27 February 2015

RIP Leonard Nimoy

Beth Elohim Cemetery,  Coming St., Charleston, S.C. 
Leonard Nimoy passed away today. Years ago wandering through a Jewish cemetery, I noticed the hands placed on tombs in the split fingered salute he made famous. It was interesting enough to backtrack to discover that he did it deliberately. Now I look for the hand prints on old tombs in Jewish cemeteries. This particular photo is in the Beth Elohim Cemetery on Coming St.

Leonard Nimoy: His religious upbringing also influenced the characterization of Spock. The character’s split-fingered salute, he often explained, had been his idea: He based it on the kohanic blessing, a manual approximation of the Hebrew letter shin, which is the first letter in Shaddai, one of the Hebrew names for God.
Edit to add: This post is getting some interest so I will add a few more cemetery pictures below and another link. Enjoy!

Kohanim or Cohanim Hands – Priestly Blessing: On Jewish tombstones you will sometimes see a symbol showing two hands arranged for the Priestly Blessing like the example here. This is a symbol of the Kohen or Cohen (Hebrew for priest). The plural form is Kohanim or Cohanim. Kohanim are assumed to be direct male descendants of Aaron, who was the first Kohen and the brother of Moses. Some Jewish surnames frequently associated with this symbol are Conn or Cohn (Kohn), Cahn (Kahn), and Cohen (Kohen), but you will find the symbol on the grave markers of people with other surnames. Today families can sometimes verify a priestly lineage from the tombstones of ancestors that have this symbol.

And yes, Star Trek fans… You’ve probably noticed the similarity between this symbol and the Vulcan hand greeting (“live long and prosper”) used in the TV show and movies. This was suggested by actor Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock), who saw the Priestly Blessing in a synagogue when he was a child. He modified it as Vulcans use only one hand.

26 February 2015

Feelin' kinda green

Charleston, S.C.

My pets come to life in the warm weather.

Just kidding. This little green rascal was part of the Garden & Gun magazine display at the Southeastern Wildlife Festival booth.

Wow...I sure have been a slacker about walking lately. The nights have been either cold, dreary or rainy. I did row a few miles across my living room today but am looking forward to daylight savings time and longer, brighter evenings.

Fun evening last night at a bowling fundraiser for Water Missions International. My team of volunteers almost won! We didn't win but made a very good showing. I hadn't been inside The Alley on Columbus St. yet so had been looking forward to snooping around.

24 February 2015

Lowndes Grove Plantation

Lowndes Grove Plantation, Charleston, S.C.
Amazing to think that Lowndes Grove Plantation is right on the peninsula. I was walking around Hampton Park this past weekend and poked my camera through the front gate to get this shot. I've attended some lovely events on this property at sunset looking over the Ashley River and I know it is a popular wedding spot managed by Patrick Properties.
(The Grove; Grove Farm) Built ca. 1786, Lowndes Grove is a one and one-half story frame structure set upon a raised stucco-over-brick basement. Probably originally built in the Georgian mode, the structure has been altered through the years. Despite these alterations, the structure is valuable architecturally, chronicling various changes in architectural design. At one time the home of U.S. Congressmen William Lowndes, it later played an important role in the South Carolina Interstate and West Indies Exposition of 1901-02.

23 February 2015

Are you brave?

Hampton Park, Charleston, S.C.
Am I brave? I would have said, no, at least not physically brave and yet when I googled Brave Joan I found this lovely picture of me on a Cigar label. If it didn't cost $50, I'd buy it.

22 February 2015

Bench with a view

Hampton Park Terrace, Charleston, S.C.
I did my walk around the Hampton Park are this morning. What a beautiful day. It won't be long before this marsh is lush and green but the gold and brown has it's own beauty. People are taking advantage of the sunshine running, biking and doing yoga in the park. Happy day!

In other news, the next big festival on the Charleston calendar is the Food & Wine Festival. Most of the events are above my budget but this time they are pairing up with the Pecha Kucha night and including the food with the presentation. Interested?This will be on Friday, March 6 at 7 p.m. for $40.More info here:
From the team that brought you Pecha Kucha Night Charleston, for the first time ever, Charleston’s Creative Parliament is hosting a culinary-themed Pecha Kucha in partnership with BB&T Charleston Wine + Food. Join these culinary luminaries as they present a high-energy verbal display of all things gastronomic. Come experience (and taste) the fun!
Pecha Kucha is a mix of show-and-tell, open-mic night and happy hour that has become a forum for ideas on all forms of creativity. Devised in 2003 in Tokyo, Pecha Kucha has spread virally to over 135 cities around the world as an informal forum for creative people to meet, network and show their work. 20 images + 20 seconds = 6 minutes 40 seconds of food fame before the next presenter is up. Learn more about Pecha Kucha here www.pechakucha.org

21 February 2015

Ice in the fountain

Ice, Charleston, S.C.
We are such babies about weather in the lowcountry and it doesn't take much to send us into an Ice Storm tizzy. Our homes and roads simply aren't prepared to deal with cold and icy weather since we get it so infrequently. My azaleas were already starting to bud. Thursday night was our coldest and this was what the fountain in the courtyard at the hospital looked like.

