29 May 2017

On the road - Travelers Rest

Sharing Library, Travelers Rest, SC   
What a happy surprise Travelers Rest was on our ride home from Greenville yesterday. We pulled up for a break and spotted this cute little reading park on the edge of a very active bike path. The bike path was on the route of coffee shops, boutiques and cafes and I suspect went all the way to the Furman University campus. It felt like a vibrant small town and I googled to discover that it is listed as a on of 15 of America's Coolest Small Towns. High five Travelers Rest!
Travelers Rest, SC (Population: 4,750) Travelers Rest gets its travel-mag-ready moniker from the pioneer days, when travelers followed a trail dotted with the occasional tavern or inn. But the town offers not only restful, comfy lodgings but also world-class outdoor activities.
Edit: I learned that the bike trail is part of the 19 mile Swamp Rabbit Trail that connects Travelers Rest to the city of Greenville. This is grand!

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William Kendall said...

A cool spot for a rest!