08 March 2020

Rockville, SC

Rockville, SC
My friend Maria and I went exploring last weekend and stopped in sweet Rockville, SC. The azaleas were just starting their spring festivities. By the end of this week it will be a perfect garden.

07 March 2020

How it was - Charleston

Andrea Hazel, Artist in Residence, Gibbes Art Museum, Charleston, SC
Artist Andrea Hazel discovered a series of black and white images taken by the SC DOT in the 1960's featuring neighborhoods scheduled for demolition for the construction of highways and bridges. They were neighborhoods she grew up in and full of memories. Andrea brought them to life in a series of paintings now on display at the Gibbes Art Museum.

I happened to be there yesterday afternoon when a group of family and friends arrived to celebrate her work.

Go see the show if you can! Details here: Andrea Hazel