30 January 2014

29 January 2014

Udderly frozen

Coburg Cow, Charleston, S.C.
I've been home today because of the ice storm. Slept in, watched the news (poor Atlanta!), caught up reading old New York Times and finally stretched my legs walking around the neighborhood. Poor Bessie the Coburg Cow statue was drooling ice and looked like she had udders. Someone get a blanket for that cow!

I've been lucky and haven't lost power but according to facebook many people have. I just enjoyed a large bowl of chicken, ginger, mushroom soup. It's been a nice lazy day but lets get back on track tomorrow. I have a lot of things scheduled. I hope everyone is snug, warm and safe. 

28 January 2014

Jim Cantore Gets College Kid in the Groin

You know the weather is getting too exciting when Jim Cantore comes to town. You know he is a smooth operator when a College of Charleston kid decides to ram right into him during his newscast and without skipping a beat he turns to the side and knees him. Nice move, Jim!

When I left work the nursing staff was making their arrangements to stay the night and see the storm out. They brought in supplies and sleeping bags and were arranging to use empty rooms and cots to make sure patients were taken care of if the next shift wasn't able to get in. Hopefully they are settling in for the night now. All I've seen so far is icy rain but I understand all of our bridges are closed. Stay warm, kids!

For up to date details, here is the Post & Courier weather blog.

27 January 2014

Winter Storm Warnings

Unitarian Churchyard, Charleston, S.C.
Today's photo is from a recent walk through the Unitarian and St. John's Lutheran churchyards. She is a sweet angel isn't she?

The only thing we can talk about in Charleston today is the threatening ice storm due to hot tomorrow even though today was lovely and warm. We don't see much snow or ice in the lowcountry so it's big excitement each time. Everyone is buying up batteries and wine. We get a little confused with hurricane preparations but it seems clear that wine is required. Stay warm kids!

26 January 2014

The never ending winter

Sullivan's Island, S.C.
Here is a beach scene from Sullivan's Island to sooth your soul. They have been talking dirty on the news mentioning things like "winter storm watch" and "snow and sleet" for the lowcountry. Wash your mouth out with soap! I have lots planned for this week and don't have time for the city to shut down. Get ready to batten down the hatches, kids!

Just back from Lone Survivor at the theater based on a true story of a military mission involving Navy Seals in Afghanistan. I left the theater amazed at what they went through and kept fighting. What an incredible team.

25 January 2014

How we do snow in the lowcountry

Vanderhorst St., Charleston, S.C.
No, we don't have snow but rumors of it made me look back on the fun shots I took after a perfect snow in 2010.

It was a Friday evening so I didn't have to worry about driving which was fortunate since Charleston closes down when we spot a snowflake. We had a couple inches of light fluffy snow and it was magical! It was the first snow many lowcountry children had ever seen. There was a snowball fight in front of my house and everyone was outside laughing and playing. I took these the next day.

Waterfront Park, Charleston, S.C.
No explanation for this one! Charleston, S.C.
John C. Calhoun needed his coat that night!, Charleston, S.C.
Lowcountry snow is so precious we guard it!
Help me! Charleston, S.C.

23 January 2014

Sunset on Sullivan's Island

Sunset on Sullivan's Island, S.C.
I was a few minutes early to join friends at a last minute invitation to dinner at SALT at Station 22 on Sullivan's Island and had just enough time to walk down to the water to be greeted by this sight. Wow. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I kept saying to myself, "you live here!?"

The structure on the right is the oddly shaped Sullivan's Island lighthouse. Meanwhile, it is chilly out there kids! Drip you taps.

21 January 2014

Open Faith, Open Hearts, Open Minds

Churchyard Steps, Charleston, S.C.
Hmmm.....a lot of churches use a similar saying but not too many include the "Open Faith" step. Guess what churchyard this came from?

20 January 2014

Holly Hill Train Depot

Holly Hill Depot, Holly Hill, S.C.
Every time I see one of these old depots I have a pang of sadness that there isn't an active train pulling up to it. I am pleased to see that at least the building was restored and is in use.
1921 railroad depot with visitors center: Holly Hill Depot, circa 1921, was built on the sites of two previous depots dating back to 1886 when the Eutaw Railroad reached Holly Hill. The railroad defined the location for the town’s business section and it was responsible for the town’s growth and founding in 1887. The depot is now a visitors and a satellite office of the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce.
I had every intention of going in to town for the Martin Luther King parade this morning but my quickie oil change turned into a lengthy and much more expensive visit than I had intended. Drat. Double drat.

