29 September 2015

West Ashley Bikeway Dock

West Ashley Bikeway Dock, Charleston, SC  
This is the new dock at the end of the West Ashley Bike Way. Beautiful! Now that I have a step counter on my cell phone I can tell you it is 8,420 steps to and from my house. Huff, puff. I walked down the Bikeway on Sunday since the last time I was there the new dock was under construction.

It is a pleasant wooded walk, until it comes out smack dab in the middle of busy St. Andrews Blvd. not close to an intersection. On the way there I took my life in my hands dashing across the street but on the way back the traffic was too heavy. I headed along the side of the road in the direction home and got entangled in a mess trying to cross. It is not a pedestrian friendly area which kinda steals the charm from a walk in the woods.
While the route rolls along largely unobstructed, it is sparsely maintained and marred by one particularly hazardous intersection. Leaving the riverfront, pedestrians must negotiate busy, four-lane St. Andrews Boulevard without benefit of a light or crosswalk. Use extreme caution when crossing.


Jack said...

These shots make the area look fine. You hid the nasty traffic from our eyes.

William Kendall said...

Quite well constructed. The shelter would actually make a good choice for tomorrow's theme day!

Charlestonjoan said...

I did. I always tend to flatter with photography.