30 November 2012

World AIDS Day - 2012

AIDS Quilts on display, Charleston, S.C.
We had panels of the AIDS quilts on display at the hospital today to commemorate World AIDS day. The Ann Caldwell singers sang and we had a food truck rodeo in the parking lots to raise funds for the Ryan White Program. That would be MY lunch in the bottom photo thanks to Tokyo Crepes. A nice change from my usual scrappy cafeteria salad.

I can't remember if I mentioned it earlier in the year, but Ryan White's mother gave a talk here in Charleston and I got to meet her. I knew she had to be an amazing person to have a son like him. I was right. It was an honor to meet her.

29 November 2012

Burwell's Stone Fire Grill - Before & After

Cedar Planked Crab Cake

Before and after shot of my giant cedar planked crab cake at Burwell's Stone Fire Grill on Market St. last night. I cleaned that plate up. That is what I call a seriously good crab cake with large pieces of solid crab meat.

Going, going, gone!
This little miniature quail egg was the surprise "gift from the chef." How cute is that?

Quail Egg
When I was invited to a media dinner Burwell's Stone Fire Grill I invited fellow blogger Chuck along for the evening. They might as well have double bloggers at the table! We split a delicious scallop and pork belly appetizer.

Pork belly & scallops

Chuck ordered the steak on the signature stone fire grill. Hot! The steak came out sitting on the hot stone and he cut it up in portions and let the 700 degree heated stone sear and cook it exactly the way he (we) wanted. I gotta tell ya, I never order a big steak in a restaurant but ate as much of this one as I could reasonably sneak off his plate. I could get the pieces of meat well cooked but still tender just the way I like it.

Warming up at the Stone Fire Grill
Our dessert of panacotta was a light and tasty way to end the meal.

Since it was a media dinner, we were comfortable taking pictures of our dinner and snooping around. We had a lovely evening and enjoyed everything we ordered. It is hard to recognize the attractive modern building as the old Gilligan's restaurant.

Kenneth Emery, owner/operator
Lounge area
Dueling cameras on the panacotta
Chef Eric Huff busy in the open kitchen

28 November 2012

Flying Tigers

Art Cobert - 11th Bomb Squadron
I was invited to sit in on the Rivertowne Book Club in Mt. Pleasant today and soon discovered I was in for a real treat. I was seated next to the speaker, Art Cobert who will turn 92 in January and flew with the members of the Flying Tigers. What amazing stories he had to tell. He had a video that he had put together with collected pictures from their time based in China - 1940-45.  
Gunnery Sergeant (Sep.) Arthur Cobert is an Army Air Corps veteran who served as a flight engineer, gunner and backup pilot on the B-25 bomber during World War II. He enlisted in March 1943 and was honorably discharged from service in December 1945 after being wounded. He was a member of the 11th Bomb Squadron, also known as the Jiggs Squadron, which was selected to be one of two replacement crews for the legendary Flying Tigers. The unit was sent to China where B-25 crews flew missions throughout the Pacific theater, against Japanese targets. Cobert was wounded twice during his service and was awarded the Purple Heart. Of his experience in the military, he said, “I think the military is good for young men because it kicks them in the backside and straightens them out and gives them a little discipline that they don’t always have. It sure helped me.”

He brought some memorabilia for us to look at and read out a few meaningful letters. He was able to still squeeze into his uniform! They each wore the sign below on their back. It let the locals know that they were US airmen and they would be rewarded for their return.

Art also happens to be one of our hospital volunteers and still regularly helps out at the Mount Pleasant Hospital.

27 November 2012

Charleston - by Brendan James

New song by Brendan James. See what you think!

Slow Down. Humans Present.

Coming St., Charleston, S.C.
This is an old favorite from my sign file. Someone took the trouble to paint their message on an imitation sign. It didn't last long but happily I caught a picture of it. The next time I passed it was in pieces on the ground. Not everyone got the message.

Busy but good day after an early start. I bought a cheapo "swivel store spice rack" at a fundraising sale today and have been organizing my drawer of spice bottles after a fast walk in the dark. I don't have much cabinet space so I am trying to be as efficient as I can.

I got tickets to the Rejoice! the Charleston Symphony's Holiday special. That always starts the season for me.  I do like to go to the concert that has the Gospel Choir performance. 

26 November 2012

A little sumthin', sumthin' to get you through the winter

Blossoms, Charles Towne Landing, Charleston, S.C.
We do get some special gifts to help us through the winter. I found these pretty blossoms at Charles Towne Landing this weekend.

What a fun evening I've had. I invited two friends - deliciously wacky, warm hearted and funny women to dinner and we had such a lovely time. I've been cooking dinner for friends on Monday nights lately. I can cook on the weekends and have things ready to put together when I get home from work. I made lasagna, garlic bread, pear and blue cheese salad and a pear and almond tart. Yum!

