30 April 2014

My green heaven

Meditation Garden, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, Charleston, S.C.
Ohhh....it is almost too beautiful. I've shared images of this garden before but I walk past it twice a day coming and going from work and today I reached for my pocket camera to capture these. I love the way the ivy is growing over the doorways. What a beautiful spot.

Thunder and rain! The worst of the storms were mid day and for some reason my afternoon volunteers weren't tempted to drive in to work. I can't say I blame them. :)

28 April 2014

Lowcountry Blog Hopping

King St., Charleston, S.C.
Fellow blogger Chuckography is celebrating his 75th birthday week! Stop by his blog Chuckography and wish him a happy birthday week!

Photography by Vanessa went on a photo trip in North Carolina photographing waterfalls. Beautiful! Funny thing is I think a friend of mine went on the same trip.

It's picnic season and I've been thinking of packing a picnic and taking it to the White Point Gardens or Hampton Park. Charlestonly.com has Garden Party Charleston Style.

Holly Herrick is reviewing and baking Souffles and invites your souffle baking story to put you in the running for a drawing for a Souffle cookbook on May 1st at Charleston Chow. Come to think of it, it's been years since I tried a souffle.

G'night kids! Time for a little trashy tv before bed.

27 April 2014

Avondale chART Initiative & Gallery

Murals at Avondale, Charleston, S.C.
I only had time to walk through as they were setting up but it gave me a chance to check out the recent mural additions in the alley way behind the shops at Avondale. I am glad I've taken pictures over time so I will have captured any that are painted over. 
This Sunday the Charleston Art Outdoor Initiative and Gallery (chART) is hosting its 4th neighborhood creative arts festival from noon until 6 pm. The event will be held at 1 Alycia Alley (in between Gene’s Haufbrau and The Roost). For more information, visit the official Facebook event page. #chARTaid #chARTwalk #chARTgallery
I hope everyone has had a good weekend. The weather has been glorious and there have been nonstop events planned straight through the weekend. May we please have another?

26 April 2014

Music for the Heart

Glamnation plays Music for the Heart Concert, Charleston, S.C.
It's been a full day, kids! I started by hosting an award luncheon for 125 hospital volunteers at the Marriott on Lockwood Blvd. and then headed to the Music for the Heart Concert at Cinebarre in Mt. Pleasant. What fun! I was sorry to only catch the last song by Sugar High but this was the fourth and finale band, Glamnation! - Charleston's premier 80s Hairband tribute. Hair Metal, Glam Metal, Spandex, Leather, Aqua-Net, Big Hair Band. They were great and put on a fun show. Friend them on Facebook at Glamnation and keep them in mind if you need to book a band.

Thanks to my friends Richard Larson and Raymond Santiago and their team for coordinating this concert supporting one of my favorite causes, the American Heart Association.

Festive wear for cows


I have had my eye out for neat reflections lately and the orchids behind the window at the tiny Goat Sheep Cow shop made my day.
Goat Sheep Cow: Owned and operated by best friends Trudi Wagner and Patty Cohen, goat. sheep. cow. is a tiny shop with a big heart just south of Broad in Charleston's historic downtown. With two-hundred-year-old brick walls and hand-hewn exposed beam ceiling, the little space feels more like a fromagerie in France than an American cheese shop.

Filled to the brim with cheese, charcuterie, wine and gourmet groceries carefully selected from all around the world, the shop's welcoming atmosphere is the perfect accompaniment to the owners' superb service standards and attention to every detail. Consider ordering one of their beautiful platters for your next gathering.
I am outta here, kids! I am hosting an awards luncheon for 125 hospital volunteers from Bon Secours St. Francis and Mount Pleasant Hospital. I can't think of any more special people to celebrate!

Goat Sheep Cow

25 April 2014

Music for the Heart - tomorrow!

There is a lot going on this weekend! Try to make some time tomorrow afternoon to stop by the Music for the Heart concert fundraiser at Cinebarre parking lot. It is from 1 - 5, weather should be beautiful and there are lots of fun activities for kiddies. Just $10 for tickets with all proceeds going to the American Heart Association. Live music in the day time for one of my favorite causes - healthy hearts!

Hospital Chef's Gone Wild

Tasty scallop bite

This isn't what you imagine when you think of Hospital Cafeteria food. I was invited last night to a reception at my CEO's home (nice digs by the way!). The event honored donors who left a legacy gift to the health system. Instead of having it served by a caterer I peeked in their garage and the chef's from Roper and Mount Pleasant Hospital had set up a production line and were producing an incredible feast! I am going to look at the hard working chefs in the hospital line a little differently now and if I am ever a patient I want my quail eggs nibble!


23 April 2014

Lee Lee's Hot & Colorful Kitchen

Lee Lee's Hot Kitchen, President's St., Charleston, S.C.
I had an afternoon meeting at Burke High School so what better time to walk down to check out Lee Lee's Hot Kitchen. I went primarily to check out the colorful murals and was happily pleased with them. Someone had fun decorating this place. Every afternoon meeting should end close to a good restaurant.

22 April 2014

Acts of Kindness

Patriots Point, Charleston, S.C.
I just got back from the Roper St. Francis Healthcare Employee Recognition event and for the first time it was held on the aircraft carrier the Yorktown. The Yorktown is one of the top tourist highlights in the lowcountry and it was fun to arrive at sunset, pick up a glass of wine and explore the flight deck before the presentations. I turned around to see Admiral Flately seated behind me. Pretty cool.

