30 August 2016

Mennonite School House - Blackville, SC

Calvary Fellowship Mennonite School, Blackville, SC 
It was the lace curtains that caught my eye. My school didn't have lace curtains.

We spotted the school house on the way back from the Healing Springs in Blackville, SC. According to one site I found it says it is an elementary school with twelve enrolled students and one teacher.

27 August 2016

Blackville train depot

Southern Railroad Depot (c. 1910) 
The former Blackville Railroad Station has been relocated to a new location and restored as the town library. I found this old photo on the scdepot site

Clearly I got enough material on last weeks drive in the country to last for quite a few days.

26 August 2016

UFO Welcome Center - Bowman, SC

UFO Welcome Center, Bowman, SC 
I need a quick detour to check on the UFO Welcome center in Bowman, SC if I am ever in the area. It isn't a happy sight. The UFO is looking pretty shaky. The next good breeze might send it flying. Funny how these quirky scenes make it into every roadside wonder web site yet none of the locals pay any attention to them.
The saucer-shaped UFO Welcome Center stands in Jody's yard. He began building it in 1994, intending it to be a place where aliens could be comfortable meeting people from Earth (it's 46 feet across, the same diameter as most UFOs, according to Jody). He later added a second, smaller saucer on top so that the aliens can take Jody with them when they leave. 

24 August 2016

Best bathroom award!

Denmark, SC 
Discovering this bathroom in an antique store in Denmark, SC made me laugh. There was even an art show on the walls and I love the Chinese (?) rascals with the balls. I did not buy anything from the bathroom, but I could have! 

23 August 2016

Lions and tigers, oh my!

Denmark, SC 
In the small rural town of Denmark, SC is the most amazing antique store. It was formerly the AT&T building but is now crammed full of furniture, paintings and chandeliers. I have no idea how they got those heavy pieced of furniture up the stairs in the building. Well worth a stop. Drop back by tomorrow and I'll show you my favorite room.
The Caroline Collection came into being over several decades of a couple's passion for things old! It began as an adventure to find pieces for themselves, and then became a growing business. Upon acquiring the grand old AT&T building, a home from which to market their extensive antique collection had been found.Their love of antiques and conviction that surrounding oneself with fine pieces gives great joy, makes the pursuit of acquiring new treasures genuinely fun!

22 August 2016

This delighted me so much. It was one of the first shots of the day on my Saturday road trip and the camera lens misted up in the heat and humidity. I love people who do something simple to make folks driving by smile. In this case it worked!

The frequently photographed house below will let some people know the location. We all love this beautiful old house at the intersection that is slowly but surely being renovated.


This delighted me so much. It was one of the first shots of the day on my Saturday road trip and the camera lens misted up in the heat and humidity. I love people who do something simple to make folks driving by smile. In this case it worked!

The frequently photographed house below will let some people know the location. We all love this beautiful old house at the intersection that is slowly but surely being renovated.

21 August 2016

Indian Cooking Class

Indian cooking class, Charleston, SC 
This was a fun way to spend an evening! My friend Karen gathered interested participants in her home for an Indian cooking class by Gita from the India Spice store. Good fun, delicious dinner and I have leftovers for tomorrow. Can't beat that. Except maybe with an Indian dessert cooking class?

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Tabernacle Baptist

Tabernacle Baptist, Blackville, SC
The little scrap of decorative window in the abandoned church caught my eye and made it a worthy entrance in the Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance category. I believe it was on the drive out of Blackville, SC so will leave that as the title until further research proves me right or wrong. I need to carry a notebook and make a note of photo locations.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I have extra time to lollygag since I am skipping my long walks this weekend. I have a dressing on my ear and neck that I can't get wet until it comes off on Monday afternoon, so I can't wash my hair, so I don't want to drip sweat in this heat. I am hanging out in the cool house and need to get some chores done.

20 August 2016

God's Own Acre

Healing Springs, Blackville, SC 
Three miles out of tiny, downtown Blackville, turn right at Healing Springs Road and right again at the Healing Springs Baptist Church to find an acre of land deeded to God. The bright blue sign reminds everyone to respect that fact and keep it clean. Cars pull up one after another with empty containers to fill from the pipes bubbling clear water from the ground. We parked next to a car load of excited young women who had driven hours out of their way on a trip from New Hampshire to fill large water containers and drink from the spring. Healing water!
According to the legend, four gravely-wounded British soldiers were found wandering the woods after the Battle of Windy Hill Creek. A group of Native Americans came across the men on the brink of death and took them to the spring.Amazingly, after drinking the water, all of the men made a full recovery and after only a few months, and walked back into their camp as if nothing had happened at all. The Natives gave all the credit to the Healing Well.
Over the years, the supposedly sacred land and mineral well have passed to many people, at least until 1944 when the owner, Mr. Boyston, deeded the land to God. Nope I'm not kidding. He did so, however, so that anyone in need of healing, either from a paper cut to a open wound, could grab a drink at the amazing healing well and be cured from all their ails

18 August 2016

Roadside bouquet

Ferns, Charleston, SC 
If it was on my property I'd be sighing and pulling them as weeds but somehow when I see them on the street popping out of cracks the display delights me.

I had a different day today and spent much of it at the Dermatology & Laser Center having the mohs procedure for a bit of skin cancer on my ear. Not my favorite way to spend a day but all went well as far as I can tell. I'll be sleeping on one side tonight and trying to figure out how I will wash my hair without getting my bandages wet until Monday. Hmmm.

