31 March 2012

Cooper River Bridge Run - Competitive Wheelchair Race, part 2

Cooper River Bridge, 2012 - Wheelchair Racer, King St. Charleston, S.C.
I don't know anything about competitive wheelchair racing but I may be a new fan. How cool is this? I am in awe of these athletes. A didn't have time for many pictures this morning but a few more from this category uploaded here. Congratulations!

Now that I have exhausted myself uploading a few pictures I may need an afternoon nap. ;) Isn't that the proper thing to do after a race?

Cooper River Bridge Run - Competitive Wheelchair Racers

Cooper River Bridge Run - Wheelchair Racer, King St., Charleston, S.C.
I aimed to catch the first runners going by in the Cooper River Brridge Run this morning since I will be heading out shortly to get to a friends funeral. The run was delayed so what I did get to see were the competitive wheelchair racers. Wow! I can't even imagine the arm muscles they need to do this. Quite impressive. A few more photos in this category added here.

Good luck to everyone else out there wheeling, running and walking today!

30 March 2012

Watching the world go by

Charleston, S.C.
This looks like the perfect spot to watch the Cooper River Bridge runner go by from. Good luck to all the runners and walkers tomorrow. Over 40,000 registrations have been accepted. 

Running the bridge? Here are my friend Noah's: Tips from a Local.  Have a great time!

Ten Amazing Practical Jokes

Just in time for April Fools day.

29 March 2012

A Sad Week

Tom Gardner
It's been a sad week, kids. A dear friend of mine passed away.  I am going to miss him terribly and daily. Tom Gardner, retired Navy, retired Charleston Police Officer, hospital volunteer and good friend to many, was my sidekick in so many projects. For every hair-brained idea I had, he'd ponder for a few minutes, announce how he thought we could pull it off and we did. The only reason I am ever in a picture is because he was a Navy Photographer and would take the camera and turn it on me.

As much as I am relieved that he won't have to suffer, selfishly I am having a bdd time with this and I know I am not alone. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and called today. Let's help each other through this. My sympathy to his family, Gary & Reggie and his sweetheart Diane.
Thomas Henry Gardner:  Thomas Henry Gardner CHARLESTON - The relatives and friends of PHC Thomas Henry Gardner, USN (Ret) are invited to attend his funeral services Saturday, March 31, 2012 at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church at 11:00 a.m. Interment to follow in Live Oak Memorial Gardens with military honors. The family will receive friends this Friday from 5:00 until 7:00 p.m. at J. HENRY STUHR, INC., WEST ASHLEY CHAPEL, 3360 Glenn McConnell Parkway where a Fleet Reserve Service will be conducted at 6:30 p.m. Memorials may be made to Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, Building Fund, 3075 Bees Ferry Road, Charleston, SC 29414. 

Water like Glass

Charleston Marina, Charleston, S.C.
It's almost the end of the week and I haven't used these two pictures I took at the Charleston Marina when I met up with co-workers for breakfast at the Variety Store. While I waited for my Crab Benedict to be delivered I walked out on the dock to check on the boats. It was the kind of day that should not have involved sitting in an office. 

28 March 2012

Feeding Time

Follow the bucket! Middleton Plantation, Charleston, S.C.
I was going to follow him as well. :))

I walked into the hospital cafeteria yesterday and a gentleman commented that I must have worked there for a very long time. I said, "Yes, I have. Why?" He said, "They immediately started making your lunch without a word being said as soon as they saw you walk in."

Yep! That is me. Tuesdays. Veggie wrap, light on everything. Heheh. If I ever changed my habits the sky might fall. I am a creature of habits but most of them are good.

27 March 2012

Tuesday Chaos

Gillon St., Charleston, S.C.
Gillon St. is one of the charming cobblestone streets down near the water front. The story is that ships used the heavy stones as ballast for weight and then dumped them on the streets of Charleston.

I have lived two or three lives today and am glad to be home.

My day began with a neighbor pounding on my door calling for help for a roommate she thought was dying. He didn't, although he is in serious condition. I helped her deal with rescue workers, got to work, met with the son of a dear former volunteer who had passed away and then attended her funeral. She was fittingly buried in her hospital volunteer uniform. I topped off the evening by serving as photographer for the hospital's employee service awards at the Convention Center. Home feels very sweet.

26 March 2012

Joggling Board sighting

Joggling Board, Middleton Place, Charleston, S.C.
A joggling board sighting for Waldo who has fond memories of them.

I lead so many people to the Old Charleston Joggling Board site that I should get a cut!  Check out this link with more joggling board history and this grand old photo:


One ringy, dingy....

Phone booth, Montague Ave., North Charleston, S.C.
I said, "Hey! There aren't many of these around anymore!" and then I realized this wasn't one either. There was no phone on the end of the cord. The phone booth has ended up as a period piece of sticker art on Montague Ave. in old North Charleston. 

25 March 2012

Peacock Courting Season

Middleton Place, Charleston, S.C.
Peacock courting season at Middleton Place. I just don't think she is that "into him". Heheh.

