20 August 2016

God's Own Acre

Healing Springs, Blackville, SC 
Three miles out of tiny, downtown Blackville, turn right at Healing Springs Road and right again at the Healing Springs Baptist Church to find an acre of land deeded to God. The bright blue sign reminds everyone to respect that fact and keep it clean. Cars pull up one after another with empty containers to fill from the pipes bubbling clear water from the ground. We parked next to a car load of excited young women who had driven hours out of their way on a trip from New Hampshire to fill large water containers and drink from the spring. Healing water!
According to the legend, four gravely-wounded British soldiers were found wandering the woods after the Battle of Windy Hill Creek. A group of Native Americans came across the men on the brink of death and took them to the spring.Amazingly, after drinking the water, all of the men made a full recovery and after only a few months, and walked back into their camp as if nothing had happened at all. The Natives gave all the credit to the Healing Well.
Over the years, the supposedly sacred land and mineral well have passed to many people, at least until 1944 when the owner, Mr. Boyston, deeded the land to God. Nope I'm not kidding. He did so, however, so that anyone in need of healing, either from a paper cut to a open wound, could grab a drink at the amazing healing well and be cured from all their ails