I pulled all the protective blankets and sheets off my plants this morning because I understand it is supposed to be close to 70 degrees by tomorrow. That is enough of that!

19 February 2015

With the car or without?

Joseph Manigault House, Charleston, S.C.
I am torn about cars and people in my pictures. I usually wiggle around trying to get a shot without vehicles in it and yet I love to see them in old pictures. The vehicle style and period clothing help date photos. In my pictures people usually seem to be wearing baggy shorts and t-shirts and the cars don't seem to add any charm. Maybe they will matter years from now. What do y'all think?

This is the Joseph Manigault House which is one of the Charleston Museum tour homes. The web site gives a great pictoral tour of the mansion.
Charleston's Huguenot House: One of Charleston's most exquisite antebellum structures, the Joseph Manigault House, built in 1803, reflects the urban lifestyle of a wealthy, rice-planting family and the enslaved African Americans who lived there. An exceptional example of Federal period architecture, this elegant townhouse, a National Historic Landmark, was designed for Joseph Manigault by his brother Gabriel, who is also credited with designing Charleston’s current City Hall. A striking spiral staircase accents the impressive central hall, and many of the rooms are restored to their original color schemes.
G'night kids. It has been a busy day. I have my electric blanket turned on high for our coldest night of the year.

18 February 2015

Westie Awards - 2015

Westie Awards 2015, Charleston, S.C.
Telling someone "not to have a cow" might not normally sound like a positive thing but in this case winning a cow is the goal! The Coburg Cow sign is the symbol of the West Ashley neighborhood and our own newspaper West Of has used the symbol for the annual Westie Awards honoring people who make a difference in this part of town.

This year's award program was held at the new dessert/coffee cafe Gala Desserts and they laid out a delicious spread of food. As a previous cow trophy recipient, I nominated a few worthy souls this time and was proud as punch to see them honored. Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Eugene Geer, my volunteers Charles Williamon, John Hogg and all the other recipients of this year's award. Congratulations folks!

John Hogg, Dr. Gene Geer, Charles Williamon, Lorne Chambers

17 February 2015

Parking garage views

Jonathan Lucas House, Charleston, S.C. 
I had midday meetings at Roper Hospital today and ended up on the top floor of the parking building on a gray and overcast day. I just had my cell phone with me but grabbed a few shots of some important buildings for today's entry. 
Jonathan Lucas House is at 286 Calhoun St. Jonathan Lucas, Jr., the builder of the house, was born in England and developed milling machines for rice, which led to a boom in rice planting in South Carolina. 
From another angle I could see the back view of the Governor Thomas Bennett House. The Bennett House has a lovely garden and is a popular wedding location.We don't have many high buildings in Charleston so rooftop views are a treat. This is just from the parking deck. I need to see if I can get up on the roof at Roper Hospital in a clear day. 

I am just back from a lovely and lively dinner at a friends house were we enjoyed home made pasta. What a difference there is between homemade and store bought pasta. They shouldn't even be called by the same name. Needless to say, I am very full and grateful for good friends.

15 February 2015

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Second Presbyterian

Second Presbyterian, Charleston, S.C.
It has been a chilly weekend but the sun has had it's moments. At least we don't have snow like the rest of the country.

This is the Second Presbyterian Church in a photo taken in 1892. Look how the avenue of oak trees has grown and filled in over Wragg Square. It is a beautiful park and the foliage can make it difficult to get a good picture of the church.
The church, built in the Jeffersonian style is the fourth oldest church structure in the city. The brothers James and John Gordon were both the buildings and the architects. The church's steeple was not completed due to structural issues that developed in its tower. The church bell was given to the Confederacy in 1862 for use as cannon metal. Before the Civil War, the galleries were used by the church's more than 200 black members. The sanctuary was completely renovated after a fire in 1959. Situated on one of the highest points in the city, the church appeared on mariners' maps as "Flynn's Church," so called after the first pastor.

14 February 2015

Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

Holly Herrick - Cooking Demonstration, Marion Square, Charleston
I only had a few minutes this morning to walk through the Southeastern Wildlife Exhibition tents at Marion Square while I was waiting for a shop on King St. to get something ready for me to pick up. In the short time I was there I spotted a couple of friends in action! I walking in on the end of food writer and cookbook author Holly Herrick and just in time to try a tasty sample. I've taken advantage of Holly's recipes before. Yum.

In the same tent I bumped into Jim Thomas and Jeanie Baxley selling Jimbo's Lowcountry Seasonings. I didn't mind taste testing a few of their samples as well. Everyone seemed to be having a grand time. I wish I could have stayed longer.