Middleton Place in full glory

Middleton Place, Charleston, S.C.
Time has been slipping by and I knew this might be the last weekend to get the blossoms in full glory. My annual pass to Magnolia Plantations had expired so I decided to go to Middleton Place this time. It is a little further out and has a more formal garden to wander in as well as a restaurant and Inn. The weatherman threatened storms today and I stayed just a few steps ahead of the dramatic skies.

My camera packing friends have been haunting the gardens making me jealous lately with their beautiful pictures on Facebook. I almost expected someone I knew to pop out from behind an azalea bush. A couple  did call out to me and I was able to meet a couple of online friends - artist Kathy Bates and her husband Bill (below). She is a very talented water color artist and I was tickled that they recognized me.

Middleton Place is beautiful at any time of the year but especially now. Go!

24 March 2012

Amtrak - 40th Anniversary

Amtrak Exhibition Train, Charleston, S.C.
The Amtrak Exhibition train pulled on to the tracks next to Ansonborough Field for the weekend so after the Walk for Water this morning I headed in that direction. I have some happy memories of riding the train from Charleston to Washington, DC and to New York City with my kids when they were little. We used to like to get the bedroom compartments when we could. 

Amtrak Police Officers and canine partners are traveling with the train. Officer Dan Scanlan gave me his card with a picture of him and his dog Bleckey so I made them re-enact the pose below.  Check out the view of Dockside apartments framed by the train window.  Makes me want to go on a train ride.

Walking for Water

Walk for Water, Charleston, S.C. 2012
I am a strong supporter of Water Missions International. I love their very practical water purification system that can turn muddy, contaminated water into pure drinking water. Love it. A few years ago the health system I work for sponsored the shipment and installation of one of the units for a small hospital in Eldoret, Kenya and I got to go to document it.

Today was the annual fundraising Walk for Water in Charleston. The skies were cloudy but we were spared the rain and a cheerful crowd started in Canon Park carrying empty buckets and filled them up with murky water at White Point Gardens to carry back and get some idea of what most of the world has to do on a daily basis. It's a great cause and I am so proud that it is based right here in Charleston. They welcome you to come and see the units being made if you are interested. The enthusiasm is contagious!

Find your photos at this link: Walk for Water 2012


22 March 2012

My slice of Charleston Fashion Week

Carolina Bloggn' Fashion Week Lunch, Oku, King St., Charleston, S.C.
I was invited to a fashion luncheon at Oku today hosted by a group of Carolina Fashion bloggers based in Columbia. They held the event in Charleston to coincide with Charleston Fashion Week festivities. I am always pleased to see bloggers recognized and included so I went! I like these little out of context moments that let me step out of my regular life.

Oku served delicious sushi, snacks and had a signature drink for the event. Maya Troy of Maya Qoba and Robert Rison of Eclat Design came with models and did a mini fashion show. I could have just taken pictures of the shoes - they were so amazing. Don't you love how models automatically drop into the "pose" when a camera points at them? I need to practice that!

Thank you to the sponsors, Teowanna, Candace Chaplin and the bloggers who coordinated the event.

Check out the shoes!
I shared camera duties with Jai Marshall

21 March 2012

Power Plant, Old Navy Base

Power Plant Old Navy Base, Charleston, S.C.
You can tell by my recent postings that I spent some time wandering the old Navy Base in North Charleston and grabbed a few pictures in between the afternoon rain showers.

The Power Plant is one of the largest and most dramatic buildings on the property. This link takes you to an album by someone who got inside to explore some of the buildings. Hmmmm. I wonder.....

Anyone else been inside? I think they had some kind of tour recently but as much as I read the paper I still seem to miss some of these things.

Now, shall I fall to sleep in my corner of the couch like a a perfect old lady? I think so.

Older view with smoke stacks from this site.

20 March 2012

North Charleston Murals - Patch Whisky

Patch Whisky mural, North Charleston, S.C.

The colorful Patch Whisky mural in North Charleston is a happy surprise!

Check out his web site for more info, upcoming events and items to purchase: patchwhisky.com.

The City Paper has the scoop on his more adult themed show which sounds like a current hit in New York: Patch Whisky takes his designs to NYC for an X-Rated exhibition.

Patch Whisky mural, North Charleston, S.C.
Patch Whisky mural, North Charleston, S.C.

SCRUBS Summer Camp

SCRUBS Summer Camp,Charleston, S.C.
Send me your blood thirsty children this summer. Do you know a teenager (13, 14, 15) interested in a health career? Call 843-402-2273 and ask for an application to the SCRUBS Summer Camp at Roper St. Francis Healthcare.

I promise we will give them a week they will never forget!

19 March 2012

Old Naval Hospital

Old Naval Hospital, Charleston, S.C
I suspected this abandoned building was the old Naval Hospital and confirmed it with the photo below which was taken in 1948. Thunder showers were rolling in when I was there this weekend and the skies looked so dramatic. I still know people who were familiar with it when it was a working hospital.I imagine those walls could tell some tales.