19 January 2014

Relaxing in my den

Red Top Flea Market, Ravenel, S.C.
I had in mind that this might be the weekend to try Holly Herrick's French Onion Soup recipe. Caramelized onions, beef stock and cheese, oh my!

I had my onions, I had my stock, I found the Gruyere cheese, but I don't have any of those cute little brown handled bowls that you see almost being given away for free in every single thrift store in town. Right? Dusty, brown bowls that people use once and then sell in yard sales? Not this weekend, kids. No French Onion soup bowls in any thrift store in Charleston.

Yesterday morning I drove out to the Relics Flea Market at Red Top and rummaged around. I didn't find any soup bowls but I did spot a flea market dream den in the open shed on the right. Check this out - comfy chair, books, a picture of grandma as a young gal on the top shelf, toys for the grand-kids and luggage for a quick get-away. I considered moving in. Bring me my soup!

18 January 2014

Craigslist Charleston

Rutledge Ave. beauty, Charleston, S.C.
Luckily I remembered the Charleston Marathon chaos likely to be happening right now before I headed downtown for a walk. I think I will pass! I took this shot last weekend. It is one of my favorite houses on Rutledge Avenue.

How do you know you are reading Craigslist Charleston? Check out these items featured in the Antiques section:

General Francis Marion "Swampfox" on horseback

Missile Carrying Case
Military Sword
*Note: The owner has TWO of the missile carrying cases in case you need to tot an extra. 

17 January 2014

Live out of your imagination

King St., Charleston, S.C.
The Unitarian Church changes this sign on King St. often enough to keep me entertained. Thank you folks.

It's Friday kids! Hurrah!  It has felt like a long week but let's put that behind us and make plans for the weekend. What shall we do?

16 January 2014

Where does your slang place you?


Snitched from the New Yorker, here is a quiz to help reveal where you are from. See how accurate it is for you: 

What Do Y’All, Yinz, and Yix Call Stretchy Office Supplies?

 How well does this test of regional slang reveal where you’re from? Answer the questions below to find out.

What do you call sweetened carbonated beverages?
a. Soda
b. Pop
c. Coke
d. Dope
e. Horse
f. Fizz-bang
g. Explodo
h. Gentleman’s seltzer
i. Heaven bubbles

What do you call the stretchy office supplies used to hold items together?
a. Rubber bands
b. Elastics
c. Flippos
d. Snapshooters
e. Wigglers
f. Stretchums
g. Satan’s bracelets

How do you address two or more people?
a. You
b. Youse
c. Y’all
d. Yinz
e. Yiff
f. Yix
g. Motherfuckers

What do you call sunshine?
a. Rays
b. Shinola
c. Pineapple heat
d. Cloud-isn’t
e. Bright ’n’ hot
f. Fiddlin’ Jesus

What do you call the insects that live in your closet and eat your sweaters?
a. Wool hogs
b. Yarn hellers
c. Fluff lice
d. Fuzz weevils
e. Fezziwigs
f. Linda and Kevin
g. Sweater jerks
h. Scarf jerks
i. Scarf jerks and sweater jerks are different jerks
j. Scarf jerks and sweater jerks are interchangeable

How do you pronounce “aunt”?
a. Ant
b. Aunt
c. Ain’t
d. Aren’t
e. I use ant, aunt, ain’t, and aren’t interchangeably

What do you call the seasonal treat that’s often flavored with nutmeg?
a. Egg nog
b. Nog nog
c. Peg leg
d. Glögg
e. Snurf
f. Gnip gnop
g. Sea org

What do you call a shop where alcoholic beverages are sold that lacks a drive-through window?
a. Liquor store
b. Packie
c. Grog shop
d. No-go booze-oh
e. Miss Hannigan’s bathtub
f. Get-out-of-the-car beer barn
g. The reason I moved to New Mexico
h. I have never heard of such a thing; the very notion is altogether revolting

What do you call the insects that live in your bed and suck your blood?
a. Bedbugs
b. Dream stinkers
c. Blood-yums
d. Mattress assholes
e. No-want-’ems
f. Landlord’s tears
g. Nosferatu, Jrs.

