03 December 2016

Bennett Hotel at Marion Square

Bennett Hotel, Marion Square, Charleston, SC  
Once and awhile when I am marching down King St. I climb the steps to the Francis Marion parking garage and look down to see the progress of the hotel being built in the spot of our old library. After a long period where it didn't seem like much was happening it certainly is now. The hotel is to be nine stories high with a planned opening date of fall 2017.

The article in the Post & Courier does answer one question for me. The old library was built of pink marble and I had wondered where that might show up. It turns out they plan to built the hotel bar out of it.
Post & Courier: “There have been a few delays, so it might be a little bit behind schedule,” he said Thursday. “But when you’re taking a 100-year view, what’s a few months’ difference?”
At the groundbreaking about 18 months ago, he said he was building a structure that would be memorable a century later. The materials include limestone, copper and cypress. The bar being built off the lobby incorporates pink marble that was in the old library.
“This will be the five-star luxury hotel in downtown Charleston,” Bennett said Thursday. “I believe it will be finest hotel ever built in our city, certainly ever built in my lifetime.”
Before view of former library at Marion Square, Charleston, SC   

02 December 2016

Beaufain St. bike racks

Beaufain St, bike racks, Beaufain St., Charleston, SC 
Best looking bike racks in Charleston. They are in front of Memminger Auditorium on Beaufain St. I was reminded that the design is the Spoleto festival logo symbol.

It's Friday kids! We made it. I worked like a mad woman all day and made it to crash in my matinee movie. I saw Allied at Citadel Mall movie theater and let the work week wash away.

I don't know how much longer this deal will last but for the time being you can get a Charleston Magazine subscription for $14.95 with the code work CYBER. It was probably a cyber Monday deal but just worked for me a few minutes ago. Thanks Charleston Magazine!

01 December 2016

Pumpkin flavored image

Charleston, SC   
Everything is better with pumpkin spice. Right? Not for me but that seems to be the general consensus at this time of year. 

30 November 2016

Health Care Heroes

Molly Merryman, Charleston, SC  
One of my favorite events in Charleston is the annual Health Care Heroes recognition event at the Francis Marion Hotel sponsored by the Charleston Regional Business Journal where professionals, nurses, volunteers, engineers and physicians are honored for their extraordinary acts of service and heroism. A couple of years ago they added the Pet Therapy category and this evening Molly our star took the award home.

Molly and her Pet Therapist/owner Jim Merryman go on volunteer rounds at three different hospitals in Charleston. A few years ago the CEO at Mount Pleasant Hospital at that time, came looking for her and led Molly into the Intensive Care Unit - not on the usual route for a therapy dog. Completely out of character for Molly she jumped up on the patient's bed and started licking her face. The patient who had been unresponsive woke up laughing. Well done Molly!

Edit: sorry for all the grammatical errors, kids. I was typing sleepy.

28 November 2016

King St. blues

Quarters on King, King St., Charleston, SC  

I have a blue issue. I wear it, eat off it, sit on it. If I am not dressed in blue you know I've exercised very deliberate self control. I can't find a thing in my closet because it is all either blue or black. Naturally this pretty new shade of blue on King St. caught my eye. Hello there! That renovation woke up the corner in a very fine way.
It is the Quarters on King newish boutique hotel. Browse their rooms. Lovely. I expect it costs an arm and a leg but it certainly is attractive and convenient.

27 November 2016

A perfect day for a pig roast

Johns Island, SC   
We have had the most glorious weather for our Thanksgiving weekend in the lowcountry and I've had a lovely mix of peaceful relaxation with family and social time with friends. I have much to be thankful for.

Saturday afternoon I was fortunate to be invited to a pig roast on a slice of heaven on Johns Island. Along with many good friends the attendees included writers, photographers, artists, physicians, astronomers, chefs, all sorts of fascinating people and lucky ME. Besides the roasted pig there was a long table full of rice, beans, macaroni and cheese and too many tasty treats to fit on my plate.

Now, the only thing wrong with a four day weekend is that it isn't a four day weekend. Boo.

26 November 2016

The hood left me, I'm leaving the hood

33 Woolfe St., Charleston, SC  
I read about the planned move for this historic house on Woolfe St. and walked up to see it for myself. The lonely old house built around 1840 has been gradually surrounded by tall new apartments and hotels. It has been raised on pilings and is ready to hit the road and settle in a more hospitable neighborhood on Amherst St. That would be a sight to see. Sadly I am usually cooped up at work when these interesting things happen during the day time. Happy travels little house!
The house was up on steel beams this week ready for transport. A contractor has agreed to move it to 14 Amherst St. and restore it, King said. He said the land was sold and the house given to somebody who would relocate it. Those plans couldn't immediately be confirmed with the contractor this week.“It looks a lot worse than it is,” King said of the two-story wooden residence. “The frame is so substantial. The materials were so high quality.”neighborhood, he said. Amherst is several blocks east of Meeting Street, near East Bay Street.

25 November 2016

We have fall color

Audubon Swamp Walk, Charleston, SC  
We have fall color, who says we don't?

The only thing better than a three day weekend is a four day weekend - yipee! I love waking up without an alarm clock even when I still wake up before the alarm goes off. That way I can lay there and enjoy it not going off.

I started my day at the Arts & Craft festival at Magnolia Plantation to visit my friend Leah's photography booth. Check out her amazing photography here. Then I headed to walk through the Audubon Swamp. I have an annual pass about to expire and need to milk a few more days out of it before I spring for a new one. I spotted a few small gators, ibis and turtles enjoying the sunny day.