17 December 2014

Before - The Westendorff

The Westendorff, St. Philip St., Charleston, S.C.
The Westendorff building has been empty as long as I remember it and it has seemed a shame. I took pictures back in 2010 when there was talk of turning it into a hardware store themed restaurant but that never happened. This time it looks like it will be completed. I am sure construction is further along than when I took these pictures. I was fascinated by the writing on the walls that I had never noticed before. Can't wait to see what they do with it.

From Eater Charleston site: During the process of approvals and construction, owner of upcoming The Westendorff (at 114 St. Philip St.) has had some time to think about his establishment's concept. What started out as a diner-type eatery, will now be a brunch every day place and switch into dinner service in the evenings.


16 December 2014

Polar greeting

Goat Island, S.C.
What an odd sight to find on Goat Island! A polar bear and a kayak in the same scene make for a good December shot even if I did take it earlier this year.

How did it get to be 11 pm already? I need a few more hours in my day, no doubt. I made a few stops on the way home from work and spent a lot more money than I had intended. By the time you add pretty little holiday gifty bags and tissue paper to a present it costs more than the original gift and postage is a killer. All good stuff.

Happy Hanukkah to all of my Jewish friends!

15 December 2014

Casual Santa

Casual Santa, Seabrook Island, S.C.
My friend Linda asked me out to Seabrook Island this past weekend to take a picture of Casual Santa for Island Life newspaper. Long braid, tattoos, khaki shorts and his dog, Santa looked quite comfy relaxing by the fire. Ask for what you want but I suspect you are going to get something beach related.

14 December 2014

New murals - North Charleston

Mural - North Charleston, S.C.
I had brunch at Madra Rau in North Charleston this morning and walking off my meal, noticed these splashes of color I'd never spotted before. It took me a minute in the morning glare to realize what I was seeing in the painted windows below. Well done artist!

The weekend has been filled with happy holiday chaos in Charleston but I have managed to skirt most of the crowds and still enjoy myself. I hope you did as well. I had recently purchased a new fire bowl for my back yard, put it together, bought firewood and my semi-annual hot dog and enjoyed a little back yard campfire. It was a real treat. I have a small but heavily wooded back yard and it was my reward for raking pile after pile of leaves.

12 December 2014

Bottle Cap Portrait

Bottle Cap Portrait, Charleston, S.C.
I reckon you really are famous when someone takes the trouble to do a portrait in bottle caps. I have featured a few of these giant portraits before. This one was in the window of Michael Mitchell gallery on King St. 

I know Molly B. Right was the artist on ones I've seen before and it looks like she did this one as well. I happened upon a web site featuring images of her other pieces and am blown away! Check this out.

11 December 2014

Secret Gardens

Charleston, S.C.

“If you look the right way, you can see 

that the whole world is a garden.”

Teeny, tiny houses of Charleston

Charleston, S.C.
This is a favorite and I stop to say hello to the little pink house each time I pass. It appears uninhabited and in need of some tender loving care.

It is late and I should be snug in my bed. This is my first day back in the office after a few days away so spent catching up with emails, voice mails, notes under my door and on my door. I had an order of Charleston sweetgrass baskets waiting for me from a friend at work. They cost so much but are so lovely and I have a connection if anyone needs any for gifts. Let me know and I will put you in touch.

09 December 2014

Field Trip! NYC

Strawberry Fields, Central Park, NYC
Okay, okay, these clearly aren't Charleston Daily Photos but I had a quick escape to New York City with my friend Mary to see the big city lights during the holiday season.

We only had three days but they were completely perfect. Saturday rained all day and we carried our trusty umbrellas logging ten miles walking on my step-counter app. We packed a lot into our brief stay. We saw Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the holiday decorated windows, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Bryant's Park and Central Park. We met a good friend and former co-worker Laura and walked the High Line in a chilly breeze. We ate burgers at the secret burger joint in the Meridian Hotel lobby....ssssh! We were treated to lunch at Brasserie 8 1/2. We got into MOMA for free and won prizes at Bergoff Goodman.  We saw Candice Bergen and Alan Alda in Love Letters. We stayed at the Salisbury Hotel which was conveniently located. All in all a great escape. Back to reality tomorrow.

Rockefeller Center, NYC

Central Park, NYC
View from the High Line, NYC
NYC Holiday Windows
In front of Brasseries 8 1/2, NYC

04 December 2014

Nursing School reunion - 75 years later

I was tickled to see this picture I took last Friday on the cover of West Of newspaper on the stands this week. These two ladies were nurses who graduated from the old St. Francis Hospital Nursing School class of 1939. Marilla Powell - 97 and Mary Mayo - 96, were best friends and the only two left from that class. They came back to the current hospital to have a little reunion lunch in the hospital cafeteria last Friday.

What stories these ladies had to tell. They rhymed off names of physicians that sounded very familiar and were probably grandfathers, fathers and uncles of some of our current doctors. They brought their white nurse's caps and wore their school pin on a chain. They talked of mixing their own saline and sterilizing their glass syringes. Dr. Cuddy stopped by to say hello and Marilla Powell offered to be his "sponge nurse" in surgery. You can read the story here: West Of