19 September 2017

Violators will be dealt with accordingly

Parking sign, Meeting St., SC  
These folks are exceptionally gracious about parking violations. "Violators will be dealt with accordingly". Hmmm. I wonder what accordingly is? I tend to collect No Parking signs. 

18 September 2017

Farmers' & Exchange Building

141 East Bay St., Charleston, SC   
The beautiful Farmers' & Exchange Bank building at 141 East Bay St. was almost torn down (my heart be still) around 1970 to make space for a parking lot. It had been Senator Fritz Hollings office for a while and then reincarnated as Saracen restaurant with Charlie's Little Bar upstairs in the back. Sadly it has been empty for years. The last mention I could find of any hope of it reopening was in 2014 in the Charleston City paper. It would be lovely to see it in use again. 

The inside was painted like an ornate jewel-box. This image isn't mine but found on pinterest. More info here

17 September 2017

She Made Good Gravy

She Made Good Gravy, All Saint, Pawley's Island, SC    
I had been to All Saint's Church near Pawley's Island before but learned later I had missed this tombstone and had to go back. My friend Rosie and I each started at opposite ends of the cemetery and although I spotted a few other interesting ones, she hit the jackpot. This lady was clearly well known for her gravy!

16 September 2017

Beyond the Big House

Charleston, SC   
Charleston House tours are well known annual events. Visitors love to tour the beautiful mansions and gardens. Today I participated in a unique tour. We went behind the mansions into the kitchen houses, laundry rooms, stables and back gardens. It was an amazing glimpse into the world of the enslaved population of Charleston. The people living in the back often outnumbered the few in the mansions whose lived they supported. Sadly I wasn't allowed to take pictures on private property so had to make do with a few shots from the street.

Many thanks to everyone who made the Beyond the Big House tour possible including my friends English and Joe. The tour was sold out!

14 September 2017

Blossoms in the breeze

Charleston, SC   
One of the most shocking videos of the islands after hurricane Irma show all of the leaves blown off the trees. It was terrible. I can't even imagine. We were so disoriented years ago after hurricane Hugo blew all the Spanish Moss from the oak trees. I have not been back downtown but took these pictures the day before Irma hit. I hope we still have some blossoms.

I feel like I have been in a hurricane time warp of worry and relief. Whew. I had water to my front and back steps but none in the house thank goodness. I have a fan running to dry my shed but I can deal with that. I feel so fortunate compared to so many.

10 September 2017

Hurricane snacking

Image may contain: 1 person, text

I couldn't resist laughing and sharing between nibbling on my own snacks. 
Hurricanes seem to give general permission to buy and eat all kinds of treats that 
we never normally consume. When my kids were little and a storm ended not as 
severe as feared the gang of children took advantage of the school closing 
to go from home to home eating storm supplies. Stay safe kids! I am carefully 
watching the news from Florida and hoping for the winds to subside. 

09 September 2017

Hurricane Irma prep

Charleston, SC    
It's been a roller coaster of a week. Hurricane Irma has had us at her mercy. It initially appeared that Charleston was in the direct path and I have had my house prepped, yard cleared and clothes washed for a quick get-away. As the storm turned west it made less and less sense to leave and looked like most evacuation routes from Charleston could steer us even closer to the eye of the storm.

Now we are predicted to have tropical storm winds and a storm surge beginning tomorrow but nothing like poor Florida is anticipating. I worry so for everyone in it's path and folks who are in their vehicles searching for shelter. I've kept busy with work which has helped and this morning walked the peninsula which was oddly quiet but already windy. Hang in there kids.

05 September 2017

Tiny home option

Summerton, SC   
Downsize to a tiny home! Don't mind the neighbors. It's a bit run down and yet something still charming about the blue door, window trim and the curtain drawn back. Not quite move in ready, I admit.

We are all a turmoil stressing about Hurricane Irma. It's hard to know what to plan for on the South Carolina coast so holding tight and hoping for the best for the time being. I need to stay busy and distracted since there isn't really much to be done about it except watch and wait. Meanwhile I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed.