28 December 2019

Charleston Boat Taxi

Charleston Boat Taxi, Charleston, SC
I picked the best weather day for a boat taxi excursion. When you don't own a boat it is such a treat to be out on the water spotting birds and dolphins. I parked and caught the boat at the Maritime Center and hopped off at Patriot's Point.

Sadly most of the dining options were closed except for the Harbor Fish House and I had a nice salad overlooking the Yorktown Aircraft Carrier. The boat was crowded on the way back but stopping at a few spots extended the excursion nicely. $12 round trip. It's a good deal. Charleston Water Taxi.

27 December 2019

Cypress Gardens

Cypress Gardens, SC
Cypress Gardens was closed for a long time after hurricane damage and I hadn't been back since it opened. Yesterday was the perfect day for it. Following all of the side trails gave me a good walk in the woods. I find myself fascinated with cypress knees lately and where better to find them than Cypress Gardens? They made for some fun photo ops.

23 December 2019

22 December 2019

Charleston at Christmas

Charleston at Christmas, Queen St., Charleston, SC
It has been a busy stretch and I have a back log of pictures. It is often easier to quickly post a few to facebook and the blog gets neglected. 

I have been busy, I broke my toe which took a full six week (allowed by medical text books) to heal. My daughter visited for Thanksgiving. I've celebrated hospital volunteers in four different hospitals. Lots going on. We anticipate twenty four hours of rain and storms on the east coast so a little enforced laziness is welcome! 

These shots are from a recent walk down Queen St. to see the holiday decor. 

Folly Beach Walking

Folly Beach, Christmas
Love the beach but hate the traffic so I tend to do my beach walking in the winter and it always pays off. It was windy yesterday morning but not unpleasant and I had a nice walk. I am always pleased to see that they have managed to keep color and character at the beach!

08 December 2019

Cypress knees marching to shore

Colleton St. Park, SC 
The cypress knees looking like they were invading from the river. "Onward men, we can take this park!"

01 December 2019

Step right up!

Hampton Park, Charleston, SC
When people ask if they need to move out of my shot, I tend to day, "Step right in! Improve it!" and in this case they did!

This is the most colorful fall we have had in years. It really is a treat.