30 September 2015

Before & After - 492 King St.

The times they are a changin'! Keep your eyes open, kids. Something has changed on King St. every time I walk that route. I am particularly pleased that this building was taken in hand. I loved it and am pleased to see it renovated and in use. It has opened as Restaurant 492. I have not been inside yet. Anyone?
The building sat abandoned since Hurricane Hugo until it being purchased by the Relish Restaurant Group. During renovations, spearheaded by local architect Reggie Gibson, as much of the original building was left intact as possible. The red color in the dining room, called “eating room red,” and the “piazza blue” on the upstairs hall ceiling are both historic paint colors. The base of the bar is paneled in old tin that served as the ground floor ceiling of the existing building, reflecting a dedication to preserving and restoring this unique piece of Charleston’s history.

29 September 2015

West Ashley Bikeway Dock

West Ashley Bikeway Dock, Charleston, SC  
This is the new dock at the end of the West Ashley Bike Way. Beautiful! Now that I have a step counter on my cell phone I can tell you it is 8,420 steps to and from my house. Huff, puff. I walked down the Bikeway on Sunday since the last time I was there the new dock was under construction.

It is a pleasant wooded walk, until it comes out smack dab in the middle of busy St. Andrews Blvd. not close to an intersection. On the way there I took my life in my hands dashing across the street but on the way back the traffic was too heavy. I headed along the side of the road in the direction home and got entangled in a mess trying to cross. It is not a pedestrian friendly area which kinda steals the charm from a walk in the woods.
While the route rolls along largely unobstructed, it is sparsely maintained and marred by one particularly hazardous intersection. Leaving the riverfront, pedestrians must negotiate busy, four-lane St. Andrews Boulevard without benefit of a light or crosswalk. Use extreme caution when crossing.

28 September 2015

Straighten up, Charleston!

Charleston Single House, Charleston, SC  
Straighten up, Charleston! I remember thinking what an odd look this was when I first moved here. The porches or piazzas are built on a slant so the rain water runs off and since so many open porches have a front door they must be trimmed to fit.

Parts Unknown featured Anthony Bourdain in Cuba last night which was of interest to me since I've put a down payment on a trip in January. Now the preview is out for the Charleston visit which includes Chef Sean Brock and Bill Murray and will air November 15. This looks like fun!

27 September 2015

Red Dot, Dot, Dot, Dot

Kathy's ABC, Santee, SC  
You can always identify a liquor store in South Carolina by the bright red dots and this one in Santee wasn't taking any chances that you might not notice. Dot, dot, dot! It stood out bright and clear even on a drizzly day.

The convenience store seemed to be short a few letters. I figures out the first three lines but the last one has me stumped. "We Have No Ethonol Gas, Blenheim Gingerale, Under New Management". Any guesses on the last line?

Thoughtful messages

Everything Has Beauty, Charleston, SC  
Whew. I had a myself a busy week. I only had one day in the office squeezed between a conference in Orlando and a trip to Columbia and came back to a pile of envelopes under my door, things hanging from my doorknob, phone messages and notes taped up for me to deal with. I had work events both evenings I was home and hours of photo uploading to do after that. I needed a Joan clone.

Other than doing wash and getting a short walk in I pretty much crashed yesterday, me and George Gently snuggling on the couch catching up. I did wander a bit downtown to stretch my legs after so much sitting and these fun signs perked me up.

Have a good Sunday, kids!

25 September 2015

SC Governor's Award for Volunteering - 2015

SC Governor's Awards - Volunteerism 2015
Ladies and gentlemen, may I be the first to present you with the Governor's Award Winners for Volunteerism in South Carolina. Congratulations folks! 

I was at the Governor's Mansion in Columbia today to see this incredible group of folks from across the state being recognized for community service activities from mentoring, hospice work, school volunteering and Americorp. 

I almost bust with pride when representatives from my own health care system, Roper St. Francis were honored in the Workplace Volunteer category for all they do with the community including health fairs, the heart walk, Families for Healthy Hearts program, HOPE bags for children in abusive situations and Medical Mission trips. 