16 August 2016

Warren St. beauty

Warren St., Charleston, SC  
Someone got a face-lift! How nice to see this lovely home getting spruced up. I'm glad I'm not perched on the roof doing that tricky paint job but it is pretty. There are so many trees around this house it is hard to get a decent shot of it.

9,902 steps after my evening walk and left a sweat dripped trail. Anyone who cared to could have followed me home. Drip, drip.

15 August 2016


Reflections, King St., Charleston, SC  
As I waited to take pictures of the parade this weekend, I entertained myself with the reflection of a bright yellow bicycle in the honey shop. Coolness abounds. 

A recently opened fun shop on King St. is Lulu Burgess. They have had a store in Beaufort for years that I always tried to stop in so I was tickled to see a branch in Charleston. They have happy trinkets and toys as well as some jewelry and clothing. It is the clever toys and gadgets that delight my inner child. Who doesn't need hand finger puppets and super hero outfits for your fingers? I clearly did. 

13 August 2016

Charleston Pride Parade 2016

Charleston Pride Parade, King St., Charleston, SC  
There isn't anything quite like the colorful, festive photo op of the Charleston Pride Parade dancing and singing it's way down King St. More photos here.

12 August 2016


Coming St., Charleston, SC    
Real estate is selling like hot cakes in Charleston but don't worry, we still have plenty of fixer-up properties to temp the renovation soul. This home is on Coming St. I've never seen it for sale but it could use some luvin'.

Friday, payday! The only good thing about time passing so quickly is that pay days seem to come around faster and that is always handy. I like to get a quick start on my weekend and made it to a movie matinee at Citadel Mall to see the Florence Foster Jenkins movie. Perfect way to end a week. 

11 August 2016

Copleston's Laundry Building

Coplestons Laundry & Cleaners, Charleston, SC 
Abandoned now and apparently it caught more than my eye.
I discovered that artist Susan Troll had captured a similar image in a painting. 

Artist Susan Trott

10 August 2016

Charleston Carpet

Crepe Myrtle blossoms, Charleston, SC
It is worth looking down. These are the colors of Charleston's natural carpet at this time of year. Crepe Myrtle blossoms pink and purple. 

09 August 2016

Little White Schoolhouse

Miss Arnold's Schoolhouse, Allendale, SC 
When I go to a new area I do a google image search to see what sights I want to find and I had my eye out for this sweet little one room school house in Allendale, SC. It wasn't hard to find since it has been relocated to the backyard of the Salkahatchie Arts Council and they were kind enough to leave the back gate open for me. This information was from the Allendale Attractions page:
This tiny structure was built in 1875 for Miss Augusta Salena Arnold. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Miss Arnold was only about 14, and the war made it impossible for her to pursue her education in a formal way. So she educated herself by reading and emerged with a well-rounded education that was well suited for teaching the young pupils of her time. It was said the she could almost recite from memory any page from her well-worn encyclopedia. Her passion for knowledge and for teaching children inspired her to continue teaching for almost fifty years in the tiny school house, even after public schools had been established in Allendale. Miss Augusta Salena Arnold died in 1929 and is buried in Allendale's Swallow Savannah Cemetery in the Searson family lot. She is remembered with great fondness by the people of Allendale. Her school house was restored in recent years and moved to the property of the Salkahatchie Arts Council, where it can be appreciated by visitors. 
In other news, my follow up research led me to discover that one of Allendale's claims to fame is birdwatching! Who knew? Not me. Apparently it is the place to find Swallow-tailed and Missippi Kites:
Every summer from mid-July to mid August, the kite show begins over the cow pastures of Allendale, South Carolina. Hundreds of Swallow-tailed and Mississippi Kites converge on this area of our state to feed on a horde of dragonflies and other flying insects. It is a spectacle to behold -- a birder's delight -- to watch these flocks feed over the fields." (Puff Mud Perspectives)

08 August 2016

You know you are in the South when....

Old Southern Bombshell Fireworks, Allendale, SC 
I ain't gonna lie. Fireworks are popular items in South Carolina. Here is a recent update about SC Fireworks law from About.com:
As a general rule, South Carolina fireworks laws are pretty inclusive, meaning they're pretty loose (especially compared to North Carolina). In fact, almost all consumer grade fireworks are legal in South Carolina.What fireworks are legal in South Carolina? South Carolina fireworks laws aren't just less strict than North Carolina, they're far less strict than most states. Overall, pretty much anything goes. Bottle rockets, mortars, spinners, cakes, aerial fireworks - they're all okay to use in South Carolina.It is pretty common for residents from North Carolian (and other states) to slip just across the border to purchase the higher grade fireworks, remember that it is still illegal to possess many South Carolina purchased fireworks in other states. What fireworks are illegal in South Carolina?There are a few fireworks that you can't have in the Palmetto State. Large explosive firecrackers like M-80 and Cherry Bombs are illegal in SC. Also specifically prohibited are small rockets (not bottle) less than 1/2 inch in diameter and 3 inches long.How old do you have to be to purchase fireworks in South Carolina?You must be 16 years old to purchase any fireworks in South Carolina

07 August 2016

Cemetery details

Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC 
I did my walk yesterday morning at Magnolia Cemetery. It was so bright and contrasty that the pictures looked much too cheerful for a cemetery stroll so I played around with black and white and concentrated more on details. I was hopping and skipping with delight to see the bird's nest in the angel's book. Perpetual care indeed!