Don't let me forget that I need to be at work before 7 a.m. for a fundraising book sale. Yawn.

25 November 2012

Johns Island Pig Roast

Tractor Rides, Johns Island, S.C.
Truth is I've been posting more pictures on Facebook lately because of the instant feedback. I'm trying not to ignore the blog but FB offers the quick reward. Feel free to connect there!

What a glorious day yesterday was. I was invited to author Josephine Humphrey's post Thanksgiving pig roast on Johns Island. I know - I am too lucky. I went with my friend Pam from US 17 Coastal Highway blog. The theme was a "cuban pig roast" so I made a sticky sweet Tres Leche cake to take with me in case anyone had room for dessert. The food was incredible.

I noticed the gentleman in blue who was with Nathalie Dupree holding his microphone down to catch the sounds of the crackling pork skin and asked him later what he was working on. He turned out to be food journalist Richard Johnson from British Street Food working on a story for BBC about food in the south. Fun! He landed on perfect setting for his story - kids fishing, tractor rides, gracious and welcoming hosts, interesting guests and delicious food.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. Back to reality in the morning. Too soon. Too soon.

23 November 2012

Let there be YELLOW!

Charles Towne Landing, Charleston, S.C.
I joined the stroller brigade of young parents and toddlers walking off our holiday meals and enjoying the bright sunny day at Charles Towne Landing. I happened upon these ginkgo biloba trees in full bloom at the entrance to the Animal Forist.

What a nice day. I enjoyed my Ultimate Grilled Cheese and roasted corn on the cob at Sesame and caught a movie with my son.  I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.

22 November 2012

The Edge of Town

Ashley River at the end of the Bikeway, Charleston, S.C.
James James
Morrison Morrison
Weatherby George Dupree
Took great
Care of his Mother,
Though he was only three.
James James Said to his Mother,
"Mother," he said, said he;
"You must never go down
to the end of the town,
if you don't go down with me."

James James
Morrison's Mother
Put on a golden gown.
James James Morrison's Mother
Drove to the end of the town.
James James Morrison's Mother
Said to herself, said she:
"I can get right down
to the end of the town
and be back in time for tea."
I remember marching around reciting it and stomping my feet to the rhythm as a kid and it comes to mind whenever I come to a spot that seems to be the edge of town. This morning it was the end point of my walk down the West Ashley Bikeway. I was the only person on the path but I only had to make Thanksgiving feast for two so my baking didn't take much time.
I had a nice lunch with my son and have much to be thankful for including YOU, the kind folks who take the time to drop by here, pause a moment and often leave a comment and make my day.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

21 November 2012

Rub-a-dub, dub - plants in a tub!

Tub planter, Warren St., Charleston, S.C.
Yeah.........long weekend alert! I did get a lot done this week but as far as I am concerned today is my personal Friday and I made it to the Terrace Theater in time for an end of week matinee.

I am having a modest Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with my son and bought a wee turkey breast that on close inspection says it includes dark meat. How is that? I have no idea what I will discover when I unwrap it. Breast wrapped around a leg?

We had white poster board laid out at work for people to write what they were thankful for and all week long I've paused to read the messages. In a hospital I think we are all thankful to work with good people and have meaningful work that touches peoples lives. There were many messages about the blessings of co-workers, families, homes, faith. Then one kid wrote in large letters in the middle, "I AM A DOG". Heheh.

20 November 2012

Charleston Magazine & the Giving Back Awards

Love Charleston? You can get a discount on Charleston Magazine subscriptions until December 19th. Enter the code #1city to get a subscription for $19.95


 I attended the annual Giving Back Awards sponsored by Charleston Magazine at the Music Hall on Friday night. Pretty swanky! They had a red carpet entrance with paparazzi. Lee Batten was honored as Volunteer of the Year. Click here to see the other honorees.  There were so many photographers there that I just took my little pocket camera out but I snagged a few shots!

19 November 2012

DeVine House

Duncan & Coming St., Charleston, S.C.
I checked on the vine crop growing on the house at Duncan and Coming and things are slow this year. This house is normally completely covered by the greenery by this time of year. Hmmmm. Did we have an early drought? One year I took pictures almost every week to follow the vine as it took over the house.

I saw the Lincoln movie yesterday and loved every minute of it. Daniel Day Lewis is the most perfect Lincoln. Wow. Catch it if you can. It did motivate me to come home and do more research on Lincoln, the period and his family. I wondered if he had any descendants and was startled to find the only possible descendant had been born six years after his father had had a vasectomy. I guess that child can't boast that Lincoln was his great, great granddaddy.

Rebeccah lists her favorite Southern Sentimentalities and I found myself nodding and saying, "that is so true!"

