31 December 2016

Happy New Year 2017~!

Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant, SC 
Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2017 treats you kindly. 2016 has had a few bumps in the road for a lot of people.

I am just back from a lovely dinner at Bistro Toulouse with friends. We try to go to a different restaurant each year to celebrate and eat early enough to be safely back on our respective couches by midnight. The simple fact that I have friends to celebrate with makes me feel very fortunate. Happy New Year! Thanks for dropping by Charleston Daily Photo and for all your kind comments. 

30 December 2016

Charming little cottage - old village Mt. Pleasant

Old village Mt. Pleasant, SC   
Charming little cottage in old village Mt. Pleasant - good views, open concept. With the prices there it would still probably be out of my price range! Cute. I am guessing it is a rabbit hutch?

I finally surrendered to a miserable cold and came home early afternoon to crash on my couch with trashy tv. I'm not alone in my viral misery since when I stopped at BiLo to pick up cold remedies the shelves looked like they had been ransacked by wild congested animals. Achhoooo! I ain't got time for this. 

29 December 2016

Patjens Post Office - Mt. Pleasant

Patjens Post Office, Mt. Pleasant, SC   
With winter evenings dark so early I make the most of the photo-ops I find on my weekend walks and I found so many scenic finds in the quaint old village area of Mt. Pleasant. What a cute little Post Office!
In 1899, the Patjens family built this small office adjacent to their store on Church Street, to serve as the post office in Mount Pleasant. The Patjens family served as postmasters until 1917. Patjens Post Office has been owned and maintained by the Alhambra Garden Club since 1971, when it was moved to Edwards Park. The club restored the building in 2001.

28 December 2016

Old Village Mt. Pleasant

Old Village Mt. Pleasant, SC    
Is there any more charming village than old town Mt. Pleasant? With the historic homes, beautiful gardens and shade tree streets I hope the inhabitants are as happy as I imagine them to be.
Old Village:  Mount Pleasant’s most historic neighborhood, once only accessed via ferry boat, The Old Village is a special place that was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 in order to preserve its architectural styles and encourage harmonious growth and development in the area.
The Old Village sits right on the Charleston harbor, with spectacular views of downtown Charleston and the Ravenel Bridge. Nestled quietly amid grand live oaks with a ‘Normal Rockwell-esque’ setting, it’s only a hop, skip and jump to the beautiful Sullivans Island and Shem Creek. The shops in the village have been preserved as well so you can still sit at the soda fountain and get a milk shake at the Pitt Street Pharmacy or eat a fine meal at The Post House restaurant.

27 December 2016

Picturesque playhouse

Mt. Pleasant, SC
Isn't this the most adorable playhouse? The entire yard looked like it was primed perfectly to catch the eye of a walker-by with a camera - me! I took advantage of it. There was no actual sign of children so it might not be a play house but it certainly made for a charming scene.

I am home with the sniffles this evening and had some lazy time to process photos. 

Moe's Mural Woes

Moe's Southwestern Grill, Mt. Pleasant, SC 
I visit mural districts when I travel, I try to keep up with most local displays and I knew I had to track down this one since it may not survive the Mt. Pleasant zoning department. Painted by artist Odeith, it is considered larger than an allowed sign in that part of town. 

Sadness. It will be very painful to see this painted over. Check out his website for other international examples of his work. Hopefully there will be some way to save it. 
The work, a portrait of Marilyn Monroe, Al Capone and John Lennon by Portuguese artist Odeith, was cited in July by Mount Pleasant’s zoning department for exceeding the maximum allowed signage. Businesses in the town are allotted a certain amount of signage per square foot of commercial frontage.
But while oversized, garish or low-quality signs might indeed visually pollute Mount Pleasant, it’s tough to argue that a mural by an internationally known artist is an eyesore. The town ought to encourage public artwork rather than stifle it.
Unfortunately, the Mount Pleasant Board of Zoning Appeals made the wrong choice on Monday, when it voted 4-3 that the mural should be removed.

26 December 2016

Old Pitt St. bridge walking

Old Pitt St. Bridge, Mt. Pleasant, SC  
I stopped at BiLo on the way home from a funeral visitation to find the cold and flu remedy shelves ransacked and in disarray. Apparently I'm not the only one who got the sniffles for Christmas. Achooo. Netflix and chill for the rest of the evening. 

