22 August 2014

On the road - Washington, D.C.

Washington, D. C.
It has been difficult posting a Charleston Daily Photo when I have been away from the Holy City. This week I have been in Washington, D.C. at the national conference for Administrators of Healthcare Volunteer Resources Professionals. How is that for a mouthful? This is a very large group of people who coordinate volunteers in healthcare facilities all over the country. I have tried to steal every good idea that I heard.

I get frustrated being cooped up in a hotel in a new and exciting city. It has been many years since I took my kids up on the train to explore Washington. As soon as I could escape from meetings I got into town. Sadly my timing coincided with a rain shower and the closing time for all the Smithsonian galleries. The only gallery I actually got to explore was the National Portrait Gallery which was incredible.

I wandered around trying to see what I could with a folded rain soaked map on my head. Last next night I joined an evening trolley ride around the monuments to at least get to see some of the sights. That turned out to be wonderful. Seeing these incredible memorials at dusk was amazing. I was stung by a wasp at the Lincoln Memorial and saw a fox at the MLK memorial. I didn't get enough time. Must go back, must go back!

19 August 2014

Corner Stores - Burbages

Burbages, Charleston, S.C.
It's good to see Burbage's flourishing after the former owner retired after 67 years of business. We don't have too many attractive and successful corner stores and they are such treasures. Link to P & C article on the history of this particular store.

So many stores are impersonal chain convenience stores. I wish we had more of these around. Looking back on past entries, I have a few on Corner Stores of Charleston.

Have a good day kids! I am hitting the road.

18 August 2014

My fifteen minutes of fame

Lowcountry Senior Sun

I was away on vacation when friends let me know I was featured on the cover of the Lowcountry Senior Sun's August issue. I didn't know until I came back and had one in hand that there was a very large picture of me on the front cover.

I can promise my friend and editor Torrey Monroe that people do read his newspaper because I've been hearing about it everywhere I go! For months I've been nominating candidates I thought were interesting to be featured and this time he sent write Brian Sherman to interview me. Thanks Torrey!

17 August 2014

In the details

St. John's Lutheran Church, Charleston, S.C.
Look at the incredible detail work in these old tombstones. I walked yesterday from the Unitarian Church into St. John's Lutheran churchyard and that is where I found this selection. They are amazing works of art.

In other news, I had a nice healthy salmon caesar salad for dinner and then ate a piece of caramel pie at O'Charley's. I am close to being a sugar coma.

Cemetery Blossoms

Unitarian Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.
I went to a friend's wedding this morning (congrats Lynne and Eric!), did a quick change of clothes and took advantage of being downtown to get a walk in. Taking the shortcut through the Unitarian Cemetery I caught a few bright blossoms in contrast to the old tombstones. It is one of my favorite places and well worth exploring.

It's after midnight kids. I'd better get to my bed. Y'all turn the lights out.

15 August 2014

100 Best Restaurants in the South

Charleston, S.C.

I pulled the Charleston restaurants listed in Southern Living magazine's top 100 places to eat in the South listing. I am doing very well. I haven't got into Edmond's Oast or out to Sullivan's Island to the Obstinate Daughter yet, but I've been fortunate enough to enjoy the rest of the list. Yum, yum, yum. We are spoiled in Charleston.Southern Living magazine's top 100 places to eat in the South


14 August 2014

100 Objects, 100 Days in Orangeburg County

Muffler Man, Holly Hill, S.C.
The Orangeburg Times And Democrat is featuring a series called, "Orangeburg County: 100 objects, 100 days," featuring the stories of 100 objects in Orangeburg County. I am familiar with many of them but have never seen Valentine's Cotton Gin & Country Store and I certainly haven't seen the old Coffee Pot diner since it was refurbished.

I don't believe they have finished their 100 items yet so I am here to nominate old Muffler Man in Holly Hill who always has a friendly wave as I pass by and the never open when I am there, Tea Pot museum in Elloree.

What else needs to be included? I know I have friends haunting the back roads of Orangeburg County. Thanks to reporter Martha Rose Brown for leading me to the interesting series.

12 August 2014

Field Trip - San Juan Islands

Whidbey Island

Back to work today but it was a day of meetings at Trident Technical College. Tomorrow I will have a phone full of messages, hundreds of emails to respond to, notes pinned to my door and stuffed under my door. For a week I will hear people say, "I came to see you but you weren't there....!"

I wasn't. This is where I was.

This evening's selection is an assortment from the San Juan islands - Orcas and San Juan Island including the Sculpture garden. In fact, I think the top one was from Whidbey Island. Sweet memories already.

11 August 2014

On the road - Orcas Island Kayak Trip

Rare sighting of a kayak family in the wild, Orcas Island
I've been away, yay! I left a few posts to show up during my absence but I've been across the country on vacation. I met my daughter in Seattle and we took the ferry over to the San Juan Islands and spent a week island hopping. Forgive me if I haven't responded to messages and comments. I travel lightly and as much as I love y'all, I don't worry too much about my online life when I am on the road. I got back last night to learn that Charleston has been pounded with rain storms and daily flooding. I have tree limbs in my yard to drag to the curb and my birds are complaining about soggy seeds for their dinner.

I have lots of pictures to upload. This first batch is from a kayak trip on Sucia Island. We stayed at the Kangaroo Bed & Breakfast, named after a former owner Sea Captain who kept a Kangaroo as a pet. My bed was an alcove bed in the wall with red velvet curtains and a nightlight chandelier. Ha! My daughter is a detail planner and had everything mapped out to keep us moving from one adventure to another.We picked up lunch at the co-op grocery and headed out for five hours of paddling around the islands. The scenery was so different from our lowcountry marsh views it was a real treat for me. I may or may not have an impressive sunburn on my arms. My own budget kayaks don't have rudders and these were sweet kayaks to paddle.

Sucia Island Kayak Trip: Outer Island will shuttle kayakers to Sucia Island via power boat. On the trip over we will stop by prime wildlife viewing locations and explore some of Sucia's natural history. You and your kayak guide will be dropped off at Sucia Island, a small pristine island located 3 miles off the North shore of Orcas. After a brief kayaking lesson you will hop in your kayak for a 2 to 3 hour paddle which includes a lunch stop at a remote beach. You will then be shuttled back to Orcas by power boat.

Sucia is only accessible by private boat. Its remote and undeveloped character make it a haven for wildlife and its large protected bays, make it a wonderful setting for any kayaker, novice or advanced. Sucia has caves, fossil beds, spectacular sand stone formations and a wide variety of wildlife. One can encounter bald eagles, osprey, river otters, harbor seals, sea lions, porpoise and the occasional transient orca whale.

Kangaroo Bed & Breakfast, Orcas Island
My bed with the red velvet drapes ;)