What do you call the small freshwater lobsters that end up in a gumbo?
a. Crawfish
b. Crayfish
c. Crawdads
d. Crawdoodles
e. Crawdoodleedoodles
f. Crawdaddios
g. Pool lobsters
h. Puddle lobsters
i. Mudbugs
j. Please don’t put these in my gumbo

What do you call a grassy area with gravestones and bodies in it?
a. Cemetery
b. Boneyard
c. Haunt-grass
d. Church dominoes
e. Skeleton hider
f. John Brown & Co.
g. Goth cotillion
h. Makeout point
i. The only place I can truly relax
j. I have heard of the concept but have no specific term for it

What do you call the weather phenomenon involving icy flakes and loud rumbling?
a. Thundersnow
b. Mjölnir went down to Georgia
c. Direwolf’s wedding
d. Puffin’s disco
e. Snow Miser vs. Heat Miser
f. Snow-monkey hot-spring battle
g. Immigrant Song

What do you call the body parts that you walk on?
a. Feet
b. Longfellows
c. Leg finishers
d. Walkos
e. Fool’s car
f. Hands
* * *

15 January 2014

Foggy Mornings

Live oaks in the fog, Charleston, S,C.
It was beautiful but frighteningly foggy on my way to work this morning. I passed what looked like a serious accident and was happy to arrive safely myself. This was that I walked through from my car to my office. I don't have much to complain about do I?

Restaurant week jackpot at Al Di La this evening with a couple friends from work. I have some tasty leftovers tucked away in my frig for tomorrow. Now, I am going to settle down for a cheery (not!) little PBS Frontline documentary on North Korea that I recorded last night.

14 January 2014

Giddy up there pardner!

P F Changs, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
It is restaurant week in Charleston and I made good use of a friend's gift certificates to PF Chang's in Mt. Pleasant. I think these giant horse statues on Hwy 17 North are the trademark images for the Chinese restaurant chain and they certainly are eye catching. It was the first time I've eaten there and we had a good dinner. Al Di La for dinner tomorrow. Yay, restaurant week!

I almost hate to mention it and publicize it even more but the dreaded Charleston reality show Southern Charm apparently is going to be shown on Bravo. I had hoped, hoped, hoped it wouldn't be picked up but of course it did. Uuugh. Here is the link with info and the video trailer for Southern Charm. If you do watch it, you can join me in saying, "poor, poor Charleston" and then in wondering where they found girls they could talk into wearing such ghastly make-up on tv.

13 January 2014

Charleston Gates

Gate, Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S.C.
Isn't this a beauty? This gate is on Rutledge Ave. a little above Colonial Lake.

I had this entire week written off for Jury Duty and then by the end of the morning I was excused because I had served within three years. Thank you! I grabbed a sandwich at Bull St. gourmet and headed out to work the afternoon with most people assuming I was still gone. Sweet! I would have stayed and served but when they mentioned they had cases that would drag over through next week I didn't know how I was going to pull that off.

12 January 2014

Wait a minute Mr. Postman

Mail box, King St., Charleston, S.C.
 Mister Postman, look and see
(Oh yeah)
If there's a letter in your bag for me
(Please, Please Mister Postman)
Why's it takin' such a long time
(Why don't you check it and see one more time for me, you gotta)
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
(Mister Postman)
Mister Postman, look and see
(C'mon deliver the letter, the sooner the better)
Mister Postman
Remember when you cared about the mail coming? Now it only seems to be junk mail and bills.

Home renovation Charleston style

Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S.C.
Hmmmm......I don't know about you but I suspect this might be an undocumented laborer.  I spotted the green gentleman helping out with yard work on Rutledge Ave. My camera soon got the attention of the cuties below. The new owners are fixing up the beautiful property and said they had plans for more of the frog statues to be in place soon. I will check back!

Okay, kids, it's bright and sunny outside and I need to stretch my legs.

11 January 2014

Fog rolls in

Colonial Lake, Charleston, S.C.
It's been an odd weather day in the lowcountry. Foggy, warm and humid this morning and then thundershowers this evening. Still better than the cold the rest of the country is experiencing so I am not complaining. Check out below - our solitary attempt at a high rise, the Francis Marion Hotel is fading into the mist.

It was the right day to make white bean chicken chili in the crock-pot and watch a movie. I had Little Miss Sunshine recorded but for some reason the sounds wasn't synched with the picture so the right words came from the wrong person which gave an odd effect to the entire movie but I couldn't turn it off.

King St., Charleston, S.C.

10 January 2014

Concrete Thoughts

Hi! Charleston, S.C.
I haven't mentioned it lately but I can boast of one of the finest collections of sidewalk graffiti thanks to the sidewalks of Charleston, S.C. and it's creative inhabitants. Here is a teaser selection from my albums:

09 January 2014

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Rainbow, Charleston, S.C.
“Everyone wants happiness,
No one wants pain,
But you can't have a rainbow,
Without a little rain"
Zion Lee 

08 January 2014

Charleston Restaurant Week


Restaurant Week already! Where shall we go? What shall we eat? That shot was of Chef Nico Romo's curried crab soup at Fish right before I licked my bowl clean. Mmmmm.

