24 August 2019

Corner Stores of Charleston

Charlie's Convenient Store, Jasper St., Charleston, SC 
I passed a few of the corner stores on my rambling walk this morning. All add to this collection next time I am in town. How nice to still be able to walk to the corner for eggs and milk although if the signs posted are a clear indication, the shoppers are more likely college students popping in for beer, cigarettes and lottery tickets.

17 August 2019

The Righteous Gemstones

DB'S Cheese-steak Restaurant, Avondale, Charleston, SC 
I walked down to Avondale in between the thundershowers and got a look at the new murals promoting the Righteous Gemstones - HBO series being filmed locally and beginning tomorrow on HBO. John Goodman is the star and I believe Danny McBride the producer. Some of my friends have been extras. Sadly I don't have HBO so not sure when I'll get the chance to see it.

11 August 2019

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - St. Michael's

St. Michael's Church, Meeting & Broad St., Charleston, SC
St. Michael’s Church is the oldest church edifice in the City of Charleston, standing on the site of the first Anglican Church built south of Virginia. In the 1680’s a small wooden church, the first in the new town of Charles Town, was built on this spot for the families of the Church of England, and named St. Philip’s. By 1727, the town had grown too large for the small church and a more spacious one was built of brick on Church Street, later destroyed by fire in 1835.By 1751, St. Philip’s had again proved too small for the increasing population, and another church was authorized by the General Assembly of the Province, to be built on the old site and to be known as St. Michael’s. The cornerstone was laid in 1752 and in 1761 the church was opened for services. Except for the addition of the sacristy in 1883 on the southeast corner, the structure of the building has been little changed.
It is simply too hot in Charleston. I need another weekend. Hope y'all have had a good one!

10 August 2019

Flirty guard lions on Montagu

60 Montagu St., Charleston, SC 
Beautiful home on Montagu St. built in 1801. Thanks to Zillow we still get the inside tour: Zillow

It is so hot in Charleston it is hard to get motivated to go for my walk. Luckily I saved this shot from last weekend's walk...heheh!

05 August 2019

Guard dog on duty

40 Montagu St., Charleston, SC
 Spot the guard dog on duty? 

Beautiful home. The current owners have certainly added bright color since the last google shot. 

04 August 2019


Wentworth Mansion, Charleston, SC
It's been a day of thunderstorms and dramatic skies. I caught this view of the roof of the Wentworth Mansion on my walk this morning.

I hope everyone else is ready for Monday. I'm not. 

03 August 2019

Meeting St. Firestation Pup

Meeting Street, SC
The fire-station dalmatian is kept freshly painted in front of the station on Meeting St. Until I got down low for the shot I didn't realize his eyes were heart shaped. Sweet!