28 August 2018

Good old Charleston:

Charleston, SC 

I found an old Reddit board with a few Charleston jokes. This was one of them: 

How many South of Broad residents does it take to screw in a light bulb?
15. One to screw in the light bulb and 14 to sit around and talk about how great the old one was.

27 August 2018

Charleston Quotes

South Battery, Charleston, SC 
“Walking the streets of Charleston in the late afternoons of August 
was like walking through gauze or inhaling damaged silk.”
Pat Conroy

25 August 2018

Window display - South Battery

Rutledge & South Battery, Charleston, SC 

I love this home at Rutledge & South Battery because I look forward to seeing their window display. It used to be ships and now it is horse themed. Thanks folks!

Mini lending library British Phone Booth style

Mini lending library, Ashley Ave., Charleston, SC
Cute little British phone booth style mini free lending library on Ashley Ave. just below Colonial Lake. These always make me smile. 

21 August 2018

Teeny, tiny restaurants - H & R Sweet Shop

H & R Sweet Shop & Soul Food, Mt. Pleasant, SC 
I didn't actually eat at the H & R Sweet Shop because my walks are normally timed for when most businesses are closed. That trick has saved me a lot of money through the years but I wouldn't mind returning to eat one of their burgers and enjoy the ambiance. There is a fun write up in the Moultrie News from 2017:
The "H" stands for Harriet and the "R" is for Raliegh "Pat" Johnson, Sr. In 1947 Raliegh Johnson was discharged from the army and returned to Mount Pleasant where his father, Peter Johnson, owned a strip of land on the north side of Royall starting at Morrison and extending to the playground. Peter Johnson, Sr., bought the property from the school district for $150 in 1903. The Inflation calculator indicates that $150 in 1903 equates to $1,574 today. However, that amount of money was quite an investment in those days. In 109 years the property has not been out of family hands.Years ago the Sweet Shop brought in jazz performers to entertain patrons in the club room in the rear. "Oscar and Fabian Rivers brought their Chicago-based band to Charleston," says Raliegh, and they performed here. Also performing were Nita Nelson with Donald Fields on drums, with Jack McDuff and Joy Pryor. All of this occurred when jazz was practically dead in this part of the country.Raliegh Senior's brother Peter started the P.S. Johnson Funeral Home, now called Johnson and Hall, located on Venning Street. Together, the Johnson brothers were successful entrepreneurs in the area, and they were instrumental in the rebuilding of nearby Friendship A.M.E. Church. The Quaker Church of Philadelphia had operated a mission and a freedman's school on this land during Reconstruction. As years progressed, parcels of land were sold off to families who could afford it. The Johnsons have jealously guarded their inheritance and it appears that the H & R Sweet Shop and Major's Hats and Suit business is on track to see its 100th anniversary.Raliegh, Sr., was both a cook and a barber in the U.S. Army. In 1947 he engaged a contractor to build the block and stucco building that you see today. On one side, Raliegh operated a barbershop and on the other, a full-service ice cream shop and diner. For a while Raliegh was the only licensed barber in Mount Pleasant. In the 1960s before desegregation, the Sweet Shop was a beehive of activity for the African-American community, and Raliegh was known to help a lot of people out when they got into a jam, financially.

20 August 2018

Walk with me - Shem Creek

Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant, SC 
Shem creek is always a vibrant photo op. Birds, fishing, shrimp boats, paddle boats, kayakers and dolphins all in one sweet package. It is always a treat to walk the boardwalk and up on to the bridge.

We made it through Monday, kids! Hang on!

19 August 2018

Josephine's Wine Bar with Josephine

Josephine's Wine Bar, Spring St., Charleston, SC 
How often to you get to dine at your namesake? If there was a Joan's restaurant it would likely be a country dinner or truck stop. I had my eye on Josephine's Wine Bar opening on Spring St. and we gathered a group of friends to try it with our friend Josephine.

We were treated like royalty and since their logo shows Josephine wearing her tiara I brought one along for a quick photo op and Jill, the manager took our picture. Everything was very stylish and the food was delicious. What a fun night!

16 August 2018

Alhambra Hall

Alhambra Hall, Mt. Pleasant, SC 
I took enough pictures on my recent walk through old village Mt. Pleasant to serve as blog fodder through the week! Handy.