Valentine's Day festivities

Cupcake contest winners, Charleston, S.C.
We have a bit of red tinted happy chaos at the hospital on Valentine's Day. For years we have hosted a Cupcake Decorating contest. Until that morning I have no idea if any baked goods will show up but each year they do! The cupcakes are then sold to raise money for the American Heart Association in recognition of Heart Month.

My beauty queen dealer Randall Dukes summons up a Beauty Queen to serve as an Honorary Volunteer for the day and this year Sarah Hicks - Miss South Carolina International USA came and brought lots of smiles handing out romantic fortune cookies and treats around the hospital. Thanks Sarah!


13 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dereef Park, Morris St., Charleston, S.C.
This scene has completely changed now but it is still one of my favorites. I took this a few years ago in Dereef Park on Morris St. The little Praise House was on my list to renovate when I won the lottery. That hasn't happened, new housing units are being built in the park. The chapel has been moved but it is being rebuilt and I check on it when I walk by.

Happy Valentine's Day!

11 February 2015

As the pavement turns....Valentine's edition

Scraper & Fish, Charleston, S.C.
Short stories in the pavement. As Valentine's Day draws closer I can't help wondering.....

Where are they now? Does Scraper still love Fish? Did Dundee do Jock? Does Andrew bring Heidi back to their piece of pavement on anniversaries? Did Barko and Linko settle down and have little Binkos? Are Chan! & Mike! happy forever? Did "Love No One"? find the love of his life?

Luckily I can turn the corner for another episode of "As the Pavement Turns".

09 February 2015

Teeny, tiny houses - fixer-up edition

Round O, S.C.
It was a beautiful day yesterday but a harsh light for photographs. You know I like to capture teeny, tiny houses but I am guessing this one isn't "move in ready". I found this little cottage in Colleton County around the community of Round O.

Yes, seriously, there is a place called Round O.This is what Wikipedia has to say about the name:  

Round O (formerly also called Round). 

Hahah! Ya think people kept wondering what was round so they had to add the "O"?

08 February 2015

A brunchie good time!

Edmond's Oast, Charleston, S.C.

It is in the high 60's, bright and sunny and everyone in Charleston went out to brunch. At least I did and now I need a nap. I finally got to Edmund's Oast and am blown away by the bright new buildings on Morrison Dr. Edmond's Oast has plenty of parking and new outdoor dining. The food was delicious(smoked pork loin & brie sandwich with peach jam, oh my) and I found these two photo ops to share.

07 February 2015

Today is tomorrow

Dellz Deli sign, Cannon St., Charleston, S.C.
I spotted this is the sign on the door of Dellz Deli on Cannon St. It is hard to read in the photo but says, "Today is tomorrow that you were so worried about yesterday". I don't know why I have never eaten there. They are well known for fresh tasty food at reasonable prices which is right up my alley.


Go Red! Charleston, S.C.
I spray painted a flat wooden frame red to use as a prop for Go Red day and then tested it while the Caring Clowns were going on rounds. I think it was pretty successful. Thanks for the smiles!

Fiddling with the new can of red spray I accidentally hit the nozzle when it was pointed in the opposite direction and sprayed bright red all the way up my arm to my elbow. I was rushing to work and luckily had some fingernail polish remover that got most of it off but I did look like I had a bad burn all day.

It's Saturday and bright and crisp outside! Where shall I walk this morning?

04 February 2015

February - Heart Month

Go Red for Heart Disease
February is noted as Heart Month. Eat a healthy meal, get a bit of exercise to celebrate. I am a strong supporter of the American Heart Association because more than any other disease we know how to prevent many case of heart disease and research has led to complete recovery to healthy lives for so many people who have had heart disease. Too bad we aren't as lucky with so many other diseases. Stay healthy my friends.

03 February 2015

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance

Abandoned Church, SC
Put on your church clothes, kids we are doing a Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance on a Tuesday for a change. I've driven past this crumbling cinder-block structure so many times and finally pulled over to get a photo.

Some things that are hidden with thick foliage in the summer become more visible in the winter. Really the only way it stands out as a church is the shape of the windows. It looks like some of the trees have been cleared and I suspect there are designs on the property. I imagine the little chapel will soon be bull dozed out of existence and I'll be glad to have this picture. 

02 February 2015

Charleston beauty

172 Tradd & Rutledge Ave. Charleston, S.C.
She is a beauty, isn't she? This house is tricky to get a good shot of because of all the foliage.This might be the best time of year to catch a photo.

Edit: Thanks to a kind commenter for leading me to Carolyne Roehm's blog that includes beautiful indoor shots of the renovation and design on this home. Wowza! This will be fun to follow.

More photos here of the Chisholm Alston Home and the sale details. 

I am nodding off. I had a group of co-workers over for a celebration for a friend. I thought I had made enough food for everyone and neglected to consider that since my buddies are nurses and hospital workers they can't not bring more food. Taking care of everyone seems to be ingrained and includes red velvet cake. I have plenty of leftovers for the next few days. What a great group of ladies I work with. The mermaid insists on being in every pictures. She is such a diva.