27 April 2017

Dining out for Life

Pam Grier, Dining out for Life, Charleston, SC 
Today was Dining our for Life day when participating restaurants donate 15% or more to the Ryan White program here in Charleston which provides services for those with HIV/Aids. Actress Pam Grier is the spokesperson and she made a personal appearance at the Food Truck rally we had at lunch time. I had heard she was a dog lover so arranged for some of our Pet Therapists to be on hand. They were a big hit!

Thanks to all of my friends who then joined me for a delicious dinner at The Gathering Cafe. They also supported the cause with a donation of 15%. We had a great time!

26 April 2017

Lucky rabbit foot

Huey Cooper, Lake City, SC   
Hmmm....looking up the details on this statue in Lake City, SC I discovered that he was a beloved pan handler who let folks rub his lucky rabbit good for a nickel. The other interesting fact is that the police department built him a little house and he lived to be 105. He sounds like a character that found a home in their hearts.

I realize I owe you some actual Charleston Daily Photos but I did get a good haul of blog fodder shots on my recent trip to Lake City. I'll bring you back home to the lowcountry shortly. 
The statue, created by Florence’s resident sculptor Alex Palkovich, is a bronze, larger than life portrait of Huey Cooper based on photographs of the man sitting in one of his favorite spots. Cooper became a Lake City icon with his lucky rabbit’s foot and walking cane, his requests for nickels and his whistling invitations.
Originally hailing from Williamsburg County, Cooper made Lake City his home and lived in many places throughout the town: in the shed at the back of one couple’s yard, in another behind one grandmother’s home, in a small home built for him by the city’s police department behind the now-gone Dairy Queen.
A familiar face in Lake City for decades, several generations of those growing up in Lake City have a story or two to share about Huey Cooper. Most can recall giving him nickels to rub his lucky rabbit’s foot – something today’s visitors can now continue. His statue proudly offers a rabbit’s foot for luck just as Cooper once did and a small coin slot in his pants pocket allows nickels to be deposited.

25 April 2017

Monkey Photographer

Monkey Photographer, Cross, SC  
I passed this monkey years ago! When I spotted him again not far from Cross, SC I had to grab a shot. Sadly, during my absence he has lost an arm. Nice to see you monkey photographer!

Walking Quotes

Thoreau, Lake City, SC   
I found a few good walking quotes in a botanical display in Lake City, SC

24 April 2017

Portrait Contest - Artfields

Artfields, Lake City, SC   
There was a respectful hush in the building where the portrait contest was taking place at Artfields in Lake City. The artists were painting their models on the ground floor and observers were allowed to walk in on either side and watch the work in progress. Most of the models had two different artists.

It was fascinating to watch. Twenty-four artists competed for "Best in Show" and over $1500 in cash prizes while creating portraits in three four hour timed rounds.

23 April 2017

ArtFields 2017

Lake City, SC    
If you are artsy, all roads lead to Lake City this week. Since 2013, this week long art festival in little Lake City offers more that $120,000 in prizes and invites attendees to pop into almost every business in town from barbershops to boutiques to enjoy the art on display. Everyone in town seems to be in on the project. I particularly enjoyed the elementary and high school art. Some of it was pretty incredible. The festival continues through next weekend. Go if you can!
Artfields: An annual, nine-day art competition in Lake City, South Carolina – and the largest competition of its kind – Artfields awards more than $120,000 in cash prizes to artists from across the Southeast. And, it’s also infused new energy, creativity, and growth into Lake City and its surrounding communities.

20 April 2017

Jasmine time!

Charleston, SC    
The Confederate Jasmine is in bloom and the perfume is everywhere. I don't have any in my garden and I probably should be fined for that in Charleston. 

18 April 2017

Mirror, mirror on a ball

Charleston garden, Charleston, SC   
There are no dull walks on the lower peninsula. Every gate can hide a beautiful garden. They put me to shame and make me want to get home and get to work on my yard. This was lovely. I hope they didn't see me sticking my camera through their fence. :)

17 April 2017

Easter colors

Charleston, SC   
The house colors looked so right for Easter and then I noticed the wreath on the door was egg themed.

Speaking of eggs, I ate my last Cadbury's Easter egg so I reckon it's time to wean off the seasonal sugar binge and straighten out my act. Back to oranges.

I've been doing some gardening trying to make a woodland pathway with ferns and shade plants on the side of my house. I worked on it yesterday afternoon and did a little this evening. I can tell you that bags of mulch have not gotten any lighter. Ouch.