According to the sign, Alhambra Hall was built as a summer retreat and dance hall by owners of the Mt. Pleasant ferry company. It is still used for special events and weddings. It has a lovely grassy lawn on the water front and a playground across the street.

No walk for me this evening as I was attending a celebratory work event acknowledging a recent successful hospital survey inspection at Patriots Point. Yay us!

13 August 2018

Teeny, tiny Post Office - Patjens Post Office, Mt. Pleasant.

Patjen's Post Office, Mt. Pleasant, SC
I've featured this little sweetie before but couldn't resist grabbing another shot. I am gradually collecting quite a series of tiny, little old post office buildings. This one is the Patjens Post Office in the old village of Mt. Pleasant.
In 1899, the Patjens family built this small office adjacent to their store on Church Street, to serve as the post office in Mount Pleasant. The Patjens family served as postmasters until 1917. Patjens Post Office has been owned and maintained by the Alhambra Garden Club since 1971, when it was moved to Edwards Park. The club restored the building in 2001.

12 August 2018

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - St. Paul's Lutheran

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC  
I haven't posted a Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance for a while but spotted this pretty scene as I was walking in the old village of Mt. Pleasant yesterday morning.

This is St. Paul's Lutheran Church, established in 1884. Visit their website here. This message is borrowed from the Pastor's newsletter message:
We can get into rhythm with God. We can do this by going somewhere and being alone. Lie on the grass; listen to the God’s creation, the earth. This is difficult to do in traffic, with all the congestion. Nature has a definite tempo. It is more about being plenty of time, plenty of time. Sped up people are always tired. Get alone and listen. Can’t find a place; go to church. Listen to the word of God. Sing hymns. This will help you get in the right tempo. 

11 August 2018

Walk with me - Pitt St. bridge, Mt. Pleasant

Pitt St. bridge, Mt. Pleasant, SC 
Following my usual pattern of leaving everything productive to the last few hours of the weekend, I grabbed an early coffee and caught up on an old New York Times newspaper at Broom Wagon coffee and then headed to Mt. Pleasant to walk both the Shem Creek boardwalk and then on to the old Pitt St. bridge.

The park is the best use possible of a former bridge and was being well used this morning with fishing, crabbing, bicyclists and kayakers and dog walkers.

06 August 2018

Mural Monday

Park Circle, North Charleston, SC 
The Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston benefits from hosting artist Patch Whisky's studio. 

05 August 2018

Twins refusing to dress the same

61 South Battery, Charleston, SC 
It's interesting when joined homes go their separate ways for decor. It looks like the one on the right sold recently and is going through a renovation. Because it is a recent sale we still get to take the house tour on the real estate page - let's go snooping! 

Park Circle

E.Montague, North Charleston, SC 
Many states and cities are better at the "neighborhood" concept than we are but we have a few successful ones off the peninsula. I had breakfast with my son this morning in Park Circle and I am always impressed with the thriving, walk-able old town on East Montague. Wonderful restaurants - Lotus, Madra Rua, The Codfather (new and enlarged), the Junction, Southern Roots, coffee shops and now a real book store and a Park Circle branch of Lava Salon. Well done North Charleston.

04 August 2018

Jajai Singsit sings Jim Reeves

When I was a kid in the hills of north-east India one of the few records we had and played repeatedly was by Jim Reeves. Now here is a young man by the name of Jajai Singsit from Manipur in north-east India who sounds exactly like him. Have a listen! Be amazed!

03 August 2018

Pretty caladiums all in a row

Caladiums, Charleston, SC 
My soils is hard and root packed so it's taken a while to find which plants will do well. Caladiums for the win! I love them and place an order every spring from Caladium World.

I start checking for sprouts the day after I plant them but eventually they do pay off. I get the elephant ears from them as well and with this rainy season they look like they belong in a rain forest.

02 August 2018

Sky drama

West Ashley Cancer Center view, Charleston, SC 
These summer days of rain do bring dramatic skies in between the cloudbursts. I grabbed this shot with my cell phone through the window of the West Ashley Cancer Center. The porch is rarely used but patients are welcome to enjoy the space and it overlooks the meditation garden.

Stay dry kids! I did make it out for a late walk and got my 11,224 steps. Hello recliner my old friend. 

01 August 2018

Oh, oh, oh!

Murals of Avondale, Charleston, SC 
Oh! I started to notice a trend! 
Have I missed any? 
Who is the OH! artist?