02 November 2009

This House

Hwy 176, S.C.

This House

This old house has seen the sunshine
of many different years.
This old house has seen some happiness
This old house has seen some tears.
This old house now seems so empty
Since you left with last goodbyes.
The smiles and talk, the happy laughs
Echo above the lonely sighs
Whether leaves are green in springtime
snow leaves lightly on the ground
This old house will hold the memories
Of all the old families sounds.

Edna Howard White

From my "South Carolina back roads" album. I don't believe I even got out of the car to grab the shot. I check for changes if I am traveling that way and the house has been worked on lately.

It does seem dark and late doesn't it? Thank you for all your kind comments and emails. They make my day.