10 May 2017

Saying goodbye

Brothers saying farewell, Ontario, Canada    
My father lived a full life and I think we gave him a suitable farewell. He was one of eight siblings and he had eight children so the days were full of memories shared and stories told. He was a farmer, teacher, preacher, mechanic, carpenter, philosopher, gardener and beekeeper. He taught high school science, moved his young family to the hills of north east India to serve as a headmaster for fourteen years.

The service was very personal and it turns out I seem to be related in some way to half of Ontario. We were wrapped in love. I have so appreciated the many comments and notes and the chance to see so many family members and friends. My dad was buried in a historic, country cemetery and the photo shows his two brothers climbing the hill to his burial plot.

Back to reality in the morning!


William Kendall said...

I am sorry. It's so hard, losing a parent.

Linda said...

Please accept my sympathy.

Jack said...

Your photographs are a fine and loving testament. It appears that your father lived a good life loaded with fun, love, interesting work and adventure. Yes, it is hard to say "good-bye," easier to say "well done."