25 February 2018

Would you like it?

Bonneau Beach, SC   
How would you like it? Not very much, thank you. They have some straight talking residents living at Bonneau beach. 

24 February 2018

Daffodil Heaven

Salters, SC   
My friend Brandon captured our imagination by posting a picture of this beautiful abandoned farmhouse sitting in a field of daffodils. Wow. Who could resist a drive in the county to tiny little Salters, SC to find it just out of town on Highway 521?

I did not go inside but he contacted the owner and discovered it is for sale for $100,000 on two acres of land. I don't need to buy it but someone will. I hope they leave the yard full of daffodils.

West Ashley clean up

Clean up team! Charleston, SC  
The West Ashley United facebook group under the leadership of Laurie Lechner rallied neighbors for a clean up morning primarily along Glenn McConnell parkway. Wave as you go by! Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 79 for lending a hand!

21 February 2018

John C. had a rough weekend

Marion Square, Charleston, SC   
I hope that dinosaur had good dental hygiene! 

20 February 2018

Observation Tower

Observation Tower, Magnolia Gardens, Charleston, SC   
You can't go wrong in any season but the scene from the top of the observation tower (puff, pant) will look completely different in a few weeks. The golden brown marsh will turn green and the trees will be alive with birds. Take a turn through the camellia garden and climb on up!

19 February 2018

Dramatic blue!

The Quarters on King, King St., Charleston, SC   
Oh, I like this renovation! You may have guessed that I like blue. This is so pretty. Checking the link for The Quarters on King lets you see inside. Book a room! Invite me to check it out!

I deliberately bought a new dishwasher from Best Buy knowing that they were willing to do deliveries on weekends. I found the one I wanted, bought it, paid for it and was all ready to select my delivery date when the cashier said they don't do weekends anymore. Aaaargh. So today I had the dreaded 12 - 4 window to bring work home to do while I wait for my delivery. Doncha think that someone would care how difficult it is for most of us to leave work? Meanwhile - they were prompt and efficient and I have a pretty new dishwasher. Lets get some dishes dirty!

18 February 2018

South Easter Wildlife Festival - 2018

SEWE 2018, Charleston, SC   
It has been a few years since I bought a ticket and attended the South EasternWildlife Exhibition. I often simply wander through the free areas but this year I bought a day pass and enjoyed it. In my memory Sunday was often a wind down day when it was slower paced but not today! There was plenty of action, dogs and kids everywhere and the vendors and artists seemed to be doing well.

There is such incredible talent at this show - I love the bird carvings and art work so spent much of my morning at Charleston Place Hotel. The free shuttles offer rides to the different locations so I walked to Gaillard for the marketplace and then hit Brittlebank Park and Marion Square.

14 February 2018

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day, Charleston, SC   
I have connections! Every year I send an email to Randall Dukes and he summons a beauty queen to serve as an honorary volunteer on Valentine's Day. We've met one beautiful young lady after another.

Our guest this year was Sara Burd, Miss South Carolina Global US and she was a delight. I was exhausted after walking all over the hospital and she did it with heels on! She brought a lot of smiles and posed for so many pictures. Thanks Sara! 

12 February 2018

Postcards from Charleston

Eat Your Grits, Love Your Mother
Just for fun! I should have saved it for Mother's Day. 

11 February 2018

At loggerheads

Daniel Island, SC   
I keep forgetting to post this picture since I actually took it on Christmas day. I spotted this scene in a park on Daniel Island and it caught my eye since I am not usually in that area. Fun spot for kids to play.

It's a dreary day in Charleston today but not as rainy as I expected so I've been doing some yard clean up for spring. There are already little buds on the hydrangeas but the colder than normal temps have done a number on plants that normally make it through our winters.

Happy Sunday kids!

10 February 2018

Fog Walking - Magnolia Plantation

Picnic Tables, Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC   
I was to help with a neighborhood clean up this morning but checking my phone from bed I learned it was cancelled due to the rain and fog. Fog! That got me up from my lazy bed and out to Magnolia Gardens for a walk in the mist. I wandered through the camellia garden and climbed the observation tower. Not a bad way to celebrate my birthday. 

07 February 2018

Grow where you land

Charleston, SC   
I love seeing little plants and ferns growing out of cracks in walls and sidewalks. This tiny ivy made a home in the top of a brick post. Stepping back I realized the home was so beautiful I'd best include the wide angle shot for you as well.

It's been a wet and drippy night here and I've missed my usual walk. I hope that doesn't mean I have to walk 20,000 steps tomorrow to make up for it.

05 February 2018

Gazing ball

Charleston Garden, Charleston, SC 
I found information on gazing balls on the HGTV site
First introduced in 13th century Venice by artisan glass blowers, gazing balls are now a common sight in yards and gardens as decoration. And the reflective spheres have served many purposes over the years. Those colorful globes may bring an attractive bit of flair to the garden, but did you know the popular lawn ornament has also been used to ward off evil, bring good luck, spy on young lovers and alert a considerate host when guests might need attention? 12 things you may not know about the “Globe of Happiness”:
  1. The ubiquitous lawn and garden ornament goes by many names, including lawn balls, yard globes, witch balls, fairy balls, mirror balls and globes of happiness.
  2. The shiny spheres range widely in size, from less than two inches to over two feet.
  3. The reflective globes found popularity in Victorian England, where they were displayed inside affluent homes.
  4. “Mad” King Ludwig of Bavaria so loved gazing balls he had them produced in many sizes to be hung in trees, floated in ponds and displayed atop ornate pedestals around his castle. King Ludwig’s obsession led to the use of glass baubles as Christmas tree ornaments.
  5. After falling out of favor in the 19th century, gazing balls enjoyed a resurgence in the U.S. in the early 20th century as a sign of wealth.
  6. Southern hosts would place the reflective spheres on porch rails to easily spot an iced tea glass that might need a refill.
  7. “Witch Balls” were once used as protection from evil spirits, as witches would catch sight of their visage and either be trapped inside or frightened off, depending on the folklore.
  8. A kinder version of the tale suggests fairy globes would attract friendly spirits, bringing good fortune to the home.
  9. If a fragile, hand-blown gazing ball is cracked or its seal is broken, the spell is lost as moisture fogs the reflection.
  10. Once known as “butler balls,” the reflective globe would be placed strategically on a dining room sideboard so Victorian Era servants could remain outside the room and still see when service was required.
  11. Indoor gazing balls were also used to unobtrusively chaperone young couples during courtship.
  12. Although many are still made from delicate blown glass, some modern gazing balls are manufactured of reflective metal for durability.
Most gazing balls are now used as outdoor decoration. A colorful gazing ball doesn’t just add style, these colorful globes will also attract birds to the yard, if positioned conspicuously. Place gazing balls in low-traffic areas to avoid breakage. Glass gazing balls should be stored indoors during winter months to prevent cracking and the escape of captured witches.

04 February 2018

Puttin' on the ritz!

Roper St. Francis gala, Charleston, SC
Last night was the Roper St. Francis Healthcare donor appreciation gala at Belmond Charleston Place Hotel. What fun to see the people we work with every day all dressed up! I let the professional photographers do their thing and only grabbed a couple of cell phone shots of the festivities.

01 February 2018

Wrapped for demolition

Sergeant Jasper, Colonial Lake, Charleston, SC  
The Sergeant Jasper apartment building is wrapped for demolition. It wasn't the most attractive building but we grew accustomed to it and it provided reasonably prices apartments for many years. This are going to look very different in that part of town.