30 April 2011

Through the gate on Anson St.

Anson St., Charleston, S.C.

Today's photo was taken through a gate on Anson St. I walked to Harris Teeter this morning to get the ingredients for chicken mushroom ginger soup. Yum.

I spent all afternoon painting four Adirondack chairs blue. I'm such a sloppy painter, my hands and arms are covered in paint and my back hurts. I think it is time for a long soak in the tub with a cuppa tea. Hopefully I won't fall to sleep. Zzzzzz...

Dancing with the Stars - Oxygen Ball

Dancing with the Stars, Oxygen Ball 2011, Charleston Marriott, Charleston, S.C.

I was lucky to be invited to the American Lung Association's Oxygen Ball last night at the Marriott Hotel. I was offered the chance by a co-worker who didn't even know that I had been volunteering for the Lung Association for years by taking the pictures for the kids who go to Camp Puff'n Stuff the annual camp for children with asthma.

This was the most fun event! It had a Dancing with the Stars theme and local personalities are paired up with professional dancers. I invited my friend Mitzi to go with me because she is a Dancing with the Stars freak which made it even more entertaining. I have two left feet so am easily impressed by dancers.

Here is the info about this year's participants including Anita Zucker and Chef Brett McKee (above), Carolyn Murray, Jefferey Rhodes and Mary Norton. Wow - you could tell they had put hours of practice into their performances because they were terrific! They had a silent and live auction, tasty food stations and an Oxygen Bar were you could sniff flavored oxygen.

It was a lot of fun and my hat is off to Jim Darby and Bob Rife from Roper St. Francis Healthcare who lead our team of Respiratory Therapists and the ladies from our local Lung Association for their good work.

28 April 2011

Outdoor Living

Patriots Point, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

I mentioned that I'd been looking for Adirondack Chairs - they are expensive! Yikes. I happened on what seems to be a great deal. Home Depot has some kits that need to be put together that they are selling for $29. I grabbed the four I wanted so now I can tell you about them. They might be a little smaller than regular but seem sturdy enough and come partially assembled. Here is another blogger who was pleased with them.

I think I will paint mine deep gray/blue. Can't beat that price!

Olde Jasminetowne

Confederate Jasmine, Charleston, S.C.

Charleston is at risk of being overgrown with Confederate Jasmine. It's swarming over fences and winding around Palmetto trees. Soon we'll have to cut bits out just to get in our doors and let a little light in the windows. We might as well rename the city Jasminetowne.

27 April 2011

Dining Out for Life

This is pretty cool! If you eat out at a participating restaurant tomorrow, 25% of the proceeds will go to the Ryan White Program. Check out this list to find a participating restaurant and thanks to everyone who participated.

Step right up and tell us how you feel....

Vanderhorst St., Charleston, S.C.

I swear people leave me messages to find. Can you read this? "Thanks Obama for making government cool again."

I sense a touch of sarcasm in the next block: "Obama knows what's best for everyone!"

26 April 2011

Coburg Cow's Easter Wear

Coburg Cow, Savannah Hwy, Charleston, S.C.

When I stopped by Mayor Riley's campaigne kick off yesterday on the way home from work, I parked in the shopping center next to the Coburg Cow and noticed she still had on her Easter finest. Check out that bonnet!

It is definately worth reading Warren Cobb's write up on the history of the Coburg Cow in Charleston and from SCIWay I found this little snippet of video of what we aren't supposed to be doing anymore - riding that cow!

Joggling Board on the Beach

Patriots Point, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

I spotted another joggling board a couple of weeks ago when I attended a wedding on the Mt. Pleasant side of the harbor. What a perfect spot for a wedding. I knew the hotel was there but discovered lovely little cottages that people can rent and have a wedding right on the beach. It was beautiful.

Maybe I should get married!

Harhar. ;)

Now, with all the links I direct for information on joggling boards isn't it surprising that I don't even have one? I am the single biggest promoter of these fun lowcountry seats.

25 April 2011

Play it again, Joe!

Triangle Bar & Grill, Charleston, S.C.

Mayor Riley announced today that he is seeking his tenth term as the Mayor of Charleston. He has been our Mayor since 1975.

Ten terms - that is amazing and seemed historically significant enough for me to stop by on my way home to be there for the announcement. Mayor Riley has accomplished a lot during his long tenure. I'm willing to give him a chance to check a few more things off our list during the next four years.

24 April 2011

Sunday Night Hodge Podge

Legare St., Charleston, S.C.

Silly things I may need: Silicone Ice Ball Maker.

I discovered a couple of lowcountry bloggers. Stop by and say hello to:

Soak & Simmer
: Sun, food, water, and sun. From the bluegrass to the lowcountry.

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Dining Around Charleston: Exploring the Holy City's Hidden Gems

I was so excited to learn that the new Boeing plant in North Charleston will cover it's roof with solar panels and will be entirely powered with renewable energy. Thanks Boeing!

