22 February 2017

Best of the West 2017

Westie Awards 2017, Charleston, SC   
Meet the Best of the West! The West Of newspaper's annual award is a statue of a cow honoring a favorite local landmark and we love it. I won one myself a few years ago and now I am a regular nominator of community leaders and civic minded folks. It is good to see people recognized for the work they do.

21 February 2017

Lining up for biscuits

Callie's Hot Biscuits, King St., Charleston, SC  
Look at the line for biscuits! Callie's Hot Biscuits must have a winning recipe. I have some frozen ones in my freezer waiting for the right moment to pop in the oven.

I spotted the scene over the weekend so it was probably the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition crowd. Happy eating kids!

20 February 2017

East Bay beauty

635 East Bay St., Charleston, SC    
Walking a different route gives a fresh look at buildings frequently passed in a car but which I've never had a chance to look at. This impressive home - now office space on East Bay was a tricky one to get a shot of because of the high fence and rushing traffic. I survived. What a beauty! Googling the address brought up an older photo of the Faber-Ward mansion on Pinterest

And more information on this site: Palmetto & Cannon

This stately house and compound was built ca. 1832 by one Henry F. Faber. 
Joshua Ward, a wealthy and famous rice planter and SC's Lieutenant Governor, purchased the house from Faber. 
The Faber-Ward house was converted into a hotel for emancipated slaves when the Union troops occupied Charleston during the War of Southern Secession. The hotel failed and the house again became a private residence.  Today the house has been converted to professional office use.

19 February 2017

Will it build good will and better friendships?

Marion Square, Charleston, SC   
It was a shock to walk down King St. and see the red of the Confederate flag flying high over King St. It has become such a symbol of a painful past that it was a relief in recent years to have had it removed from our statehouse property.

We haven't seen the last of it yet and today folks from out of town placed it high on top of their vehicles and parked on the top deck of our public parking building. Protesters were already on site as crowds are thronged at the Southeastern Wildlife Festival at Marion Square wondering what is going on. Hopefully it will be resolved peacefully and soon.

It was the writing on the fountain sponsored by the Rotary Club that caught my eye, "Will it build good will and better friendship?" No. No, it won't.

How much is that doggie in the window?

Former Bob Ellis window, King St., Charleston, SC    
The Southeastern Wildlife Festival winds down today and everything is wildlife and animal related. I spotted these pups in the former Bob Ellis Shoe store window and then a block or so down the street saw the live version sponsored by Pet Helpers which was attracting a lot more attention!

King St., Charleston, SC   

18 February 2017

Be there or be square. Wed 8 PM

Eutawville, SC   
Work has been all consuming lately and I escaped for a quick overnight at Lake Marion to begin my weekend. This little building is in Eutawville, SC and since I am never in the area on a Wednesday night I need someone to let me know what the heck happens there at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays. It is a mystery!

An early night, a book to read, good company, a quirky photo-op and breakfast at Bell's Marina. I started my weekend right and hope you have as well. 

Welcome to all the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition folks invading Charleston this weekend.

15 February 2017

Wragg Square

Wragg Square, Charleston, SC  
Not a bad scene for mid February in Charleston. I took this shot on the weekend when it was bright and sunny unlike today with it's windy and dreary weather.

I started my day with brunch at the Marina Variety Store restaurant at a brunch honoring a group of volunteers. You really can't beat it for a full plate of food at a reasonable price overlooking the water, can you?

The news on the street in Charleston this evening is that Boeing employees voted today not to unionize and the fact that President Trump will be paying a visit to Boeing on Friday for the unveiling of the new 787-10 jet. Are we ready for this, Charleston?

I was pleased to see that a couple of my volunteers made the Post & Courier in a photo from Valentine's Day. Fun!

14 February 2017

Valentine's day rounds

Valentine's Day , Charleston, SC   
It's our valentine tradition. Each year I contact Randall Dukes and without fail he summons up a beauty queen to serve as an honorary volunteer on Valentine's Day and pass out treats at the hospital. Tiara and sashes have an amazing effect on a beautiful gal. Children assume she is a princess and both men and women agree to pose for a picture.

This year's beauty queen is Reagan Mobley - Miss Charleston Southern University. She was incredibly gracious and walked for a couple of miles visiting nursing stations, offices and waiting rooms. Thanks Reagan!

13 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is for all, you and me, Charleston, SC   
A valentine message in the pavement for all of us!