27 March 2019

Corner stores of Charleston

Burbages, Charleston, SC 
We need more of them, character corner stores. Some die, some figure out a way to survive. This one is Burbages on Broad St. 

25 March 2019

The garden of Charleston

Meeting St., Charleston, SC 
"Come quickly! I have found Heaven!"
Artist Alfred Hutty wrote to his wife from Charleston
1877 - 1954

24 March 2019

Wisteria Hysteria

Wisteria blossoms, Meeting St., Charleston, SC 
I can't resist directing my morning walk towards this wisteria display on Meeting St. each year. It is one of the annual traditions I look forward to and would hate to miss. I've been busy lately and my Magnolia annual pass needs to be renewed but I made sure to enjoy some spring blossoms this morning.

21 March 2019

Westie award winners 2019

2019 Westie Awards, Charleston, SC
Congratulations to the 2019 Westie Award winners presented by West Of Newspaper at Gala Desserts. Since one of our beloved mascots is the statue of a cow, that is what they win. Who doesn't want a cow statue! We all do!

19 March 2019

Colorful! Delicious!

Cuban Gypsy Pantry, Charleston, SC
Colorful, delicious! My son and I ate at the Calhoun St. location enjoying every bite at the Gypsy Cuban Pantry and heard them mention a second location. He lives in North Charleston. I am West Ashley. We sat across the table from each other and I hardly dared to ask. Where is the new location? He won. North Charleston for the win!

13 March 2019

Tea Room Season

Old St. Andrews, Charleston, SC 
It's Tea Room season! Church ladies and gentlemen put on aprons and cook traditional lowcountry tearoom menus - shrimp and chicken sandwiches, okra and she crab soup, coconut cake, Huguenot tort and Mississippi Mud Pie. We order and eat exactly the same thing every year and we like it.

The church makes an impressive profit from all the volunteer labor and supports a healthy list of charities. It's like old home week each year and I see so many familiar faces.

09 March 2019

Park Circle goes green

Park Circle St. Patrick's Day festivities, North Charleston, SC
The Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston celebrates St. Patrick's day in a big way and they do it early! It's the first time I've been to this event and the streets were crowded with happy green people having a good time.

03 March 2019

Indian Fields Campground

Indian Fields Campground, St. George, SC
On our day trip to St. George we took a detour to walk through the historic Methodist camp meeting grounds - Indian Fields. The rustic wooden tent cabins are passed down through families through generations and lively annual revival weeks are still held annually.

It is always a peaceful and beautiful spot to walk through. This particular camp ground has the tabernacle meeting structure in the middle and is circled by outhouses that match the cabins.

02 March 2019

Little Mt. Vernon renovation - Eutawville

Little Mt. Vernon, Eutawville, SC
We were enjoying a delicious BBQ lunch at Sweatman's BBQ when I happened to ask our friend Martha Rose if she knew anything about the Little Mt. Vernon renovation project. The next thing I knew she had contacted the owners who invited us to come tour their project. It pays to have friends with connections!

Wow! I didn't even know exactly where it was until recently since they had cleared out overgrown garden debris that concealed the property. These are some high energy folks and the gentleman, Dwight is doing all of the work himself. The home was built from plans that were popular in the 1930's patterned after Mt. Vernon.

The family is documenting the renovation project on a blog so you can follow along! Little Mt. Vernon.