I am fortunate to sit on our Random Acts of Kindness committee. I get to review all the stories of amazing things that people do each day that someone happened to notice. We pick outstanding stories to recognize quarterly and annually we surprise a recipient with a gift basket and a check from the volunteer department. Usually the stories are life saving events but in this case the winner showed exteme kindness - to a patient's dog.

We had a patient arrive unexpectedly in the Emergency Room. He had driven himself and clearly needed to be rushed to ICU. As they were transporting him, his primary concern was that his dog was in his car in the parking lot and he was alone in the area. An ER staff member by the name of Jillian, got his keys, rescued the dog, took him home, fed, bathed and took care of him and then met the gentleman at the door when he was ready for discharge. For some reason the story touched us all. Congrats Jillian! You make us all proud!

21 April 2014

Shades of Pink

Palmer House, Charleston, S.C.
Wow....it was an overcast day yesterday but I almost needed my sunglasses. The traditionally pink Palmer House is getting a fresh coat of paint and it is even pinker.

The bright new shade makes the previous tint almost look beige. Check out the "before" look on their Palmer House Bed & Breakfast website. Heck, go ahead and book a room while you are there. Perhaps they paint it bright knowing that the sun and ocean air will fade it shortly.

Here is another shade of pink Charleston favorite.  Both of these houses overlook the harbor with dramatic views.

20 April 2014

Charleston does Easter

How about them ears?!
One last Easter shot! How could I resist sticking my lens through the gate for this shot?

This weekend had so much rain, we should get to do a re-do.

I am having computer problems here and it is so frustrating. All I am asking is to watch Midwives and edit a few pictures. Is that so much to ask?

Happy Easter!

Piggie Bonnet!

Happy Easter! I hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend. I just got back from a long walk-about downtown. Watching visitors enjoy the city makes you see it through their eyes and remember how fortunate we are to live here. The Piggly Wiggly grocery store may have taken a beating this year but the pigs are in their finest Easter bonnets.

19 April 2014

Magnolia Cemetery

Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.
Magnolia Cemetery is one of the most beautiful spots in Charleston and I try to get there frequently to walk through the historic cemetery on the banks of the Cooper River. It has beautiful statues, unusual tombs including a pyramid and baby crib, beautiful oak trees and bird watching heaven.

It's almost always empty when I am there although many of us enjoy the cemetery. I've been so often I'm always looking for a fresh angle for a photo and today was just the right overcast and gloomy day.

What would your tombstone token be?

Bethany Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.

I walked this morning through Magnolia and Bethany Cemeteries and noticed the tokens left at loved one's graves. Toys for children, stones, coins, golf balls and this tennis racquet. What would your symbolic token be?

I am on the run, more cemetery photos to follow. Stay dry out there, kids! That was some rainstorm we had last night.

17 April 2014

Charleston's son does us proud

Charleston, S.C.
I record the Stephen Colbert show each night and it is one of my evening treats to watch the next day. I am going to miss it but can't help be proud that he will be taking over the Late Show after David Letterman retires. Go Colbert! I like him so much and am happy to see him so successful. I believe this is the house he grew up in right here in Charleston right across from the harbor wall. 

16 April 2014

The Tin Man salute

Holly Hill, S.C.
Once a year the Tin Man in Holly Hill, S.C. is framed by wisteria. Howdy there pardner! I took this particular shot a couple of years ago but he is still there at the side of the road and I saluted back last weekend.

I had a blackened portobello mushroom burger for dinner at the Green Goat with my son. It might be my Green Goat dish. I always find a favorite and stick with it. I go to interesting places but I am boring about what I do there.

15 April 2014

Reflections of the flowers you used to be

Reflections, Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, Charleston, S.C.
I've been on a reflection kick lately. While all the photographers were aiming at the birds in the rookery at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, the tourists spotted me studying the water and assumed I was aiming my lens at a gator. This time I was waiting for flower petals to flow into an appealing pattern in the swamp.

14 April 2014

Boo, boo, birdie!

Lake Marion, S.C.
First kayak ride of the season yesterday and I picked the perfect day for it. The water level is high on lake Marion and seemed like I was paddling through the woods. I skirt the waterfront and say hello to all the startled birds who aren't expecting someone to sneak right up on their nest. They thought they had built safely high in the branches and along I come sneaking a look in the nest to see what's cookin'. Boo! These aren't attack birds I hope. I apologized and pushed off.

I bought a rowing machine last fall and I can say this was a lot more fun than rowing across my living room.

13 April 2014

A riot of color

Magnolia Plantation & Garden, Charleston, S.C.
I finally made it out to Magnolia Plantation & Gardens yesterday so I will be sharing a few more blossoms pictures. I felt like I was walking in heaven. It is still glorious and well worth a visit. I renewed my annual pass.
Founded in 1676 by the Drayton family, Magnolia Plantation has survived the centuries and witnessed the history of our nation unfold before it from the American Revolution through the Civil War and beyond. It is the oldest public tourist site in the Lowcountry, and the oldest public gardens in America, opening its doors to visitors in 1870 to view the thousands of beautiful flowers and plants in its famous gardens.