From bird dogs to bad dogs, I believe this writer/doggie event requires a reservations:
Literary Dogs & Their South Carolina Writers: Charleston authors and their canines will be on hand to celebrate the launch of Literary Dogs and Their South Carolina Writers at the Charleston Library Society on Tuesday, Nov. 27, from 5-7 p.m.  Mary Alice Monroe, Josephine Humphreys, Marjory Wentworth, Nicole Seitz, Beth Webb Hart and others will "meet and greet," present their dogs, and provide a panel discussion about writers and their dogs before the book signing and reception.  Blue Bicycle Books and Hub City Press join the Library Society as sponsors of this event.
In "Literary Dogs & Their South Carolina Writers" twenty-five of the Palmetto State's most beloved authors introduce you to their most memorable dogs. There is Padgett Powell's "Ode to Spode," Josephine Humphreys' paean to a poodle, and Roger Pinckney's Daufuskie Dog-ageddon. Meet Marshall Chapman's Impy, Mindy Friddle's Otto, Beth Webb Hart's Bo Peep, and more. From bird dogs to bad dogs, wild dogs to café dogs, get to know these canines and their literary companions. 
How many more work days in this week? TWO! Yipee!

17 November 2012

President Roosevelt Reviewing the Troops - Charleston 1902

An amazing bit of video by Thomas Edison of President Roosevelt reviewing the troops at the Charleston Exposition in 1902. Some of these films have been discovered and shared on Facebook and they are so wonderful I am passing them along. 
President Roosevelt is standing on a platform in front of an Auditorium, photographed from across the street. At his left is Mrs. Roosevelt, holding carnations. They review the army, navy, and marine corps foot soldiers at the opening of the Charleston Exposition. Other prominent individiuals shown are Captain F.W. Wagener, Mayor Smyth of Charleston, Governor McSweeney of South Carolina, and Governor Avcock.

Alternate title:
President Roosevelt reviewing troops, Charleston Exposition

United States : Edison Mfg. Co., 1902.

Copyright: Thomas A. Edison; 18Apr02; H16715.
Appearing: Theodore Roosevelt, Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Captain F.W. Wagener, Mayor Smyth, Governor McSweeney, and Governor Avcock.
Photographed in Charleston, SC in April 1902.


Related Names
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919.
Roosevelt, Edith Kermit Carow, 1861-1948.
Wagener, F. W.
Smyth, J. Adger.
McSweeney, Miles Benjamin, 1855-1909.
Avcock, Charles B.
Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress)

Music for veggie shopping

Charleston Farmer's Market, Charleston, S.C.
The Charleston Farmer's Market is as much about brunching, shopping, showing off adorable dogs as it is about veggie shopping. This gentleman was providing the entertainment for the folks lucky enough to grab a chair while they enjoyed their crepes and omelets.

I treated myself to some of this fresh pasta with this shrimp and pasta recipe in mind. We shall see! She advised cooking it for less than a minute. I think that this is the web site for the pasta booth. Cute.

15 November 2012

Optimist Club Honors Youth

The West Ashley Optimist Club held its Youth Appreciation Awards program this evening at Easterby's Restaurant on Highway 61 and non-profits in the area were invited to nominate a teenager for their community service. What an outstanding group of students.

My gal is second from the right - Ashley Freeman who is a senior at St. John's High School and has every intention of being an Ob/Gyn physician. She has volunteered in the Nursery at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital for two summers.

The other students are Alexis Hayes - Roper Hospital, Cameron Merriken - MUSC, Kyle Davis - St. Andrew's Parks & Recreation, Ashley Freeman and Hannah Smith - Trident Hospital. Congratulations!

After I introduced my nominee they surprised ME with an award! I was completely blown away. Thank you folks!

14 November 2012

Amiable Partner

Colonial Dorchester Park, S.C.

Mrs. Louisa C. Houseal, the amiable partner of Dr. John C. Houseal who departed this life on the 7th January 1814 aged 39 years, 2 months & 16 days.

He had her life marked down to the day. Amiable companion. Something very sweet about that. I googled to see if it was a term used and found another here. The interesting thing is that the husband was a physician in that case as well. 

13 November 2012

Before & After - Colonial Dorchester Park

Colonial Dorchester, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Colonial Dorchester State Park - Bell Tower
There isn't much left of what was once a lively community. This bell tower was added to the church in 1751. The lengths the settlers had to go to for the freedom to worship in the manner they preferred makes me feel very lucky to live in modern times. These Puritan Pilgrim descendants left England in 1620 to live in this spot only to have South Carolina declare that Anglicanism was to be the official church of the colony. Sigh.
Colonial Dorchester State Park: Abandoned at the start of the Revolutionary War, the town of Dorchester has all but disappeared, leaving only a handful of original structures remaining. Visitors can stand below the towering remains of the brick bell tower of St. George’s Anglican Church, catch a glimpse of a log wharf during low tide or view the fort made of an oyster-shell concrete called tabby.