13 May 2017

Mother's Day memories

Perry home first aid station
I've mentioned that my father was a missionary school teacher in the hills of north east India for fourteen years of my childhood. My mother had graduated with a nursing degree from the University of Toronto and she quickly set up a first aid stand in our living room. We watched and learned and it was never a surprise to walk in the house and see one of my younger siblings washing and bandaging wounds. The healthcare provider was often younger than the patient! It's fun to tell people that I was a very young healthcare volunteer. My sister Sally wrote this: 
Mum introduced us to nursing at a very young age. Our home was open day and night to school children and anyone in the community who had need of patching up. She was a legend in our village, many who would never go to a doctor or hospital would let Mum take care of them and was my introduction to the importance of trust in our profession. I can remember Mum often strongly recommending that a doctor should be consulted, but when they refused she would do what she could. She was loved by many. We practiced nursing long before we were out of elementary school, looking after scrapes, cuts, skin infections before and after school, during recess and even meal times. We went with Mum on her visits in the community, seeing unimaginable sights, legs swollen with elephantiasis, fungating tumours and third degree burns covered with local remedies. We watched her give injections and when called upon, stepped up and gave daily injections. Three of her daughters, one granddaughter and grandson are nurses.
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