31 December 2017

30 December 2017

McLeod Plantation

McLeod Plantation, James Island, SC  
I joined my friends English and Maria (thanks Maria!) at McLeod Plantation this fine cool morning for a program called "Christmas Through the Eyes of the Enslaved" brought to life by a guide named Olivia who did a wonderful job telling stories that brought the period to life. 
What did Christmas mean in an enslaved time? Commonly slaves would be allowed time off during the Christmas season, but the amount of time varied from plantation to plantation. Although time off was expected, the plantation owners made it clear that the expectations of an enslaved person didn't stop. Christmas is commonly thought of as a joyous time, but heartbreak and sadness still took place for the enslaved people, therefore the meaning of Christmas differed between plantation owners and the enslaved and how this meaning transitioned after the Civil War. 

Thanks to my friend Dale who grabbed a shot of us!

29 December 2017

Walking Quotes

Queen St., Charleston, SC   
The last Friday of the year and a pay day. Bingo! I came home from work, ordered pizza and crashed. This a delicious no-man's land week in between Christmas and New Years with no meetings scheduled and time to catch up, close out and get ready for the new year. I interviewed three terrific new hospital volunteer applicants today so it was well worth being in the office.

I did not go for one of my long walks this evening but fully intend to keep up the practice in 2018 as long as my legs will carry me. I am sharing this quote about walking:

28 December 2017

Teeny, tiny houses of Charleston

Charleston, SC   
This is a sweetie in the small house series. Sadly I need help remembering what street it was on. I did a Queen, Tradd loop that day. I noted it was 88 1/2 but didn't remember what street. I always assume I will remember everything. Foiled again. 

Winter window boxes - Charleston

Charleston, SC   
Aren't these window boxes glorious? Our temperatures are falling now so I wanted to include the blossom shots before the freeze hits them. Hopefully most will survive. Stay warm, kids!

26 December 2017

Walk with me - Caw Caw

Caw Caw Park, Ravenel, SC  
Caw Caw (funny name, eh?) is a Charleston County Park in Ravenel. It is a good one for long walks along former rice fields and bird watching. I'd recommend getting a map since some of the trails are quite long. It was a bright and sunny day and good for beating deep thoughts into the paths. Hopefully I didn't scare any wildlife with my thumping.

I drove home smiling knowing I had tasty leftovers to warm up. Happy Boxing Day kids!

24 December 2017

Charleston in festive holiday wear

Broad St., Charleston, SC   

I have been busy lately and late with my Charleston Christmas pictures but I made up for it this morning. Is there any city more beautiful than Charleston at Christmas? I could have wandered for hours and almost did. It inspired me to want to come home and decorate my little home but it is a bit too late for that now. 

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone! 

21 December 2017

Charleston Farmer's Market - Holiday Style!

Charleston Farmer's Market, Charleston, SC    
You missed it! The market is over for the season but I had a few photos from one of the last ones. It was a festive holiday version with Santa and the Mrs., winter veggies and holiday music.

18 December 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Charleston, SC    
Shades of blue and red. Simple and stylish. I'd like to see the inside. This house is above Hampton Park on the way to Longborough and is built over a creek. I seem to remember that it may have originally been a radio station building but appears to be a home now.

16 December 2017

Walk with me - Hampton Park

Hampton Park, Charleston, SC  
I have noticed a recent personal trend of increased laziness and slow starts on weekends. Ooops. I need to watch that. Hate to let precious weekend time slip away. I did my morning walk around Hampton Park and then had such a lovely evening with friends - dinner at Charleston Grill and the festive Symphony Holiday Pops. I hope your day was good.

13 December 2017


George St., Charleston, SC   
I spotted this fella last weekend when I was rewarding myself with lunch at Caviar & Bananas on George St. Not sure what he is exactly - a giant locust?

I got a late streak of ambition this evening and burnt up my hand mixer trying to make divinity candy. It requires a lot of beating and boom * spark! Apparently you can only get 10  to 15 years out of a $7.50 beater.

11 December 2017

Model train display at Charleston Place Hotel

Model train display at Charleston Place Hotel, Charleston, SC    
It's tradition! Everyone must pause and admire the model train display at Charleston Place Hotel each holiday season. Can you imagine packing that up each year? It's worth it. Thank you Charleston Place Hotel.

09 December 2017

Ho, ho, ho!

Holiday Market, Marion Square, Charleston, SC 
Ho, ho, ho! Gotta love the diversity of the Clause couple at the holiday market at Marion Square. Go Charleston! It is a chilly day and Mrs. Clause looked a bit cold this morning.