21 May 2017

Ending Petlessness


I smiled last fall when we noticed huge billboards in Portland, Oregon that promoted "Ending Petlessness" but now I have my own pets! I don't have to rush home to feed them or take them out for walks. Inside the glass globe is a totally enclosed ecosystem - a complete, self-contained and self-sustaining miniature world encased in glass with tiny shrimp swimming around. I will admit they weren't eager to pose for my camera. The little pink blur in the center was one of them swimming by. 
EcoSphere: Inside each EcoSphere are active micro-organisms, small shrimp, algae and bacteria, each existing in filtered sea water. Because the EcoSphere is a self-sustaining ecosystem, you never have to feed the life within. Simply provide your EcoSphere with a source of indirect natural or artificial light and enjoy this aesthetic blend of art and science, beauty and balance.
I've been a bit out of commission lately and have missed grabbing pictures of activities in Charleston. Meanwhile check out Vanessa Kauffman's great pictures of the Tall Ship Festival.

16 May 2017

Grilled cheese for the win!

Cory's Grilled Cheese
Who doesn't like grilled cheese? It is the ultimate comfort food and no matter how easy it is to make yourself, it can still be tempting to order a really good version in a restaurant. Did you know we have a grilled cheese sandwich restaurant? Yes, we do! 

Cory's Grilled Cheese is in the James Island Shopping Center tucked away beyond the recently renovated Harris Teeter. They serve every version of grilled cheese sandwich you can imagine as well as letting you create your own. Fun fact - owner Cory has a tattoo of a grilled cheese sandwich on his arm. Funner fact - they host hard metal bands after hours as well as open mic and acoustic nights. It is definitely a character spot. 

13 May 2017

Mother's Day memories

Perry home first aid station
I've mentioned that my father was a missionary school teacher in the hills of north east India for fourteen years of my childhood. My mother had graduated with a nursing degree from the University of Toronto and she quickly set up a first aid stand in our living room. We watched and learned and it was never a surprise to walk in the house and see one of my younger siblings washing and bandaging wounds. The healthcare provider was often younger than the patient! It's fun to tell people that I was a very young healthcare volunteer. My sister Sally wrote this: 
Mum introduced us to nursing at a very young age. Our home was open day and night to school children and anyone in the community who had need of patching up. She was a legend in our village, many who would never go to a doctor or hospital would let Mum take care of them and was my introduction to the importance of trust in our profession. I can remember Mum often strongly recommending that a doctor should be consulted, but when they refused she would do what she could. She was loved by many. We practiced nursing long before we were out of elementary school, looking after scrapes, cuts, skin infections before and after school, during recess and even meal times. We went with Mum on her visits in the community, seeing unimaginable sights, legs swollen with elephantiasis, fungating tumours and third degree burns covered with local remedies. We watched her give injections and when called upon, stepped up and gave daily injections. Three of her daughters, one granddaughter and grandson are nurses.

11 May 2017

Mother's Day finds

Rutledge Ave., Charleston, SC   
In preparation for Mother's Day I am sharing a few related images I have collected over the years. Naturally I always assume that my children left them for me to find. I won't ask them. Why ruin the surprise?

10 May 2017

Saying goodbye

Brothers saying farewell, Ontario, Canada    
My father lived a full life and I think we gave him a suitable farewell. He was one of eight siblings and he had eight children so the days were full of memories shared and stories told. He was a farmer, teacher, preacher, mechanic, carpenter, philosopher, gardener and beekeeper. He taught high school science, moved his young family to the hills of north east India to serve as a headmaster for fourteen years.

The service was very personal and it turns out I seem to be related in some way to half of Ontario. We were wrapped in love. I have so appreciated the many comments and notes and the chance to see so many family members and friends. My dad was buried in a historic, country cemetery and the photo shows his two brothers climbing the hill to his burial plot.

Back to reality in the morning!

05 May 2017

RIP Donald E Perry

Donald E Perry
I am heading to Canada to bid farewell to my father. He lived a full and honorable life. Thanks Dad.
Perry, Donald E. – Peacefully with his family at his side on Wednesday May 3, 2017 at Albright Manor, aged 90 years. Beloved husband of Dianne. Predeceased by his first wife Miriam in 1994. Dear father of Grayce Perry (Bob Norris) of Elora, Barbara Rose Perry (Gord McDiarmid) of Kingston, Joan Perry of Charleston, South Carolina, Shirley Perry of Edmonton, Sally (Fred Cleary) of Woodstock, Bob Perry (Elaine) of Dunville, Roger Perry (Catherine) of Beamsville, James ( Valariena – Syiemlieh) Perry of Shillong, and Jeffrey Canales. Also Dianne’s children Darlene (Rob) Knott, Jeffrey Knudsen, Suzanne (Nick) Komandanski and Patrick (Leoni) Knudsen. Also survived by 32 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren. Brother of Eugene Perry, Ralph (Joyce) Perry, Mabel (Richard) Taylor and Myrna Perry. Predeceased by Mary Wark, Charles Perry and Amy Halls.

03 May 2017

Through the window

East West on East Bay, Charleston, SC   
The model of a development project looked like it was floating in air when viewed through the window of East West Partners on East Bay St. From what I can tell they are the developers working on projects at Ansonborough Fields.

01 May 2017

Garden at Gaillard

Calhoun St., Charleston, SC   
I spotted these pretties in the Gaillard Auditorium garden. Who needs to exercise when you walk with a camera? I stoop, bend, crawl on my belly to get the angle I want.

Happy to come home to find that my heat & air gentleman fixed my dripping overflow hose while I was at work so I can use my air-conditioning this evening. It was a little toasty last night. It is nice to be a long term customer and get prompt service. Thanks Carolina Climate Masters.