25 November 2018

Magnolia Cemetery Walking

Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.
I've taken you on walks through this cemetery so many times, if you visited Charleston everything would look familiar. Yesterday we had extraordinary high tides and my intended walk on the peninsula was foiled by flooded streets but where better to be that in a cemetery on a dreary, foggy day?

I come here so often I am always trying to see if through fresh eyes and spot new details to feature.

24 November 2018

Denmark Vesey, Hampton Park, Charleston, SC 
I always detour through Hampton Park to spend a few minutes with Denmark Vesey. How I wish this statue could come to life and talk to me. I suspect I'd still be there listening. More details on his story on this PBS site:
In 1771, fourteen-year-old Denmark Vesey was transported from St. Thomas to Cape Francais by slave trader Captain Joseph Vesey. Upon a return trip to Cape Francais, Captain Vesey was forced to reclaim Denmark, who his master said was suffering from epileptic fits. Denmark accompanied Captain Vesey on his trading voyages until the Captain retired to Charleston, never again showing signs of epilepsy.
In 1799, Vesey won the lottery and bought his freedom for $600. He could not purchase the freedom of his wife and children, however, and some claimed that this fact motivated his crusade to destroy the institution of slavery.
I worked yesterday since I had taken a few days off earlier in the week for my daughter's visit. Now I am completely confused. Happy weekend, kids!

22 November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Ashley River, Charleston, SC 
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! It was a perfect sunny day for a walk around Hampton Park and above. I  have both of my children with me for this holiday so I am indeed thankful. For a few reasons I am not cooking this year and we are going to treat ourselves to dinner out. 

17 November 2018

Teeny, tiny houses of Charleston

Dressed for fall, Charleston, S.C. 
This is a sweet addition to the teeny, tiny houses of Charleston series and when I backtracked it looks like I took almost the exact same shot around this time last year. That happens so often I must have annual routines I am not aware of.

I woke up with dreaded cold symptoms this morning so didn't go for my usual walk-about. I went shopping for cold remedies and hoped that everything promising to shorten the length of the misery would take me back to before it started. I know I am not alone with the sniffles at the moment. Bless us all. Achhhoo. 

16 November 2018

Youth Appreciation Banquet

Youth Recognition Banquet, Charleston, S.C.
One of my favorite events is the West Ashley Optimist Club Youth Appreciation dinner honoring students for Outstanding Community Service. This is our line up this year - extraordinary young people, all of them! Congratulations!

12 November 2018

Letters home

Never More Bookstore, Beaufort, SC
My mum typed her letters to home on a typewriter similar to this one I spotted in the Never More Bookstore window in Beaufort. She often typed in the middle of the night, sitting at the kitchen table snug near the coal stove. She used thin blue paper with a sheet of carbon copy in between if she wasn't typing on an areogram.

With eight kids it was probably the only time she was alone. Never fear- we quickly foiled her precious solitude! 

One of us would wake up, hear the keys clicking and decide we needed a drink or bathroom visit. We'd enjoy a few minutes of rare solitary attention before the next kid traipsed in, and then the next. Soon we'd have the warm kitchen full of sleepy children wrapped in shawls and blankets, insisting on being read to before we went back to our beds. 

Sorry but not sorry Mum!

11 November 2018

Veteran's Day

Miriam Cameron
Who better to honor on Veteran's Day than my own mother? My mother Miriam Cameron was one of the first women in Canada to join the Royal Canadian Air Force and was station in London during the blitz. Her brothers Ken and Don were also in the RCAF. My heart is full of gratitude for their service. 

10 November 2018

The Secret Lives of Cypress Knees

Cypress Knees, Magnolia Plantation Gardens, Charleston, SC 

The alligators thrashed their tails in jealousy as I pointed my camera at the ground on my walk through the swamp this morning. The budding tops of the cypress knees caught my eye. They clustered in little groups like families under the mother's wing. It was a beautiful cook morning for a walk.

07 November 2018

Breakfast treat

Breakfast treat, Charleston, SC 
This odd looking item was served on the breakfast bar at my meeting at Trident Technical College this morning. Kinda freaky, eh? It looked like some bizarre sea creature to me but I learned it was candied hibiscus. Go figure.

Comments: I loooove comments and am not ignoring them. For some reason I can't view your comments from my desktop anymore. I need some time to play with the settings to figure out what has happened. 

04 November 2018

Cookbooks signed!

Holly Herrick
Chef and cookbook author Holly Herrick met me at Whole Foods this afternoon to sign a couple of her books for special gifts. Thanks Holly! There is no law saying I can't grab all the best recipes for my own use before I give the books away as intended, right? :)

Greenway Decor

West Ashley Greenway, Charleston, SC 
Charleston Moves rallied volunteers to paint colorful designs on intersections of the West Ashley Greenway this weekend. Besides the happy color it is hoped that it will hope slow down motorists. Thank you to everyone involved. I enjoyed a perfect Greenway walk visiting each site.

03 November 2018

Rubber duck migration season

Meeting St., Charleston, SC 
Stay alert! It is yellow rubber duck migration season!

01 November 2018

Froggie went a courtin'

Follow the frog, Charleston, SC
I am not tired of the skeleton posts but you may be. Here is a frog post for a change!