29 April 2019

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Gemstone Prayer Center

Gemstone Prayer Center, Locust Grover
Tricked ya. There is no Locust Grove in Charleston. If you look closely you can see that it was the former entrance to Sears department store at Citadel Mall. The abandoned shop is being used as a movie set for the HBO series The Righteous Gemstones

23 April 2019

Blue skies

Georgetown, SC
The skies have been glorious lately. I walk around looking up rather than down. This one was from a weekend day trip up the coast to Georgetown, S.C. 

20 April 2019

Easter colors

Georgetown, SC 
This home may have been painted these colors for any reason but they particularly fit at this time of year and the owners seem to enjoy playing along with Easter decor. Happy Easter to all!

14 April 2019

Going shopping

Grocery store, Charleston, SC
I laughed when I spotted this little fella in my local grocery store. 
I did let the staff know since he could definitely startled a shopper if he jumped out at them. 

10 April 2019

Spring on Calhoun St.

Calhoun St., Charleston, SC 
 Charleston is at it's most picturesque at this time of year. The city is a garden. 

09 April 2019

Fresh drinking water

Water fountain at Cannon Park, Charleston, SC 
This may have been more important when part of Charleston and the island had water that didn't taste very good. People would fill up their jugs to stock drinking water. Now it is simply a nice fountain. Thanks Herman Bruning!

08 April 2019

Florist Shop

The Greenery, Charleston, SC
What a pretty store front. I've never been inside but enjoy the view every time I walk by. 
It is The Greenery on Calhoun St. 
It is a scene waiting for a Hallmark movie.

07 April 2019

Nao Santa Maria

Santa Maria, Beaufort, SC 
I've seen the Nao Santa Maria three times. Once, many years ago with along with the Nina and Pinta in the Charleston Harbor. A few years later I was in New York City up inside the top of the statue of Liberty and watched them sail past us. This time I caught a ride down to Beaufort, SC and happened to see the Santa Maria docked at the waterfront park yesterday. It amazes me each time how very small the ship is.

06 April 2019

Cooper River Bridge Run - Wheelchair Racers

King St., Charleston, SC 
I am not a sports photographer but have such respect for these athletes that I leap out of bed and head to town early to find my spot for pictures. They move so quickly and keep their heads down. I find the intersection where they turn off King St. so I have a chance to get them looking up to turn the corner. They are quite impressive athletes. Congratulations ladies and gentlemen!

In other news, I haven't gone missing in action and will be back to regular postings shortly. I moved! Packed up everything including the bear and mermaid and moved last Friday. I am gradually getting boxes unpacked and settling into my new little nest which isn't far at all from my old house. My computer is perched on top of an old end table until I buy a new desk but things are coming along nicely.