30 July 2019

Gothic Ice House

Ice house at Botany Bay, Edisto, SC
I always detour for a visit to the sweet gothic style ice house when I visit Botany Bay. 

27 July 2019

Seashells by the Seashore

Botany Bay Beach, Edisto, SC 
I picked the perfect day for a trip to Botany Bay beach. The sun was shining, dramatic skies, tide was low and there was a lovely breeze. I smile at the sign asking visitors not to take home sea shells because instead of taking them home they decorate with them and it has become a seashell wonderland! I love it.

14 July 2019

Bastille Day - Charleston

Bastille Day, Charleston 2019
It seems I've been posting a series of Independence Day posts in a row. Canada, US and now Bastille Day. The festivities were hosted by Chef Nico at Nico Oyster & Seafood on Shem Creek. Happy Bastille day folks! The oysters were delicious!

05 July 2019

Reading of the Declaration of Independence

Reading of the Declaration of Independence, Charleston, SC 
I go to this even each year if I am in town. It's always hot and humid and very meaningful to hear the Declaration of Independence read aloud in the same spot it was so many years ago.

01 July 2019

Happy Canada Day!

Butter Tarts, Charleston, SC
Happy Canada Day to one and all! With dual citizenship I get to celebrate both holidays. It was a good excuse to bake a batch of butter tarts and deliver them around the hospital. I think I have some converts! Someone asked for the recipe and I said if they googled, "Butter Tarts Canada" they'd find as many versions as we have of shrimp and grits!

Just no nuts though. I am firmly on the raisin team.