08 March 2020

Rockville, SC

Rockville, SC
My friend Maria and I went exploring last weekend and stopped in sweet Rockville, SC. The azaleas were just starting their spring festivities. By the end of this week it will be a perfect garden.

07 March 2020

How it was - Charleston

Andrea Hazel, Artist in Residence, Gibbes Art Museum, Charleston, SC
Artist Andrea Hazel discovered a series of black and white images taken by the SC DOT in the 1960's featuring neighborhoods scheduled for demolition for the construction of highways and bridges. They were neighborhoods she grew up in and full of memories. Andrea brought them to life in a series of paintings now on display at the Gibbes Art Museum.

I happened to be there yesterday afternoon when a group of family and friends arrived to celebrate her work.

Go see the show if you can! Details here: Andrea Hazel

29 February 2020

Teeny, tiny houses - Rockville

Tiny house, Rockville, SC
 So tiny I won't be able to have you over for dinner. Sorry about that.

16 February 2020

From the Brussels sprouts nursery

Brussels sprouts, Johns Island, SC
I have no recollection of eating a Brussels sprout as a child but now after roasting them in a hot oven, I love them. Truthfully, I don't think I had ever seen them growing on a stalk until today. 
I have a good meal ahead of me. 

Johns Island Camellias

Johns Island Camellias, SC
 Blossoms from a stroll on Johns Island.

12 February 2020

Baby Bananas

Baby bananas in the women's courtyard at the hospital.
I am recommending a farm-to-table menu of banana sundaes, banana pudding 
and banana cream pie in the cafeteria. Locally sourced!

09 February 2020

Georgetown, SC day tripping

Georgetown, SC
Georgetown is the perfect distance up the coast for a day trip from Charleston. This time we combined a few birthday celebrations with lunch at the Hopsewee Plantation Tea Room. It was lovely to be there without being swarmed by mosquitoes! We had enough time to head further up to Georgetown to wander through a few antique stores and shops.

01 February 2020

Pet Massacre on Murray Blvd.

Murray Blvd. Charleston, SC 
Pet massacre on Murray Blvd. Stay tuned for details regarding this soggy crime scene. 


Citrus tree, Charleston, SC 
I have a little lime tree but this puts me to shame. Beautiful!

26 January 2020

Greetings from the swamp!

Audubon Swamp Walk, Charleston, SC 
I intended to walk through the gardens and catch the camellia blossoms but drove up to a full parking lot and discovered I was there on Pirates & Mermaids day. Yikes! I made a quick turn and wandered through the swamp instead. 

College campus walking

The Cistern, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC 
Strolling through the College of Charleston campus is a pretty walk at any time of year. These photos are actually from last weekend. I have some catching up to do!