I did drag myself out to walk this morning aiming to get a picture of the controversial mural at Moes. It is very cool and I hope they don't make them take it down. I got the mural shot, walked the boardwalk at Shem Creek, roamed old Mt. Pleasant and then hiked down to the old Pitt St. bridge. For a sniffling gal I got my steps in for the day. 

The Old Pitt Street Bridge was once the trolley trestle connecting Mt. Pleasant to Sullivan's Island in the late 1920's. It closed when the Ben Sawyer bridge opened in 1945. Now the spot is an attractive park area and popular for fishing, crabbing, bird-watching and strolling. 

24 December 2016

Christmas Eve Tradition

Baby in waiting, Charleston, SC  
Each year the newborn nursery nurses at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital make sure there is one extra crib ready for a special guest. The manger in the nativity scene at the front of the hospital has been empty. According to tradition the nurses call Security to unlock the front door at midnight and they carry the baby out and lay Him in the manger.

Special thanks to all the healthcare workers, firemen/women, police officers, service workers etc. who work special holidays like this so the rest of us can celebrate.

Merry Christmas everyone!

22 December 2016

What are you grateful for?

Marion Square, Charleston, SC   
What are you grateful for? That was the question answered on the decorations on one of the trees at Marion Square. Note: I did NOT add that second one ;)

The square is a winter wonderland at this time of year with colored lights in the palm trees. We walked King St. and enjoyed the bright lights and holiday decorations and had a delicious dinner at Fish Restaurant. A perfect way to end a busy day at Christmas.

21 December 2016

Christmas doors - Charleston

Charleston, SC   
I think the owners of these houses should earn a tax deduction for entertaining the folks who pass by and stop to admire their home. After all, that is why Charleston keeps winning tourism awards, right? The historic homes are maintained so beautifully, and it costs a fortune. Thank you folks. We appreciate it each time we walk by. Merry Christmas to you and thank you for your beautiful home which we all enjoy,

20 December 2016

Charleston at Christmas

Dog & Horse, Church St., Charleston, SC   
I am getting slack. Who knew we had a Dog & Horse Fine Art & Portraiture store on Church St.? I didn't. Click the link to check it out. Dogs and Horses doggone it.

The Meeting St. Inn looks festive as always at Christmas but do you notice something missing from the frequently photographed windows on Tradd St.? The pig is gone from the window. The property may have changed hands but I don't believe city council voted to let them take the pig out of the window.

19 December 2016

SUP Lesson

Colonial Dorchester State Park, Summerville, SC 
Today is cold and damp but yesterday was an extraordinarily warm midwinter gift. I grabbed a sandwich and was sitting on a bench at Colonial Dorchester State Park watching a young father chase his daughter. They were laughing and taking turns tagging each other when they paused to watch a group of stand up paddlers go by.

The little gal called out wanting a ride and the paddlers turned around and came to the bank. Dad helped the four year old on the board and off they went. They were all so patient and kind and she got an experience she will never forget.

And now it's so cold and gray again it is hard to believe it even happened!

17 December 2016

Model train display at Belmond Charleston Place Hotel

Belmond Charleston Place Hotel, Charleston, SC   
It never gets old and is a treat to see each year - the model train display under the grand chandelier in the lobby of the Belmond Charleston Place Hotel. The stairs on either side were full of parents lifting excited children to watch the trains roll by. Thank you Belmond Charleston Place!

Funny, until I looked it up for the link I had been calling it the Belmont with a "t". It took me years to stop calling it the Omni. I'll get there. 

16 December 2016

Music in the Chapel - St. Thomas, Cainhoy

St. Thomas Church. Cainhoy, SC   
I took the photo above in 2009 when I first visited the Chapel of St. Thomas/St. Denis or the Brick Chapel on Cainhoy Rd. This evening I attended a Christmas concert by the Barefoot Movement group in this same historic chapel in the woods. It was quite an amazing experience. Thanks to my friend Renae for giving me the heads-up! They had heaters in the church yard, a cash bar and served popcorn and grilled cheese sandwiches. We felt quite wicked sipping wine in church. Many thanks to the organizers and performers.

In other news - why, why, why do people go to concerts where incredible musicians are singing and playing, if they plan to talk all the way through them? I gave some nasty glares to the group chattering behind us without much effect. Sheeesh.

