30 June 2014

Summer's floral gift to Charleston

Crepe Myrtle, Charleston, S.C.
It is suddenly Crepe Myrtle season! With their pink, white, purple blossoms, Charleston is dressed up in her festive summer wear. I have a little one that hasn't blossomed and I suspect it might be under too much shade. In my mind the blossoms are brilliant white. I hope I don't get a ticket from a passing horticulturalist for not having a Crepe Myrtle in the lowcountry. 

Okay, kids...I bought a new shredder on the way home so let's crank her up and have a shredding party!


28 June 2014

Carolina Day - 2014

Carolina Day parade, Charleston, S.C.
New rule - seersucker suits for everyone on Carolina Day! To be accurate - seersucker suits & sun dresses. No exceptions. Start planning your wardrobe for next year.

Since Carolina Day is always on June 28th, it is usually on a work day and I miss this colorful photo op.
Carolina Day celebrates the American victory at the Battle of Sullivan’s Island on June 28, 1776. On this day forces under Colonels William Moultrie and William Thomson repelled assaults by the Royal Navy and the British Army. The first Carolina Day was celebrated in 1777, and the Palmetto Society and the South Carolina Historical Society continue the commemoration today.
More photos here: Carolina Day 2014 

27 June 2014

My favorite windmill

Windmill at Wappoo Cut, Charleston, S.C.

I like it when I google a reference for a photo and find my own entry from almost a year ago. I expect I do visit my favorite little windmill about once a year. Hello sweet thing! This time I introduced a new friend who intends to make it her next picnic spot.

I went to see the Jersey Boy's movie and after reading rather negative reviews I was happily surprised. I even found a parking spot in the busy Terrace Theater lot.

I hate that I missed The Great Race vintage cars arriving at Patriot's Point this afternoon. That must have been quite a sight. I can't track down what time they leave in the morning to head down the coast. It might even be worth jumping out of bed for.

25 June 2014

Patio fun

King St., Charleston, S.C.
Who did this? I am not wandering downtown much late at night so I don't know how this is used. It is an empty lot on upper King across from the Butcher & Bee area. Is it an extension of an existing restaurant area? Inquiring minds want to know! It appears to be a corner patio party area and left me curious. Curious is a natural state for me. 

24 June 2014

My hair is growing like a weed

Charleston, S.C.

The planter looked like the gals had some wild green hair.

Little bonus for you this evening. This recording of a tour of historic Charleston was shared on Facebook. It starts properly around the five minute mark. Gotta love that accent!

23 June 2014

Fancy Pants Posts & Alternative Spindles

Queen St., Charleston, S.C.
There are at least three houses with this style of pillars and posts instead of turned spindles that I am aware of. These are two of them. I believe the other is on Charlotte St. and tucked away in an earlier album. It is an expensive project replacing hand turned wooden spindles in an old house but this is a pretty neat style.

Sadly, whenever you have an old house in your past you look at this and think, "pretty, but I wouldn't want to paint it." Heheh.

22 June 2014

Beautiful Beaufort by the Sea

Beaufort, S.C.
We are fortunate in Charleston to have a number of day trip locations that are manageable drives and good lunch destinations. Summerville, Walterboro, McClellanville, Georgetown and Beaufort all fit the bill. Yesterday I drove down the coast to Beaufort and had a bowl of she-crab soup in a restaurant next to the waterfront park. There was a musical event going on and besides the main stage there were clusters of musicians performing all over the park.

There was a minor disaster when we pulled up to the Chocolate Tree on the way out of town to discover they were out of pralines. I'll need to call the mayor about that on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend, kids! I just got back from my first bowling experience. It was a Nun Fun Fundraiser raising funds for the Pauline Bookstore on King St. I turned out to be a lousy bowler but had a good time.


21 June 2014

The little tree that could

South Windermere, Charleston, S.C.
I walked the green-way through to South Windermere this morning and always say hello this stubborn little tree growing out of the center of the post. How did this happen?

Why do I always feel like messing with my own yard at nine o'clock at night? I can't see what I'm doing. Who knows what I've done out there. I probably threw out all the plants and carefully watered the weeds.

19 June 2014

Clowning around Charleston

Caring Clowns, Cafe Fork, Charleston, S.C.
When I told people I was having lunch with a bunch of clowns I don't think they took me seriously. It has become tradition for members of the Caring Clown program to gather together each year for lunch at Cafe Fork on Hwy 61. Owner Wendall Edwards welcomed the festive gang, posed for photos and sent out a platter of colorful cake pops for dessert. The Caring Clowns are specially trained clowns who serve as volunteers in hospitals.

