31 October 2019

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2019, 70s theme, Charleston, SC 

I was hoping to find someone with a VW van or bug to park in front of the hospital for our 70's theme this Halloween but I did even better! My friend Libby had a 1972 Ford LTD convertible and let us climb inside and have fun with it!

We had a grand time roaming the hospital passing out candy treats. Thanks for the fun, folks!

27 October 2019

Ghostly presence in Charleston

Broad St., Charleston, SC 
The reflection in the window across from the Cathedral on Broad St. confirmed all 
suspicions of ghostly presence in the Holy City. Boo! 

26 October 2019

Charleston says, "Boo!"

Burbage's Grocery, Broad St., Charleston, SC - Halloween
 Happy Halloween from Charleston! 2019

06 October 2019

Romantic Carriage Ride

State St., Charleston, SC 
I often try to include people walking, riding bikes and carriage rides to add some action to my photos. In this case I thought it was a lovely romantic carriage ride until I spotted the two giant cameras aiming at the couple.

I've been told they were filming for an Expedition Unknown episode about buried treasure.

03 October 2019

State St. sweet spot

27 State St., Charleston, SC 
Uhoh. I've been letting the blog slip. Sorry folks. It's been a busy stretch. I've helped open a new hospital, participated in a Lip Sync Battle fundraiser (yep. me on stage. scary), and been to Columbia for the Governor's Volunteer Awards. It's all good stuff but hopefully things will settle down a little.

It is still endlessly hot and dry in Charleston with most days in the 90s. I am so ready for a little cool air.

This is one of my favorite sweet spots and I always seem to stop to admire it and grab a shot.

Hope you are all doing well.