24 November 2014

Our Lady of the Fence Post

Fence Post, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
I walked in quaint and charming old Mt. Pleasant village on Saturday and spotting this little statue on a fence post across from the Pitt St. Drug Store. I had to do the wide angle view to show how tiny she is.

My house smells good. It will be me and my son for Thanksgiving so we are hitting the road and driving up to lake Marion area. I feel like I am preparing a Thanksgiving picnic. It is not an easy meal to keep simple!

23 November 2014

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance

Huguenot Church, Church St., Charleston, S.C.
It has been a rainy and dreary day in the lowcountry but I walked enough yesterday to make up for a lazy day today. Today's church photo in lieu of attendance is the beautiful and often photographed French Huguenot Church at Church and Queen St. It used to be white but the pinkish color it was repainted in really showed up on this overcast day. The church has an interesting history and still holds one service a year in French.

History of the Huguenot Church: In April of 1680 the ship Richmond arrived in Charleston with 45 French Protestants (Huguenots) aboard. More refugees followed, and in 1687, a church was built on what is now the corner of Church St. and Queen St. in downtown Charleston. About four hundred and fifty Huguenots had settled in the Low Country of South Carolina by 1700.

The original church was destroyed in 1796 in an attempt to stop the spread of a fire, which had burned much of the surrounding area. The replacement for the original building was completed in 1800 and dismantled in 1844 to make way for the present Gothic Revival edifice, designed by Edward Brickell White and dedicated in 1845. The church was damaged by shellfire during the long bombardment of downtown in the War Between the States and was nearly demolished in the severe earthquake of 1886. 
Edit to add this postcard from 1946. The church had been painted white for many years but apparently it is closer to the original color now. 

 Short work week ahead, kids so something to be thankful already! 

22 November 2014

Celebrity Chili Cook Off - Charleston Animal Society

Roper Hospital Chili Booth
The Charleston Animal Society hosted a Celebrity Chili Cook Off today and it was a huge success. The event was held at the Citadel's Johnson Hagood stadium which was a perfect location with plenty of parking. My friend Bob Rife had rallied a team and the Chef Mark from Roper Hospital was cooking up his special chile recipe so I wanted to dash by and show my support.

Checking their web site it looks like ABC News Channel 4 won the contest: Woohoo! Congrats folks!

When I walked in they were asking for ID before putting bracelets on folks who might want to drink alcohal. I tipped my ball cap to show them my gray hair and said, "I don't need to show ID, right? I don't think people have started wearing gray wigs yet", and then I had to laugh when I spotted the gentleman below in the gray wig. Maybe he was just too young to drink and wanted a beer....heheh.

It was all good timing since my son delivered a couple of pounds of venison today and I promised to come up with a good venison chili recipe.


20 November 2014

Partying with the Healthcare Heroes

Roper St. Francis Healthcare Heroes, 2014
I've had the most inspiring evening at the Charleston Regional Business Journal's Healthcare Heroes Awards Ceremony at the Francis Marion Hotel. Nominees were recognized in many categories including healthcare professionals, nurses, physicians, EMTs, service animals and volunteers.

I was there to celebrate them all but especially the young woman below who is one of my volunteers. The week after she learned CPR last year she was camping with her grandfather and saved the life of a toddler who drowned in a pond. I am so proud of Brittany I could bust. This gal will go far.


19 November 2014

Secret Gardens

Garden Gate, Charleston, S.C.
It is difficult to take a boring walk in Charleston. Even quiet off the beaten path streets offer a glimpse of secret gardens.

I am fading fast. This week comes along with evening events almost every night. This evening I hosted forty teenagers interested in surgical careers. They were a great bunch full of energy and questions. There may be nothing more fun than teaching someone eager to learn. They drilled screws into chicken feet and X Rayed them, used a laser to write their names on tongue depressors, practiced cutting flesh in a large piece of steak and wore me out :).

18 November 2014

West Ashley Optimist Club Honorees

Honored for Community Service, 2014
It's been a busy day hopping from meeting to meeting but I ended it on a high note at the West Ashley Optimist Club Youth Appreciation Awards Banquet. The Optimist Club bills itself as the Friend of Youth and each year they let organizations nominate a student for recognition.

I am pleased to present the honorees for 2014. From healthcare, parks and recreation to the aquarium this is an outstanding group of young people who have already left their mark in their community. Congratulations!

17 November 2014

Prepare for Gingko Biloba party day!

King St., Charleston, S.C.
I am not downtown everyday so I am asking those of you who might be to keep an eye on those Library Society trees. Any day now it will be Gingko Biloba party time! All the leaves will turn bright yellow and spin to the ground.

And yes, Virgina, there is a Gingko blog
The Gingko Biloba family of trees are so old they are assumed to have been around for 230 million years ago. Darwin called them 'living fossils'. The trees are so hardy that one of them lived through the atomic blast that destroyed Hiroshima.
Ginkgo biloba - The maidenhair tree
With their neat parachute shape, the leaves tend not to fall in a tidy heap, but to catch on branches of surrounding bushes. The actual material of the leaf is still quite resilient when fallen, and if they land on still water do not lie flat, resembling not so much a dead leaf as a drunken drowning butterfly, or miniature capsizing yacht.
Who wants to go gingko hunting with me in Japan next year? 

16 November 2014

Gaillard Performance Hall progress

Gaillard Performance Hall, George St., Charleston, S.C.
It won't be ready in time for the spring Spoleto Festival and I am sure it has been a huge inconvenience to residents in the immediate neighborhood but look at it! Wow. I haven't been walking in that part of town for awhile and this looks grand. You can check interior progress on the Construction Diary blog. I can't wait to attend a performance in the new venue.

George & Anson St. corner

George & Alexander St. corner

Rainy Sundays

Charleston, S.C.
Yes, that is a drop of rain on my lens.

Hmmmph. Rain. I had plans to go up the coast to Brookgreen Gardens today. It doesn't feel much like a field trip day. What is everyone else doing today? I've been slipping into lazy habits and watching sappy Hallmark movies (huh?) and visiting shopping sites online this morning.

Online reviews often keep me from spending money. The negative ones mention something I wouldn't like either and it saves me money. I did come across one of my favorite reviews ever. This was written for a rice cooker.

5.0 out of 5 stars rice man, January 4, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Aroma 8-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, Stainless Steel (Kitchen)
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Hahah! I think I love him.

Stay dry kids.