I recently set up my household finances and accounts in Mint.com. Based on how I spend money it said, "You eat out a lot!" and I responded "Shut up!" I don't really. I just eat well when I do go out.

Charleston Restaurant Week 1/8 -19

The next installment of Charleston Restaurant Week is set for January 8 – 19, 2014 ! The event, executed by the Greater Charleston Restaurant Association, Inc (GCRA), is one of the most highly anticipated culinary events in the Charleston area. It is an opportunity to enjoy the world-renowned cuisine of the Lowcountry as participating restaurants offer prix fixe lunch and dinner menus consisting of three items for one price.

07 January 2014

Travel Tuesdays - West Virginia

Travel Tuesdays, Sandstone, W.Va.

No, it isn't Charleston. It's a wee polaroid emulsion of a picture I took many years ago in the mountains above Sandstone, West Virginia. I was in a similar cabin not far down the road.

Back when I was young, scrawny, happily naive and freshly off the boat from growing up in India, I eloped with my happy hippie who claimed to have been building his dream cottage in wild and wonderful West Virginia. The cabin turned out to be a one room shell on the side of a mountain with no insulation or plumbing. One side of the cabin was to be a window that would drop for a tree house effect.

Vision, people. You had to have vision.

A shovel and a roll of toilet paper was the outhouse and I was to carry water from a creek in the valley.

We moved in in the fall before one of the worst winters in recent history. There was an insulation shortage that year and none was available. One night I looked down from my sleeping bag in the loft to see the wood stove glowing red hot. While it was as hot as we could get it, the water pan for cinders in front of the stove was frozen solid. My water for tea was frozen. My toothpaste was frozen. The creek was frozen, the ground was frozen.

The young man living in the cabin in the photo only had his dog to keep him warm. He would go to into the closest town of Hinton, bring back cardboard boxes and tear them apart to staple on the wall to insulate the place.

Crazy times. No one can say I haven't been a good sport in my life.

Stay warm, kids!

05 January 2014

Doors of Charleston - the alternative collection

Burns Lane, Charleston, S.C.
Hey, I thought it was supposed to rain all day! It wasn't a bad day at all.  I stayed up most of last night reading a book on my tablet so it was a good thing I didn't have to leap out of bed and get to work this morning.

Here are a couple of additions to my Charleston Doors series. It doesn't quite match the poster that is sold to tourists that can be found here: Doors of Charleston Poster. My first shot is on Burns Lane and is the back entrance to Tasty Thai restaurant (Green Curry ....Mmmmmm) and the graffiti door below looks like Patch Whisky's work.

North Charleston, S.C.
North Charleston, S.C.

04 January 2014

After the Fire - Georgetown, S.C.

Georgetown, S.C.
Seven historic riverfront buildings burned down in Georgetown at the end of September. I'd driven through since then but last weekend was the first time I walked by and saw first hand the terrible loss they suffered. These pictures are taken from the waterfront boardwalk.

New York Times: After Downtown Fire

Georgetown is a lovely town and I hope their downtown can bounce back from this disaster. It is the perfect day trip from Charleston and still a good place to visit.
Georgetown, S.C.

03 January 2014

A proper sit down

Bench at Magnolia Plantation Garden, Charleston, S.C.
I wandered briefly through the women's wear section at Dillards the other day to see if they might actually be giving away anything for free after the holidays. They weren't. There was another woman shopping and she had a little girl with her. I wasn't intentionally eavesdropping but couldn't help grinning when the tired toddler announced she was ready for a "proper sit down".  Someone has been listening to grandma talk! The expression sounded so cute coming from a little kid.

The photo is one of two tree benches at Magnolia Plantation. The cold tonight is going to put the finishing touches on a lot of the camellia blossoms. Stay warm, kids!

02 January 2014

Pineapples - not just for eating

Pineapple Fountain, Charleston, S.C.
I grabbed a quick snapshot with my pocket camera as I was heading to meet a Facebook friend for a cuppa coffee at Baked on East Bay St. but it is fun to look at google images to see the amazing images people have captured of a popular landmark. In the warmer weather the fountain is full of kiddies splashing around.

Love these quiet days at work. No meetings, few phone calls. I've been so efficient tossing and organizing. My desk is brown by the way.

01 January 2014

Faded Glory

Camellia Garden, Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, S.C.
Slept in, walked in the drizzle at Magnolia Plantation, caught an afternoon movie on the way home and then an early bite to eat at the Green Goat with my son. If this first day of the year sets the standard I will be quite pleased with 2014.

I walked through the Camellia garden and found myself, as I often do, pointing my camera at my feet as much as the sky.

Back to real life tomorrow, kids. Yikes!