18 September 2019

Here there be dragons

Charleston Garden, Charleston, SC 
I love peeping over fences and hedges into secret gardens and this one was a happy surprise. Dragons! 

16 September 2019

Additions to the corner store series

Spring & Cannon St., Charleston, SC 
I tracked down a few additions to the Charleston corner store series.
Have I missed any? It's good to have a goal for a walk. 

15 September 2019

Blue Bicycle Books - In memory of Dorothea Benton Frank, King St., Charleston, SC
Blue Bicycle Books decorated their window in memory of beloved author Dorothea Benton Frank. RIP.

14 September 2019

Charleston Pride Parade 2019

Mayor & Sandy Tecklenburg. Pride Parade, Charleston, SC
Taking pictures at the Charleston Pride Parade has become a tradition for me. 
It's hard to miss with the colorful, joyful event!

08 September 2019

Hurricane Dorian

Keeping her eye on the Charleston harbor, Charleston, SC
Hurricane Dorian seemed to have us all caught in a stress time warp as it lingered up the coast. It was going to hit us, it wasn't, it was. We were glued to news reports, weighing the location of the eye, the strength of the winds and the timing of the tides. Wednesday lasted a week. I decided not to leave. My current home is brick and a higher elevation than my last house. Neighbors said they had never had any trouble with water.

Bottom line is we got very lucky. The water surge wasn't as bad as feared. I had very impressive wind gusts and the noise made it hard not to keep wandering the house checking on everything. My yard was full of small tree limbs. Many people are still getting power back but I was fortunate in that regard and didn't have long periods without power.

I've spent the last few days cleaning the worst of the yard debris and I'm not done yet. We were fortunate and I have since gone online (now that I have wifi back!) and made a donation towards the Bahamas.

Hope you all did well! 

03 September 2019

Dressing for the party no one wants to go to:

Hurricane Dorian prep, Charleston, SC
Here we go again! Stay safe and dry kids.
Seems like we've been glued to hurricane Dorian news for weeks. 

01 September 2019

Corner stores - from another walk

Queen St. Grocery, Charleston, SC
Clearly I like neighborhood convenience stores. I missed some last week so directed my walk this morning to catch this series. I used to shop at the last one pictured on Pitt St. and was sad to see it empty but it appears to be under renovation.

Today is a watch and worry day to see what track hurricane Dorian decides to take. Watch and worry and hope it skirts the coast at a safe distance. Y'all stay safe and dry!