07 October 2015

Something doesn't look right in this XRay

SCRUBS U - Imaging Careers
With roads out and traffic a mess we didn't know how many students would show up for our career evening on Imaging careers. Twenty four teenagers came this evening to learn about X Ray, Ultrasound, CT, Nuclear Medicine and MRIs. Thanks to the staff who worked a long day and still managed to keep the kids interested. Long day for all but nothing is more fun that watching students who are excited about learning.

This was a neat trick - those are the student's cell phones being X Rayed! Thanks Meredith!

05 October 2015

Charleston's flooding disaster

I lose points as a regular blogger lately but I have a good excuse. I've been consumed with watching the news and pictures of the disaster area that my state of South Carolina has become and haven't had much of a heart for posting pictures.

I read twitter constantly to keep up with what is happening and facebook to check on my friends and coworkers. I checked the news for updates and throughout the flooding kept getting up to check my front and back windows looking into the dark of Friday night to see the water level. I finally crashed exhausted and woke to the phone ringing.

I walked to the back door with phone in hand and discovered that the water was at my back door and was a solid lake beyond me to a large retention ditch that had overflowed. I ran to the front door and the water was already one step away from coming in the house. My car had been moved halfway up the drive but was already sitting in water. The shed had a foot and a half of water in it.

I went into crazy person mode preparing for water in the house by lifting furniture, rolling carpets, putting plastic on heavy furniture legs and pulling out drawers. My son came over and rescued me to his house in North Charleston for the night.

Miracle of miracles the water did not come in my house. Homes below and around the corner got as much as five inches inside. I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I've been running extension cords, fans and heaters to dry things out and went to work today catching up with everyone's story. What a mess we've been through and for so many people it is still going on. My part of town had as much as 25 inches of rain, the peninsula was completely closed with most parts of town closed to any traffic. As we dry out and assess damage in Charleston, Columbia and Georgetown are experiencing their own disaster. It has been raining again today but a hope for clearing tomorrow.

Thanks for all the caring messages and notes. They meant so much. I am off to sleep in a dry bed and am grateful for it. Stay safe, kids.


02 October 2015

Waiting for the rains

Not a big fan of this image at all. 12 - 14 inches of rain on the water soaked lowcountry is not going to be pretty. I had a busy weekend lined up starting with the Lowcountry Heart Walk in the morning and ending with the farewell party for Mayor Riley on Sunday evening. Everything has been cancelled as we wait, wait, wait to see how bad things are going to be. I even came home early, had nothing to do but wait, got bored and went for a long rambling walk.

I cleaned the leaves out all of my drains but there is a large drainage ditch behind my house that is already full so soon the water will have no where to go.

I love how creative people get with photos and here is the best I've seen today. This was shared by Charleston Pirate Tours. Stay safe and dry, kids!

30 September 2015

Before & After - 492 King St.

The times they are a changin'! Keep your eyes open, kids. Something has changed on King St. every time I walk that route. I am particularly pleased that this building was taken in hand. I loved it and am pleased to see it renovated and in use. It has opened as Restaurant 492. I have not been inside yet. Anyone?
The building sat abandoned since Hurricane Hugo until it being purchased by the Relish Restaurant Group. During renovations, spearheaded by local architect Reggie Gibson, as much of the original building was left intact as possible. The red color in the dining room, called “eating room red,” and the “piazza blue” on the upstairs hall ceiling are both historic paint colors. The base of the bar is paneled in old tin that served as the ground floor ceiling of the existing building, reflecting a dedication to preserving and restoring this unique piece of Charleston’s history.

29 September 2015

West Ashley Bikeway Dock

West Ashley Bikeway Dock, Charleston, SC  
This is the new dock at the end of the West Ashley Bike Way. Beautiful! Now that I have a step counter on my cell phone I can tell you it is 8,420 steps to and from my house. Huff, puff. I walked down the Bikeway on Sunday since the last time I was there the new dock was under construction.

It is a pleasant wooded walk, until it comes out smack dab in the middle of busy St. Andrews Blvd. not close to an intersection. On the way there I took my life in my hands dashing across the street but on the way back the traffic was too heavy. I headed along the side of the road in the direction home and got entangled in a mess trying to cross. It is not a pedestrian friendly area which kinda steals the charm from a walk in the woods.
While the route rolls along largely unobstructed, it is sparsely maintained and marred by one particularly hazardous intersection. Leaving the riverfront, pedestrians must negotiate busy, four-lane St. Andrews Boulevard without benefit of a light or crosswalk. Use extreme caution when crossing.

28 September 2015

Straighten up, Charleston!

Charleston Single House, Charleston, SC  
Straighten up, Charleston! I remember thinking what an odd look this was when I first moved here. The porches or piazzas are built on a slant so the rain water runs off and since so many open porches have a front door they must be trimmed to fit.

Parts Unknown featured Anthony Bourdain in Cuba last night which was of interest to me since I've put a down payment on a trip in January. Now the preview is out for the Charleston visit which includes Chef Sean Brock and Bill Murray and will air November 15. This looks like fun!

27 September 2015

Red Dot, Dot, Dot, Dot

Kathy's ABC, Santee, SC  
You can always identify a liquor store in South Carolina by the bright red dots and this one in Santee wasn't taking any chances that you might not notice. Dot, dot, dot! It stood out bright and clear even on a drizzly day.

The convenience store seemed to be short a few letters. I figures out the first three lines but the last one has me stumped. "We Have No Ethonol Gas, Blenheim Gingerale, Under New Management". Any guesses on the last line?

Thoughtful messages

Everything Has Beauty, Charleston, SC  
Whew. I had a myself a busy week. I only had one day in the office squeezed between a conference in Orlando and a trip to Columbia and came back to a pile of envelopes under my door, things hanging from my doorknob, phone messages and notes taped up for me to deal with. I had work events both evenings I was home and hours of photo uploading to do after that. I needed a Joan clone.

Other than doing wash and getting a short walk in I pretty much crashed yesterday, me and George Gently snuggling on the couch catching up. I did wander a bit downtown to stretch my legs after so much sitting and these fun signs perked me up.

Have a good Sunday, kids!

25 September 2015

SC Governor's Award for Volunteering - 2015

SC Governor's Awards - Volunteerism 2015
Ladies and gentlemen, may I be the first to present you with the Governor's Award Winners for Volunteerism in South Carolina. Congratulations folks! 

I was at the Governor's Mansion in Columbia today to see this incredible group of folks from across the state being recognized for community service activities from mentoring, hospice work, school volunteering and Americorp. 

I almost bust with pride when representatives from my own health care system, Roper St. Francis were honored in the Workplace Volunteer category for all they do with the community including health fairs, the heart walk, Families for Healthy Hearts program, HOPE bags for children in abusive situations and Medical Mission trips. 

Workplace Volunteerism Award, Roper St. Francis