18 June 2018

Peach time!

Peaches, Eutawville, SC   
It is that magical time of year - when delicious peaches are sold at roadside market stands. The St. Julien booth is finally open with tomatoes, corn and peaches for sale. I am enjoying a perfect peach right this moment.

Albino Alligator Being Attacked at Donnelley Wildlife Management Area - ...

Albino alligators are extremely rare. Most are in aquariums. They are generally blind so not likely to survive long in the wild. That is why this video taken by my friend Rebecca Williams Connelly and her family at the Donnelley Wildlife Management area yesterday is so surprising. What appears to be an albino alligator of a decent size is attacked and eaten by an even larger alligator. Yikes! 

17 June 2018

Charleston Window Boxes

Window Boxes, Charleston, SC    
I had blossom envy admiring the window boxes on the peninsula this morning. It was wicked hot but the gardens were lush and colorful. I did spot tiny irrigation pipes to some of them which must help in the heat. They really are glorious.

13 June 2018

Welcoming the future of healthcare

SCRUBS Camp 2018
It is the time of year when we welcome high energy students interested in exploring health careers into our hospitals. They are a wonderful and brilliant group. I may not come up for air until Friday afternoon! 

10 June 2018

Ranching Lowcountry Style!

Tin can ranching, Hwy 15, SC 
This recent series of pictures are from a haul of goodies I happened upon on Hwy 15 near St. George, SC. I couldn't believe my luck. If someone spends this much time on yard art I can assume they want folks to stop to admire it. Wow. The cattle appear to be cut from metal sheets. It was quite a display and seemed to cross over between a few properties so all the neighbors seemed to be on board. Giddy-up cowboy! 

09 June 2018

Riding the rails in St. George, SC

Train mural, St. George, SC  
St. George has a lot of murals. I had taken pictures of this particular one years ago and on a recent drive was happy to see it looking bright and refreshed on the main corner next to the gas/convenience station.

Something was missing though. In my earlier version of the mural, the train engineer had been painted in and was the image of the gas station owner. As it changed hands through the years he was painted out of the engineer role. Below are the earlier shots:

06 June 2018

Before and almost after - Thomas St.

Thomas St., Charleston, SC 
15 Thomas St. is getting a new look. It's nice to see a home I have walked by for so many years getting love and attention. Since it changed hands last year we still get to look at the interior shots from the real estate web site - tour.
Listed as valuable in ''This Is Charleston'' and also noted as one of the 70 properties that defined the Historic District when it was defined in the 1960s, The Samuel S. Mills House was built by a Massachusetts ship captain as a New England double house in 1839. This home sits high on a large corner lot in one of Charleston's most sought after historic neighborhoods. Grand scale rooms on both floors feature high ceilings, large windows, wide doorways and beautiful wooden floors. 
Renovation in progress

05 June 2018

Ear Corn

Ear Corn, St. George, SC   
Well duh me. I thought I was taking a funny sign and that they intended to say Deer Corn. Turns out there is Ear Corn. Apparently I don't know everything after all.
First off, ear corn is just simply kernels of corn still left on the cob, freshly picked from the corn stalk. Essentially, it’s corn on the cob, the same as your sweet corn you eat during the summer. (But it’s not sweet corn.)

03 June 2018

Farmer's market time!

Gruber Farms - Veggie Stand, St. George, SC   
Hip, hip hurrah for Farmer's Market stands! This one is on Hwy 15 heading towards St. George, SC and was a happy sight. What a treat to get fresh vegetables. I happened to need a couple of zucchinis for a blueberry cake recipe that has been floating around facebook recently and it is in the oven at this very moment. Fingers crossed.

The Gruber property also has the three tiny rental cottages from a time when it was a major traffic thoroughfare. They are still rented and over 60 years old. I had noticed them before put purchasing a few vegetables felt like permission to grab a photo op. The owners even moved their truck so I could get a clear shot of the adorable cottages.