18 June 2014

North of the Border

Niagara Fall, Canada
I was so pleased when my brother Roger and sister-in-law Cathy suggested a drive to Niagara Falls on Monday evening. I love the falls! We had so many picnics here when I was a kid. To this day whenever I feel mist on my face it reminds me of Niagara Falls. The crowds of visitors are so overwhelmed at the grandeur of the falls that are happily smiling and posing for pictures on the banks. Then, we must stop by the floral clock as we do every visit since we were kiddies. It was a good visit Canada!

17 June 2014

Quick trip to Canada

Perry family, Ontario, Canada
I haven't been keeping up the "daily photo" entries lately but I have good excuses for my absence! My family was having a get together in Canada and I made a last minute dash to the border on Friday afternoon. I left my car at the hospital and went directly to the airport. Many thanks to family members who did the airport run to fetch and carry the south of the border member.

I got a good haul of relatives as you can see by the group shot. We were missing two of the eight siblings and quite a few of the younger family members but it was great to see the ones I did. Everyone but me brought menu items for our picnic and it was delicious. The little ones had a tea party and my Dad still has a wicked Crokinole shot.

It was a bitter sweet Father's Day since my Dad's health is failing. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the family members closer to home who have been making sure he is taken care of and keeping close tabs on him.

12 June 2014

Ready for your operation?

SCRUBS Camp 2014, Charleston, S.C.
I don't have pictures of anything else this week because playing den-mother to this group of future health care professionals is all I have done this week. I've kept them hopping from one department to another. Today was definitely a highlight. They gave injections to oranges, sutured a chicken leg, rode in an ambulance, tried the laser machine and now I think they are ready to do your surgery! Graduation tomorrow.

11 June 2014

Charleston Scenes

Charleston, S.C.
I have my hands full this week kids, so here are a few pictures from a recent weekend morning walk in Charleston. Enjoy!

10 June 2014

SCRUBS Camp 2014

SCRUBS Camp 2014, Charleston, S.C.
You won't be hearing much from me this week. I am den mother for twenty two eager young people interested in health careers.

We've already toured, learned CPR, first aid, done rotations in Physical Therapy and Radiation and explored the hospital on a scavenger hunt. Be on alert Trident Tech! We are heading your way on a bus tomorrow morning to check out the health career labs.

08 June 2014

Family History

Framing options
Michael's is finally open West Ashley next to Best Buy. Yay! I have been holding my mother's old Nursing Diploma from the University of Toronto waiting on their opening specials for framing. I love having the crafty, picture framing store close by. They were helpful and my store-opening discount coupons (check today's Post & Courier) helped a lot but I still get sticker shock whenever I get a picture framed.

Check out that hand calligraphy.

07 June 2014

Fried Green Tomatoes

Paul Nelson, Givhans, S.C.
It's a good thing to be on friendly terms with a farmer at this time of year! Paul Nelson kindly invited me out to his farm in Givhan's and I'd barely settled in before the smell of friend green tomatoes pulled me into the kitchen. Paul was slicing up tomatoes fresh from the garden and serving the tangy slices hot from the pan. Delicious! I came home with a bag of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, squash and the recipe to make a batch of week killer.

Besides catching up with Farmer Paul and his wife Lana, I got to meet Summerville Journal Scene columnist Julie Smith Hoff and her husband Mike after being social media friends for a couple of years.

A good day and I hope you had one as well.

05 June 2014

Teach a man to fish:

Lockwood Blvd., Charleston, S.C.
Not a bad place to live, eh?

I was trying to think of an interesting post to go along with the theme "teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime" when my happy clicking landed me on a Teach a man to fish - humorous alternatives" post. Thanks for the smile, Calum!

Teach a man to fish and he will kick your ass and steal your fishing pole.
Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Teach a man to create an artificial shortage of fish and he will eat steak.
Teach a man to fish, and you can sell him a ton of accessories.
Teach a man to fish and you've fed him for a lifetime ... unless, of course, he doesn't like sushi -- then you also need to teach him how to cook.
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.
Give a man a fish he'll eat for a day, if you teach a man a fish he'll get drunk then fall out of his boat and drown.
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach him to use the Internet, and he won't bother you for weeks!
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Give a man religion and he will starve to death praying for a fish

03 June 2014

America Sings - the songs of Pete Seeger

Waterfront Gallery, Laura Ball & Friends, Charleston, S.C.
And everyone sang! So often you go to concerts of popular music and watch your seatmates quietly mouthing the words to the song. Not this evening! I went to Laura Ball's America Sings - the songs of Pete Seeger at the Waterfront Gallery. It was packed, seats full, standing group at the back, kids and parents on the floor. Laura Ball invited everyone to join in the familiar songs and they did! I didn't know how many Pete Seegar songs I knew.

What a fun night! We stopped for a bite to eat at Bull St. Gourmet. It is a perfect Charleston evening. More just like this one please!