17 January 2017

Bicycle storage

Bicycle Storage, D'Allesandro's Pizza, Charleston, SC  

We don't have room for another bike. Or maybe we do! 
It’s been said, you shouldn’t neglect family for business. We figured, why not have both? 
Everyone at D’Allesandro’s is considered part of the “family.” Some of them are brothers. 
Some of them are eccentric uncles. Everyone plays an equal part, and they’re all family.

16 January 2017

MLK Day Parade - Charleston 2017

MLK Day Parade, Charleston, SC 2017

“I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties
and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.” 

15 January 2017

Before & After Spring St. Hold me while I cry.

Spring St., Charleston, SC   
Before and after Spring St. Hold my hand while I cry. This colorful decorated and quaint barber shop is now a white box. I hope the owners are happy.

This, is now. Sob.
1st Class Cuts, Spring St. Charleston - before
Whatever, Spring St., Charleston, SC   

14 January 2017

Teeny, tiny houses of Charleston - Line St.

Line St., Charleston, SC     
I walked the line this morning - Line St. that is. I did this route last weekend in the dripping rain while today is warm and sunny. Adding to our series of tiny dwelling are these Freedman's cottages. Looking for information on these traditional Charleston cottages I discovered that there is actually a book about them. What a fun book to research.

The Charleston "Freedman's Cottage": An Architectural Tradition
Charleston’s “freedman’s cottages” are some of the most understudied and undervalued vernacular buildings in the city, found as far south as Council Street and as far north as North Charleston. Though these cottages have long been associated with African American history and culture, they in fact extend much further into the history and development of Charleston and deserve to be studied and understood. The predominant theory is that these tiny houses, often no larger than five hundred square feet, were constructed by and for freed slaves after the Civil War, due to a rising need for inexpensive housing. Who occupied these houses over time? What were their lives like? Most of them were ordinary citizens to whom we can all relate. Each one of these houses has at least a hundred stories to tell, many of which have been uncovered and recounted here.

11 January 2017

Ashe St. fixer upper

44 Ashe St., Charleston, SC   
I'll need to revisit this home soon to see how it looks after renovation. It is a project!

Lord have mercy, the news is wiping me out. It is probably for the best that I got rid of cable and stopped home delivery of the Post & Courier. I can't bear to see it. Someone make it stop. 

09 January 2017

Home of the Hand Wash

Above the Rest - Home of the Hand Wash, Line St., Charleston, SC    
All of us could use a gentle hand wash now and then and this auto-detailing shop on Line St. used to be Above the Rest. I revisit these hand-painted sign favorites often on my walks and was saddened to see how far we've slipped when I searched back on this very blog and remembered what it used to look like.

08 January 2017

Remuddled corner

Rutledge & Spring St., Charleston, SC

This Old House magazine used to have a page dedicated to a "remuddled" rather than a remodeled building and this one at Rutledge and Spring St. should win a prize. What the heck? There might be an attractive building or two under this hodge-podge mess.
Remuddle: (architecture, pejorative) To remodel a building or room in a way that obscures or destroys key aspects of the original design
Hmmm...I googled This Old House Remuddled feature and it may still exist. Perhaps I should submit this image for a chance at $100. 

I imagine it is pretty clear I took the image during the drizzle yesterday. 

07 January 2017

Tucked away - tiny houses of Charleston

Spring St., Charleston, SC  
It was chilly and drizzly this morning and I carried a pocket camera to walk the Bogard, Line, Ashe, Rose, Percy and Spring street area. There are a lot of changes happening in that part of town but you can still homes waiting for some love.

Sometimes just coming at a house from a different angle makes you see it in a fresh way and walking down Rose Lane I was reminded how this tiny house is snuggled in between two much larger residences on Spring St. Maybe the close quarters will keep it warm tonight!

I brought in as many plants as I could and protected some of the rest. We have so few freezing nights it is worth trying to coax them through! Stay safe and warm everyone.