17 July 2018

Old #3 Hot Red

Blenheim Ginger Ale
Watch for the bite under the pink cap - Old #3 Hot Red. South Carolina's own Blenheim bottled Ginger Ale now available at Harris Teeter. Cheers! 

14 July 2018

Bee City - Cottageville, SC

Bee City, Cottageville, SC 
Funky but quirkily charming (in my memory), Bee City near Cottageville has cleaned up it's act and is now a popular petting zoo. The bees are a very small part of the operation in the back of the property. 

The parking lot was full of happy kids, every one encouraged to buy food for the birds and monkeys. How can animals eat all day long? I am not a big zoo fan but everything was clean and the kids were having a great time. Some of the animals were injured rescues. Some of the vintage decor was still visible in the cafe but everything else has been expanded and renovated. 

12 July 2018

Smiley toes!

Wentworth St., Charleston, SC  
I went to a work related farewell party at the Watch restaurant in the Restoration Hotel this afternoon. This is the second rooftop bar/restaurant I have been in recently and it is a treat to see new views of the peninsula. On my way back to my car my tootsies stopped for a smile. 

11 July 2018

Home again, home again...

Sycamore St., Charleston, SC  
I made it home in time to walk down to meet friends at the West Ashley Farmer's Market and caught this sweet scene on my way home. It was just a quick cell phone shot but the light was hitting the trees in a lovely way.  They are the gates to the Synagogue Emanu-El Cemetery.

09 July 2018

Jenkins Orphanage building - Franklin St.

Jenkins Orphanage building, Franklin St., Charleston, SC
Jenkins OrphanageThe Rev. Daniel J. Jenkins established the Jenkins Orphanage in 1891 for African-American children following an encounter with four youngsters living on the streets of Charleston. The original site of this orphanage was at 20 Franklin St. in the Old Marine Hospital. This National Historic Landmark, designed by Robert Mills, served as home of the orphanage from 1895 to 1939. Then it moved to a farm outside Charleston. To raise funds for the orphanage, the Jenkins Orphanage Band was organized. The Jenkins Orphanage Band, wearing discarded Citadel uniforms, performed throughout the United States and even toured England raising money for the support of the orphanage. William “Cat” Anderson, Jabbo Smith and Freddie Green are but a few of the alumni from the band who made it to the big time. 
Click here to hear the Jenkins Orphanage Band in a 1928 news reel!

More great background information on the SCIWay site.  

07 July 2018

Walk with me - Charlestowne Landing

The Adventure, Charlestowne Landing, Charleston, SC
I wonder what time of year the early settlers set foot on Charlestowne Landing. Their first impressions would depend completely on the season. The heat, humidity, mosquitoes, alligators could be an uncomfortable surprise if they arrived in July.

From the travel files - Freda Kahlo

Happy birthday Frida Kahlo! I remembered these photos from a visit to a fabric artist's studio in Cuba. Sadly I am scratching my head trying to remember the artist's name. Hopefully I will remember it and pop back to add it.

Happy weekend, kids!

05 July 2018

Tilt Shift Charleston

Tilt shift Broad St., Charleston, SC  
 It's been a long time since I've played with the tilt shift feature. It narrows the focus so much that if give the effect of a miniature world. Try it yourself here: Tilt Shift

Tilt shift Charleston, SC 

Orange you pretty?

Broad St., Charleston, SC  
The owners of this property keep it so nicely it is always eye catching. I quietly thank them every time I walk by.

Anyone else confused by the midweek holiday? It is Monday, is it Thursday? I have no idea but tomorrow is Friday so yay! We can do one more day.

04 July 2018

After the rain

Magnolia Plantation Garden, Charleston, SC 
We had a downpour this morning. When I finally got out for a walk the water made for a different view at Magnolia Plantation. I've never seen a reflection view!

I walked out to climb the Observation Tower and enjoyed the dramatic skies while trying to thump and walk as loudly as possible on the trails to signal the creep crawlies that I was coming through. I've been seeing too many pictures of snakes lately.

Happy July 4th!

Belvedere, Rutledge Ave., Charleston, SC  
I went on a patriotic flag search walk last time I was in town and the Belvedere Bed & Breakfast on Rutledge never lets me down. 

Happy Independence Day my fellow Americans! Thanks for welcoming this poor immigrant many years ago. You've given me a home, family, rewarding work and countless friendships.
PS: Making me go to Pittsburgh for a welcoming syphilis test was a little weird but happily I passed.