30 August 2012

Avondale Trash Monster

Avondale Mural, Charleston, S.C.
I imagine that these folks don't have to take their trash out. Somebody looks like he eats it all up and licks his lips. Trash monster!

I came home to an almost finished ceiling in my study so it's worth dusting and mopping another room to live in again. One more bedroom to go. This feels like it has taken forever. I put off coming home long enough that I stopped by Sesame at Citadel Mall for the only thing I have ever eaten at Sesame - roasted corn on the cob and the ultimate grilled cheese. So good.

If you are a mural fan here is an event tomorrow evening that might be of interest: Pop Up Show - Gadsden Funeral Home

Here is an update on another one of the Avondale murals:

29 August 2012

Seashells by the Seashore

Seashells by the Seashore, Charleston, S.C.
I didn't take this tonight but I could have. After a lovely bright day it is raining again. It's been a full day, Farmer's Market at work, used book sale for the American Heart Association, Ice Cream social.

I see that my hit ticker rolled over the 500,000 mark so yipee! This is the reincarnation of my original blog "Walk this Way" that crashed on a site called Journalspace in late 2007. What a blow that was. Hundreds of bloggers lost years of writing and photos. Another gal had started the Charleston Daily Photo, left town and was happy to turn it over to me shortly after that.

It's been a good ride and I'm not finished taking pictures of everything in Charleston yet. Thanks for keeping me coming back! I appreciate all the comments (10,185 of them!) and behind the scenes emails.

28 August 2012

Holy rain storms, kids!

Holy rain storm, kids! I was happy to be safely confined at work with no off-campus meetings today. Some parts of town had 4 - 5 inches in as many hours. There were so many great flooding pictures online today but this was one of the best - kayakers paddling through the Market buildings. It was credited to Jonah Jeter from the Becket Agency.

Then, someone went one better and came up with this priceless version of the kayakers now in sweetgrass baskets.It is credited to Lucy's Red Sky Grill. I don't know who did it but I thank them!

When I lived downtown I was the one who had the best street flooding shots but I can't say I didn't enjoy not having to drive in the mess. I sat smugly imagining sailing home smoothly. What I didn't expect was to find my freshly painted little shed soaking in about six inches of muddy water. The trash can was on it's side and the propane tank floating by the grill. Yuck. No fun. I haven't gone inside the shed yet. That mess can wait until tomorrow. Stay safe kids!

This is the drainage ditch/river behind my house. 

27 August 2012

On the road - Sweatman's BBQ

Sweatman's BBQ, Holly Hill, S.C.
I've been escaping my house as much as possible while remodeling is going on. With one hardworking handyman who works full time the dusty job of redoing the ceilings has left me wanting to run for the hills as often as possible.

Saturday was a good day for a drive in the country and I had lunch at Sweatman's BBQ between Holly Hill and Eutawville. Walking in things immediately seemed a different and I remembered that the famous BBQ joint had changed hands at the end of last year. It was cleaned up a bit and there were a few additions to the buffet menu. They added macaroni and cheese and green beans. They served a couple of ribs but other than that it was still self serve buffet with a set price for one piled plate and another for all you can eat. Who needs more than a plateful? I had no complaints. A little cup of banana pudding is included and it is the only place in the world that I eat white trash bread with bright yellow squirt margarine. It's almost disgusting to type that.

Sweatman's BBQ is still a hit in my book. Apparently the new owners even have a listed phone number and now accept credit cards. 

26 August 2012

Yarn Bombing Bike Racks

Bike racks, Summerville, S.V.
Just when I thought we'd been left out of the yarn bombing phenomena I spotted these bike racks in Summerville. Thank you, thank you, mysterious knitter!  You have to click the link and see the wild pictures covered in knitting. Amazing. Here is more info on yarn graffiti.

25 August 2012

Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon
For my dear friend in Summerville who has not been treated fairly by life lately. If prayers and love can heal you should be feeling them from coming your way from all the people you have helped through the years. We love you!

You know you are in the South when....

Mac's Pork Cracklins
Pork Cracklins. Oh. Let's. have. a. party. Fried out pork fat with attached skin.

23 August 2012

Straighten up there, partner!

Percy St., Charleston, S.C.
Someone is tilting a little. Don't lean on this house or it might topple over. I have a neato photo editing feature to straighten a picture and I have to be careful not to straighten out houses that really are leaning to one side.

Googling for "crooked buildings" to see where it led me I came to this web site of amazingly Bizarre Buildings. What a fun way to fritter away a few minutes.

Tomorrow is Friday. What movie shall I see? On Tuesday I treated all my volunteers to a matinee. The Terrace Theater gives me a deal once a year and all the hospital volunteers are invited to wave their ID badge at the window and relax. We saw Hope Springs. It went over very well. Thanks Terrace Theater! We filled the place.

My house is still a mess of white dust from ceiling work but I decided not to put new sheet rock in every single room. My handyman just put up bead board in the bedroom. I don't have the ceiling fan back or painted it yet but I am already tickled. The little Jolly Rancher is coming together!

