26 July 2017

On the road - Bluffton, SC

Bluffton, SC   
A couple more shots from Bluffton, SC before I tuck the photos away. 

24 July 2017

Fripp Lowden House, Bluffton

Fripp Lowden House, Bluffton, SC  
This evening's shot is another sweet cottage from my weekend trip to Bluffton. It is the Fripp Lowden House and if I recall correctly there was work being done on it the last time I was there. That led me to google the property and I found this article describing heartbreak when a glorious but wild garden was tamed.

Local folks actually held a candlelight vigil to mourn the loss of the historic garden. Every article I pull up mentions the lush garden planted by Mrs. Fripp. Some of the camellias were over 100 years old and named after her. Let's hope the current garden grows to be as beautiful in it's own way.

Bed time, kids!

23 July 2017

Pull up a seat

Bluffton, SC   
This scene looks more suited to the beginning of a weekend rather than the end. I took a day trip down the coast to Bluffton, SC this weekend and spotted the chair at the Oyster Packing shed.

It's getting late, kids. Time for bed. Hope everyone had a good weekend. 

22 July 2017

On the Road - Palmetto Oak Sculpture Garden

Palmetto Oak Sculpture Garden, Blufton, SC  
I'd been to Bluffton before so this time looked for off the wall things to see and do and found this sculpture garden. The artist Steven Kishel wasn't home and it appeared to be at his private property so we made a quick phone call when we pulled up and he graciously gave us permission to explore on our own. What a colorful treat!

21 July 2017

Posts to pillars, pillars to posts

McClellanville, SC   
These aren't your usual white porch pillars. It took me a second glance to realize they were bare unpainted tree trunks. Well done McClellanville!

20 July 2017

Church Photos in Lieu of Attendance - McClellanville, SC

McClellanville United Methodist Church
Not everyone goes to church on a Thursday afternoon but tag along with me as we admire the churches of McClellanville, SC. We had an official escort after meeting the new Methodist pastor Reverend Tim Saucy who had the keys to let us snoop around after enjoying a bowl of crab chowder at TW Graham & Co. restaurant.

We started with one of his new churches, the historic McClellanville United Methodist Church in the center of the little coastal village. A black cat welcomed us, the lady doing the cleaning knew the church history and the hurricane Hugo high water mark plaque on the wall was terrifying.

The children of McClellanville have had free use of all the churches for Vacation Bible School week so we also walked over to visit the beautiful Episcopal Chapel of Ease.

Our final stop was down Highway 45 to the tiny little Wrens Chapel another Methodist church. I believe my immediate family would fill it up. It was built in 1865 to replace an even older church burnt during the war between the states.

17 July 2017

Walk with me - West Ashley Greenway

West Ashley Greenway, Charleston, SC    
I often walk the east end of the West Ashley Greenway popping out at the South Windermere shopping plaza but this was the first time to drive to the south trail end off Main Rd. and walk in from the direction. The tide was out and I passed folks carrying fishing rods and clearly set up for a morning of crabbing. It was never crowded but I saw dogs, bikes and babies on this beautiful stretch of trail.

I was in search of a tree that people have been throwing their sneakers on to. I heard it was on the part of the path but although I walked for a couple of miles I never spotted it. Phewy. I need to find the other access spots further in and try again. Meanwhile I got my 10,000 steps in and saw beautiful scenery. Well worth a visit.

Edit to add the picture below. I walked all that distance to find the tree with all the shoes tossed over branches, gave up and walked out. A kind reader on Facebook suggested that I look closely on the photo above. I was standing right under the tree in question. Duh me. I assume the original image that sparked my interest had been taken in the winter without all the foliage on the tree. 

16 July 2017

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Brick Church at Wambaw

Brick Church at Wambaw, St. James Santee Parish
The chapel is set in a peaceful pine tree forest. The last time I was there was in the evening with all the windows open, listening to the talented gentlemen from the Charlestones group sing to me. I had reminded myself then to come back in the daylight for pictures and was grateful for gentle light yesterday. It is a tricky spot to photograph in bright glaring sun. The church was built in 1768 and you feel immersed in history on the property.
About the Brick Church at WambawAlthough Wambaw Church stands alone on the old King’s Highway among the pines and oaks of the forest, it was once the center of a busy and prosperous community.  North and south along the Santee River were rice plantations whose Carolina rice became famous all over the world and the prosperity of the planters is reflected in the beauty and proportions of Wambaw Church.  The body of the church was built of brick imported from England, but the columns of   the portico were constructed of local wedge-shaped bricks.  The pews were made of hand-pegged cypress, the flagstone floor has withstood the  ravages of two wars and the vaulted ceiling still retains the original plaster work.