Workplace Volunteerism Award, Roper St. Francis

24 September 2015


Folly Beach, SC  
Whew....that will teach me to leave my office for meetings. I scrambled to do a week's worth of work in a day so I can head to Columbia in the morning. I had my fingers in a lot of pies today. I do wish they were pecan, cherry and perhaps a chicken pot pie.

I spotted this scene on Folly Beach yesterday afternoon. Then I passed a couple looking for shark's teeth and they had a good haul. I whined that I never was able to spot one so they generously gave me one as a souvenir.

I am off to catch up on some Papal visit footage. The Pope does New York seems to be what is playing this evening.

23 September 2015

I might get that hoop!

Folly Beach, SC   
Honey, I'm home! Although I left a couple of scheduled photos to post, I've actually been at the World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida for the annual national conference of the Association for Volunteer Healthcare Resource Professionals - that would be me.

The Marriott is huge and we were a captive audience. There were at least two or three other conferences going on at the same time - Healthcare Human Resources folks and Journalists. I went to a couple of serious sessions on legal issues surrounding volunteerism, copyright and student volunteers in healthcare. One of the highlights of the event for me was an evening reception and talk by Donna Brazile from CNN. She was a terrific speaker. I tried to get a photo with her but she did lose the top of her head in the shot. Ooops.

My normal tradition when I fly home used to be to walk to the tip of the peninsula and sniff the ocean. Now that I live West Ashley I decided to drive to Folly Beach and take advantage of a midweek afternoon for a walk without the crowds. Empty is exactly the way I like my beaches.

21 September 2015

Green on green

College of Charleston, Charleston, SC  
I appreciate the effort to coordinate. They will need to paint the house if they ever get a new bike.

20 September 2015

A room with a view

Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, Patriots Point, Mt. Pleasant, SC  
Not such a bad view, is it? Considering we live on the water we don't really have too many restaurants with dramatic water views. This is the view from the Charleston Harbor Fish House Restaurant at Patriot's Point. The view is quite incredible.

19 September 2015

Lake Marion Boat Tour

Santee State Park, Fisheagle Tours
There is nothing like being out on the water in a boat, is there? It's like an instant vacation. On a recent trip with friends to Lake Marion we took advantage of the boat tour of the lake offered by Fisheagle Tours.
Fisheagle ToursThe Wildlife Swamp Tour is our original and most favorite tour. We offer this on Wed & Sat @1 PM and Fri @10 AM.  It originates from Santee State Park in Santee, SC and is about 2 hours long.  You can anticipate seeing pristine wildlife including several species of wetland wading birds like egrets and herons, as well as anhingas, ducks and neo-tropical migrating songbirds.  Along the way we’ll journey through “Osprey Village” where we view over 20 Osprey nests in the middle of the swamp.  Occasional alligators and lots of turtles can also be seen. The voyage meanders through a Bald cypress and Water Tupelo Forest that is absolutely beautiful.  
For an interesting twist, in October they dock the boat at Gilligan's in Monks Corner and let passengers ride through the locks.

17 September 2015

Pink on pink

Charleston, SC   
I have the exact same climbing blossoms on my fence this year but I can't recall the name of them. They are making a dramatic show this summer. To be clear this is not my home but a pretty entrance I keep an eye on and photograph frequently. 

It's been a busy day, kids! Hang on. Friday's around the corner. 

In other news, now that Rick Perry is out of the Presidential race, it's time for my Perry family members to stock up on random Perry for President merchandise.

16 September 2015

Single & nekkid

Duncan St., Charleston, SC  
There is a rare unpainted Charleston single house on Duncan St.
Charleston single house is a form of house found in Charleston, South Carolina. The house is well-suited to long, narrow lots which were laid out in early Charleston. A single house has its narrow side (often two- or three-bays wide) with a gable end along the street and a longer side (often five-bays) running perpendicular to the street.
So, if that is the definition of single house, how about the definition of Nekkid? I found that too:
Nekkid is not simply being without clothing--It means you are gettin' nekkid for mischevious purposes. Naked is natural; nekkid is naughty.
I had a lovely dinner with friends this evening at Hanks Seafood. We went to take advantage of the Restaurant Week deal but ended up ordering off the regular menu. Yum!