Photographer Jeffery Stoner made a recent trip to the lowcountry and added some photos to his gallery: Jeffrey Stoner Fine Art Photography

The garden photos were taken through a gate on Legare St. Thanks to all of you who send me ideas for photos and emails responding to something I've mentioned. I love hearing from you. Forgive me for not always responding immediately.

Knock, knock...

Hwy 78, S.C.

I thought this was a fitting photo for Easter Sunday. This cardboard cut out of Jesus appears to be trying to enter a house up on Hwy 78. I keep an eye out for him each time I pass that way. He disappeared for a long time but he is back at the door still waiting to be let inside.

Happy Easter kids!

Cemetery Walking

Bethany Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.

I never tire of walking through the old cemeteries in the lowcountry. My guests from yesterday were going to try to find the tomb of their great grandfather Dr. Alonzo McClennan in the Humane & Friendly Society Cemetery.

I had searched before without success, but this time I spotted the tombstone as soon as I walked through the gate. It's been a beautiful warm day and since I arrived before the family, I took a walk through old Bethany Cemetery (above) which is immediately across the street.

As I walked out of the gates I could see that they had easily found the marker as well. Jeanette McClennan and her husband Bill were joined by Dr. Jim Tolley and his daughter Jessica. It seemed a fitting closure to this part of the history of the gentleman who lived in my house to find his tomb.

22 April 2011

Baby, Come Back

Vanderhorst St., Charleston, S.C.

Years ago, on my earlier blog I wrote about the impressive gentleman who had lived in my old Charleston house. Dr. Alonzo McClennan was an important Charleston figure, an early physician and pharmacist, he had a school for black practical nurses, a hospital on Cannon St. and published a medical journal. A plaque was recently placed at the location of the former hospital on Cannon St.

Dr. McClennan lived in my house on Vanderhorst St. in the late 1800's. The bottom floor of the house would have been his clinic where he saw patients.

I've always been proud to live in the home of such an interesting character. One of his descendant's family members in New York happened upon my blog and sent me an email pleased to know there was still a connection in Charleston to their great grandfather and finally after all these years, they came to visit. They were driving their son to Savannah on a college tour and made a stop in Charleston to learn more. This morning they toured MUSC, visited the Waring Library and the Avery Institute where they were received like honored guests.

I figured they would stop for lunch before they got to me, and I made carrot cake, key lime pie and pralines for their afternoon visit. They arrived in one of Charleston's afternoon downpours and it was a sentimental journey as they walked through the house, stood in front of the house's fireplaces and saw the rooms where their ancestor took care of his patients. They left me copies of old pictures and filled in some gaps in what I knew.

It was a wonderful afternoon and a real treat to meet Dr. McClennan's family and it all happened because of some scribbles I wrote on this blog. This was a cool day, kids.

Bella Mafia

St. Philip St., Charleston, S.C.

Who wants to join my Bella Mafia?

I was carrying the flowers home from Harris Teeter and thought they made the perfect touch to the sidewalk inscription.

21 April 2011

Happy Thursday!

King St., Charleston, S.C.

Work has been like a race course this week so I am going to pretend this is Friday. I finished off a fund raising sale at 4 p.m. and dashed to the Terrace Theater to sit in Jane Eyre with my hot cuppa tea. It is the perfect way to let the work week melt away. It was bright and sunny when I walked in the theater but I soon realized that the thunder and pounding rain wasn't all part of the gloomy movie sounds effects. I left the theater to find a dramatic rainbow and learn that I'd missed a wild hail storm.

It's the weekend, kids! I have some exciting visitors coming tomorrow afternoon and plan to enjoy a long weekend.

20 April 2011

Airmail Please!

Eutawville, S.C.

When I was a kid in India, without tv for entertainment, no telephones and only half an hour of English music on the radio on Sunday night, my friends and I competed in soliciting pen pals from far and wide. I have no recollection of what prompted this, but I sent an ad to the Winnipeg Free Press promising to correspond with anyone who would write me by Airmail.

The postman's arrival was a big deal and everyone gathered round when I got an envelope from Canada. The only person responding to my ad was a ninety year old gentleman by the name of Alfred Stone who wrote from the Wentworth Lodge Retirement Home in Dundas, Ontario.

He rambled on for pages in blue ink handwritten letters on thin paper sent by Airmail as requested. He thought I had nerve insisting on the extra postage but surface mail took 4 - 6 months to arrive. If I was to have a senior citizen as a pen pal, Mr. Stone was the right one. He had just started violin lessons and was rehearsing for a performance. He had recently taken up woodworking and was making an bowl made of intricate inlaid pieces.

Mr. Stone knew exactly the right trick to keep me writing back. In each envelope he sent, he included a crisp two dollar Canadian bill. Gasp! Real pretty foreign money! He signed the letter, which I have to this day, "You can I am sure, use this."

You betcha! I kept my fortune in a worn envelope with tiny ticked pencil marks for each addition, translating it into Rupees and recalculating it endlessly according to the current exchange rate. I was the sister with MONEY.

