can feel before they die.
Not to be intimidated by the classroom inadequacies, I signed up to work with the graduating seniors in the Nursing Center on my own time to cover what I missed.
There is no life in college except those special moments when we huddle together in class to learn and prepare for a better life after graduation.

Grand Oaks in the Mist

Meditation Garden, Charleston, S.C.
I work in a garden. No doubt about it. On foggy mornings like this I take a detour under the oak trees on my way to the hospital and visit my favorite trees.

It was hard to make myself get up off the couch and go for my walk this evening but I did it late and just got back. It is still foggy and mysterious feeling. I felt like I was Oliver Twist expecting the Artful Dodger to dart out from around a corner. Boo!

You can click the smaller pictures to get the larger view.

22 January 2012

Before & After - Circular Congregational Churchyard

Civil War Photos - Circular Congregational Churchyard, Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.
I have a crumpled stack of papers printed from the civil war photos site crammed in the bottom of my backpack.  Once and awhile I pull them out and see what I can match up. This morning I walked through the cemetery of the Circular Congregational Church on Meeting St. and found the tomb pictured in this scene.

The church is still there of course and in use for morning service as I wandered in their churchyard. It is a lovely spot. The photo below shows the church building without the tree branch blocking the view.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. I want this final hour or two to last for ever. Busy week ahead. I am off to watch my new addiction - Downton Abbey.

Keegan Filion Farm Barn Raiser

Chef Nico Romo with Annie from Keegan Filion Farms at Lowndes Grove Fundraiser
The folks at Keegan-Filion Farms in Walterboro had a recent fire that burned one of their old barns. Besides losing the barn, built in the 1930’s by Annie’s grandfather, also lost in the fire were over 100 birds, turkey and hog feed, and numerous farm tools.

Patrick Properties Hospitality Group coordinated a fundraising event that was held this afternoon on the grounds of Lowndes Grove Plantation with the goal of raising $20,000. Chefs from the lowcountry's best restaurants donated their food and services. It was great to see everyone working together to raise the funds needed to rebuild the barn.Thanks to all the coordinators and volunteers who pulled off this great event. It's nice to live in a town where people take care of each other.

Lowndes Grove Plantation
Jimi Hatt with Ruby and Harper. Or maybe, Harper and Ruby


21 January 2012

Sidewalk Mystery

Vanderhorst St., Charleston, S.C.
Do I need to report this to the police? Are we going to find the rest of the body? Sad. I've read about cases like this.

Gothic Outbuildings on Bull St.

Every once and awhile people kindly leave gates open for me and my snoopy little camera. I love this tiny outbuilding with the gothic windows on Montagu St. I think this scene is easier to get a picture of in the winter when the trees aren't as full.
Edit: This post was corrected after a commenter noted I had mistakenly listed the location. She is correct. It is Montagu St. not Bull as originally posted. My mistake!
So, the primary is over in S.C. What a relief. My phone has been ringing off the hook. The last call this afternoon was from Mitt Romney but he called me Alice (?) when he asked for my vote. Why on earth would a recording use a name when anyone can pick up a phone. Alice?

Rain! Welcome sound. 

20 January 2012

Amuse Me

Muse, Society St., Charleston, S.C.
Isn't it pretty? The flowers are still blooming and it looked so pretty and European I couldn't help grabbing a shot as I walked by. It is the upper porch of Muse restaurant on Society St.

Who schedules a meeting at 3 p.m. on a Friday? Sigh. Made me miss my regular Friday matinee although I reckon that is what I get paid for, and I am grateful for that.

I also missed Stephen Colbert at the College of Charleston. Lots of photos being added to this article in the Post & Courier. Go Stephen!

I am getting together with a gang of women friends who worked at the hospital. All but three of the group has retired so I'll listen to them going on about their fun day trips, frequent vacations and midweek lunches while I keep plugging along. Just kidding ;)  I love 'em dearly. I made dessert. See ya ladies!

19 January 2012

Social Media Rankings

Warren St., Charleston, S.C.

Got Klout? What do you all think of klout.com? Have you checked your Klout score?

There used to be another site that gave bloggers an idea how they ranked in readership and hits. I can't remember what it was called. When I saw Klout mentioned I registered just for the heck of it.

I happened to register after being away for almost a month so as my readership rallied and realized I was back on deck, it appeared that Charleston Daily Photo was growing by leaps and bounds. It wasn't of course, it was just getting back on track.

I am ranked a 55 and says I regularly influence 968 people which I suppose is relatively good. Klout ranks twitter use which I don't use and Linkedin which I have not found useful yet. On the other hand it does not rank Facebook use which is where I get all of my comments and activity now-a-days.

Klout invited me to register "influential topics." I picked Charleston, Photography and Social Media. Klout agreed. About a week later they vanished from my profile. It turns out co-klouters have to agree and award  K+ points or your "influential topics" disappear.

Huh? So I might be good, I might clearly have a following but unless other people constantly approve me it ain't true? Forget that.They can either read me or not but they don't have to reward me with little imaginary K+ gifts.

Thomas St. corner

Thomas St., Charleston, S.C.
This sweet scene it just around the block from my house.

Seems like I've been scrambling home from work and dashing out to dinner this week but it has all been wonderful. I love restaurant week in Charleston!  Luckily we do it twice a year now and it makes the pricier restaurants more manageable. I met my friend Jo at Macintosh this evening and I'll be thinking about their melt-in-the-mouth ricotta gnudi until the next time I get to go back. We were very well taken care of thanks to chef de cuisine Chris Delaney. Thanks folks! Back to salad eating next week.

My phone is still ringing off the hook with campaign call. Yawn. It looks like Stephen Colbert is going to be at the College of Charleston Cistern tomorrow afternoon at 1 p.m. Too bad I'll be at work, eh.

18 January 2012

1600 Meeting St.

1600 Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.
1600 Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.
It is an eye catching building, no doubt, sitting abandoned for years in a mostly industrial section of upper Meeting St. I was aware of it because I am always sneaking up that way to wander around Magnolia Cemetery.

At a recent Pecha Kucha evening, it was presented as the anchor of a future "creative corridor". More information here: 1600 Meeting and on their facebook page. I still can't tell if anything is really happening there or if it is all simply a cool concept. The sign suggests that the last incarnation of the building was some kind of Antique store.

I walked up the block to throw the giant wooden cross in just to impress you. :))

Bed time, kids. I have two Tres Leches Boston Cream cakes cooling and the house smells delicious. Yum.

17 January 2012

New Super Hero hits town

King St., Charleston, S.C.
I had to post this picture again. It slipped by unnoticed in the MLK Day parade series. Seriously folks. What the heck? He called out, "There is a new super hero in town and it's Mr. Peanut."

There were quite a few "Peanut Men" selling or handing out Boiled Peanuts along the route but I'm still not clear on what the connection is. Wonder what special powers our super hero has?