15 September 2015

Palmetto Rose

Palmetto Rose, Charleston, SC   
Sometimes I suspect people scamper in front of me leaving a trail of things for me to find on my walk. Well done. I found it!

Here is a bit of history on the Palmetto Rose.

14 September 2015

John Rutledge House Inn

John Rutledge House, Broad St., Charleston, SC   
The John Rutledge House Inn is so beautiful I take a picture almost every time I walk by. Wow. If you are feeling flush, I recommend staying here when you come to Charleston and invite me over to snoop around. 

This has been one of the most beautiful days of the year. Low humidity, fresh air. I am in love with this weather. Long may it last. 

12 September 2015

Thelma & Louise Charleston Style!

Thelma & Louise, Charleston Style!
I've been taking enough weekend road trips with my friend Rosie that folks have laughingly called us Thelma & Louise. I can't help it. She loves to drive and I aim to be the perfect sidekick. We haven't decided who is who, there have been no Brad Pitt sightings and luckily there are no cliffs in the lowcountry but the tag name stuck in my head. Thelma & Louise, Thelma & Louise....what could we do with that?

I happen to have just the right gang of talented friends to pull together a morning of silliness and this is what we came up with! Thanks to my friend, co-worker and photographer Leah Sparks - who usually concentrates on photographing birds in swamps, convertible owner and set designer Laura and fashion consultant Lisa, we almost killed ourselves laughing.

After I wound my wild hair back on top of my head and Leah wiped the raindrops off her lens we headed to the Fish House at Patriot's Point for lunch with perhaps the best view in town.

Thanks ladies! I am still grinning!

To see what Leah usually takes pictures of and prints to consider for purchase check out her website at: L.S. Photography

11 September 2015

Fountain view for two

College of Charleston campus, Charleston, SC  
These two chairs caught my eye on a recent walk through the College of Charleston campus. It looks like someone pulled them up just to sit and enjoy the view. It is a gorgeous spot.

Have I mentioned how much I love Fridays? I do. I made it to Citadel Mall in time for A Walk in the Woods matinee. Apparently I like hiking movies almost as much as I enjoy walking because I go to them all. Sadly my step-counter didn't register any activity during the movie.

09 September 2015

Countryside Honky Tonk

Lone Star BBQ & Mercantile, Santee, SC  
I was at Lake Marion with friends this past long weekend and stopped at the Lone Star BBQ & Mercantile for a plate of BBQ. We were delighted to see that the 14th Annual Blue Grass Honky Tonk festival was in full swing. Three kind ladies were going in to get their dinner and offered us the loan of their chairs so we settled down in comfort to listen to the music. It was a treat. According to their web site they have live music every Saturday night. 

I always roam the buildings when I am there, looking at the old pictures and collection of memorabilia they have on the shelves and visit the wee cabin in behind the restaurant buildings.  

08 September 2015

Two birds and a heart

Brookgreen Gardens, SC  
This is a small piece in the base of a large sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens. The intricate detail work caught my eye and does even more so now in the image.

I just cleaned up after a little dinner party for a few co-workers and  may have made my last tomato pie of the season. It's sad to see the delicious tomatoes go, isn't it?

My new netflix show is the British Inspector George Gently series. It is good to have something to look forward to watching with all of the nonsense that is on regular tv.

Short week ahead, kids! Does that mean we have to work even harder? 

07 September 2015

Good Morning!

Hwy 6, Orangeburg County, SC  
I've often taken pictures of the adorable tiny cottage in this pastoral scene but this time I got a bonus! A couple of horses, donkeys and baby donkeys were in the field and came up to pay us a visit.

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. It looks like we will be continuing our daily thunderstorm routine. I haven't needed to water my plants for weeks.