We went to see Mr. Stone. When my family returned to Canada for a visit we drove to meet him. We walked down to the community room where he played us a tune on the piano and showed me the ribbon he won at the fair for his hand carved wooden bowl. He was a good catch.

Best tips for colicky babies?

Charleston, S.C.

This picture makes me laugh. Allie isn't colicky but was definitely not in the mood for photos. She did calm down so maybe the statue has calming powers. ;)

19 April 2011

Hampton Park

Hampton Park, Charleston, S.C.

I've been in so many different situations during the course of this day that my head is still spinning. Yawn. I am hoping that I remember to get to work tomorrow before 7 a.m. for a Linen fundraising sale.

At the end of the day, my friend Terrie in marketing called asking me to come to Hampton Park to fill in a spot in a photo shoot replacing someone who couldn't show up at the last minute. Apparently my gray hair has become super handy portraying grandmotherly types. Photographer Mic Smith finished the shoot by posing us for a family scene with a young couple and their two adorable daughters that may well work for my Christmas card this year. Harhar. Wouldn't that surprise my kids?

Hampton Park holds many happy memories. My children played on roller blades and new bikes, we celebrated birthday parties and enjoyed family picnics there when they were young.

Named after Confederate General and former Governor Wade Hampton, the park has a fascinating history and at different periods has been a Union Cemetery, race course, the SC Inter-State and West Indian exposition of 1901 and a zoo. It went through a restoration in the 1980's and now has a lake that is a popular wedding spot, a gazebo, rose garden and beautiful live oak trees.

G'night kids. Someone turn the lights out.

18 April 2011

Through the Window

Ashley Hall, Charleston, S.C.

Through the window at the posh Ashley Hall School for Girls. Looks like they are learning how to make their own wedding cakes - practical!

Spring on King

King St., Charleston, S.C.

I bet I could design the most successful ever, College of Charleston recruitment brochure. Heheh. The college might not like it, but it would be successful!

17 April 2011

Sunday Night

This is the year I plan to take up canoeing again and this is where I intend to do it. Sweet spot, eh? It's been a long time so I hope it is like riding a bike - not that I was ever very good at that.

I've been far too productive this weekend - hosted a recognition luncheon, pulled a pile of weeds and painted my porch decks moving all of the furniture and plants by myself. Seems to me if you work all weekend you should take the week off. Yes? It's like a game of opposites. I hope you have all had a good weekend. They are much too short.

15 April 2011

Secret Hideaway

Duncan St., Charleston, S.C.

Isn't this the most perfect hideaway spot?

Wish me luck! I am hosting a luncheon for 125 volunteers. Being the hostess front and center at the podium is outside of my usual comfort zone so lets hope I pull it all off with style.

The Post & Courier was kind enough to print a little article I wrote yesterday for volunteer week. Thank you! You can find it here: Volunteers Make this City Work.

Ooops. Just remembered I have to sign 125 certificates. Y'all have a good day and stay dry.

Pro Aris Et Focis

Coming St., Charleston, S.C.

This is one of my favorite sidewalk inscriptions and one I consider an old pavement friend as I walk by. It is Latin for "Our Hearth, our Homes".

Definition of: pro aris et focis: pro aris et focis: For our altars and hearths; for our homes.

Meanwhile, checking my stats I find that someone googled "Perry Family in Charleston" and came across this old entry of mine about the Perry Family Crest that I found in the pavement on Meeting St. Heheh.

It's been a busy week, kids. Recognition luncheon for 100 volunteers at the Marriott today and another one for 125 tomorrow. I am hoping the rain holds off mid day!

14 April 2011

Charleston Gardens, continued.....

Radcliffe St., Charleston, S.C.

I'm seeing the cover of Home & Garden. The shell is the perfect touch - just enough. Not too much. Tasteful.

Tiny people enter here

Thomas & Warren St., Charleston, S.C.

The size of this entry door appears to be an optical illusion. It seems shorter than it should be in comparison to the rest of the house. Perhaps it is the height of the large door frame, especially above the door that makes it appear shorter. Every time I walk by, I think to myself, "Hmmmm.....that looks like a door for tiny people."

I mentioned that on the off chance you ever see me deep in thought at the corner of Thomas & Warren and wonder what I have on my mind. I'm not very deep.

New spring growth

Vanderhorst St., Charleston, S.C.

A tree grows in Charleston. Many do, but this one won't need trimming. I spotted this new growth at the new Ashley Hall Dining Hall building at Vanderhorst & Rutledge Ave. on my walk this evening.

I've been coming home late and so brain fried lately, I crash with a quick meal and my tea, completely relax in my favorite corner of the couch and then want to go for a long walk around 9 p.m. I perk back up and am awake long into the night. I need to get my act together. In other, sadder news - I ate my last Cadbury egg and I carelessly promised myself not to buy anymore. Sob.