14 December 2016

Beaufain St. pinkie

Beaufain St., Charleston, SC  

The funny thing is, I had this image in my camera and then happened to be talking to a gentleman who mentioned painting his house pink. Yep. It was this one. He wanted it to have a New Orleans mood. I imagine like the other houses in pink, they have to be painted brighter to allow for the quick fading in the sun. Click here to see every other time I have mentioned the word pink in this blog. 

13 December 2016

Lighthouse hunters - Folly Beach

Folly Beach, SC  
When you don't want to walk the extra quarter mile to see the real Morris Island lighthouse this one right at the entry to the walk might tide you over.

With the current situation of the world at large and the cost of tea in China, I can't bear watching network television anymore so I've been on a steady Netflix binge. Feel free to recommend any shows you have enjoyed or movies I should watch because it doesn't look like this will end anytime soon. Every week or so I turn on the news and make it through about ten minutes before I turn it off again. I plunked my rowing machine in front of the tv and am trying to row away the craziness.

12 December 2016

John C. Calhoun framed

John C. Calhoun, Marion Square, Charleston, SC   
Framed! By the window that is. I caught this view from the parking deck across from Marion Square. Yep. That is how I get my exercise - climbing to the upper floors of parking buildings to see what I can see. I've treated our subject more kindly here than I usually do.

10 December 2016

Tribute to the Mother Emanuel Nine

This image is from the gate next to the Mother Emanuel Church
left in tribute to the victims after the shooting. 

Lighthouse Hunters - Sullivan's Island

Sullivan's Island Lighthouse, Sullivan's Island, SC 
Operated by the US Coastguard the oddly shaped lighthouse on Sullivan's Island is owned by the National Park Service.
Being one of the newer lighthouses on the coastline had its perks. Unlike historic lighthouse structures which are still in operation, and which feature hundreds of stairs for personnel to ascend to the top, the Sullivan's Island Lighthouse features an elevator as well as air conditioning, ensuring that the Coast Guard personnel who operate and perform regular maintenance checks on the lighting fixture can do so without excessive heat, or a long climb. In addition, the triangular design allows the structure to withstand hurricane force winds of up to 125 mph - a definite plus in a coastal region that has regular ferocious storms every few decades or so.
The comments on Trip Advisor won't bring in many visitors but did make me laugh. Wow! These folks were not impressed with our quirkily designed lighthouse.

  • It's not pretty for sure. 
  • Unable to get close to lighthouse. Not open to public. Cool bunkers close-by. It has a unique shape - unlike other lighthouses. Actually, it's unattractive.  
  • Neat to see but could be better.
  • My wife called it ugly but I though it was very interesting.
  • But I have to give the Sullivan's Island Light the award as hands-down the ugliest lighthouse I have ever seen.
  • This is NOT open to the public and it REALLY needs a paintjob. Probably the ugliest lighthouse I have ever seen.
  • This is the strangest looking lighthouse I've ever seen. It looks more like an air traffic control tower than a lighthouse. 
  • Took the kids to see the lighthouse but was disappointed we couldn't go inside. I thought we would be able to climb the steps inside but it's right by beach access so we went to the beach. Visit wasn't a complete waste of time.
  • Ugly lighthouse. It's behind a fence with not much of a view and has no tour or information or anything. The wife, who is a huge lighthouse fan, wouldn't even get out of the car. Do yourself a favor and skip it.

07 December 2016

Future surgeons of the lowcountry

Future surgeons, Charleston, SC 
If you don't have a good healthcare provider in years to come don't blame me! I had 37 of the lowcountry's brightest aspiring surgeons under my wing this evening and they didn't want to leave! Parents were waiting, I'd worked for twelve hours and this gang was still hungry for knowledge.

There is nothing more fun than teaching students who are eager to learn. This evening's session was part of the SCRUBS mentoring program and the Operating Room session is always a bit hit. Thanks to the staff who made it such a grand evening!

Bed time for me. 

06 December 2016

Downtown color

Liberty St., Charleston, SC   

I take my responsibilities as Sidewalk Curator very seriously. Click here to see the earlier murals in the same spot.

In other news, who is this?

05 December 2016

Holiday music

Lowcountry Senior Center Choir & Recording Band, Charleston, SC  
It's one of my favorite days of the year when the Lowcountry Senior Center Choir and their recorder band come to perform at the hospital. These photos were from Friday. We should publicize it more because it is indeed a joyful noise. Thanks folks! You made my day.