22 August 2012

School Days

Window Box, Charleston, S.C.
First week of school for the lowcountry and I made a mother cry.

All the back-to-school ads brought back fun memories of my kids and since I don't have any children in my immediate circle I called a single mother of a great teenager and asked mom how her daughter was set for school. She started to cry. I had waited almost too late to offer to help out a bright young gal whose mother works a minimum wage job. I got the cash I would have spent on my own and put it in an envelope to take care of a couple outfits for the first day at school and class supplies.

The lady slipped by my office to get the envelope and was so grateful when she left that I felt the sting of tears in my eyes. It was shame really, for letting her get to that stage. One of the nurses I work with asked what was wrong and kicked into action. By the end of the week we had a box of gently used fashionable clothes of the right size, school supplies and gift cards. She has four new "aunts" looking out for her. Thanks Kelly, Beth and Ginger! I love ya.

21 August 2012

Travel Tuesdays - Giraffe Center, Kenya

Giraffe Center, Kenya
Wow, wow, wow. It amazes me still.

A couple of years ago I went to Kenya to document a Water Missions International trip. My healthcare system had adopted a small hospital in western Kenya and raised the funds to install a water purification system for them and I got to go. We had the first day after our arrival in Nairobi to explore before heading west. One of the highlights of the day was visiting the Giraffe Center not too far out of town.  The raised building was high enough that the giraffes were at eye level when they strolled up to check us out. I was encouraged to hold a snack between my teeth and was treated to a giraffe kiss. How do you ever top that?!

There was a beautiful Giraffe Manor house on the property and my understanding is that the giraffes poke their heads in the windows to see what the guests are having for breakfast in the morning.

* Travel Tuesdays will feature photos taken out of Charleston and the Lowcountry.  Join me for Travel Tuesday Field trips!

Going to the Chapel

Wedding Chapel, Ashley Ave., Charleston, S.C.

When I was selling my house downtown I checked out every property on my regular walking routes that was for sale. This little wedding chapel on Ashley Avenue was. I imagined moving in and turning it into a home. It had a relatively large parking lot so I pictured renting out parking spots to help pay for it all. Luckily it was already under contract or I might have done it. I even imagined living in the attic and renting out the bottom for weddings. Heheh.

Now I see someone is planning to use it for a home. Four or five homes in fact. The sign called it "The Chapel Estates" and advertises the property as condos. They are building them in my parking lot.

20 August 2012

Rocks of ages

Ashley Ave., Charleston, S.C.
Where, I ask you, where did they get all of these stones in Charleston? Tabby maybe, but rocks? I don't know if there is any other stone wall like this in the lowcountry and I love it. It reminds me of Ireland.

They are back!

Jasper St., Charleston, S.C.
College of Charleston students have settled back in. Yikes. It isn't all bad living off the peninsula. The nights  are certainly quieter. I took this on Sunday morning.

19 August 2012

Percy St. Banana Plantation

Banana trees, Percy St., Charleston, S.C.
Hello Mister Banana Man, check this out! Percy St. is like a Banana Plantation at the moment. This is pretty impressive. Someone asked in a recent post where the bananas were. Apparently they are on Percy St.

Send your banana pictures to the Banana Man!

Time to sing the Banana Boat song! All together now, Day-o:

Blossoms on Coming St.

Blossoms on Coming St., Charleston, S.C.
Thunder and lightening! Looks like I got home from my walk about town just in time. If there is enough wind these flowers will get a good watering. Someone had fun decorating.

Speaking of decorating, why are these HGTV home buying, remodeling shows so addicting? I have to finish the show to see how the house turns out.

18 August 2012

Cough, cough

I am covered in a layer of white powder. Cough, cough. New sheet rock is going up right over the nasty popcorn ceiling. It is looking great but boy is it wearing me out and I'm not even doing the work. Cough.  It will all be worth it. It will all be worth it. It will all be worth it. Right?

17 August 2012

Going Bananas

Banana Tree & Art Show, Short St., Charleston, S.C.
There's bats in my belfry.
Won't you make sure this straightjacket's tight,
Otherwise I might get myself free.
Yes, there's bats in my belfry.

Who knows?
Could be the wine I drink
Or it's the way I think,
That makes me gonzo.
Oh, Doctor Alonzo says I'm going bananas,
Someone get me a bed in the "Casa de Loco" for all my mananas,
For I'm going bananas.
Yes, I'm going bananas.
Si, I'm going bananas.

16 August 2012

The Wood Nymph

The Wood Nymph, Middleton Place, Charleston, S.C.
Artist Tish Murphy remembered that I had taken pictures of the Wood Nymph at Middleton Place and shared her recent painting. I love it when artists do that! Find her work here: Tish Murphy Fine Art.

Among the Azaleas" 12x 12 acrylic on canvas: This is "The Wood Nymph" statue from Middleton Place, Charleston, SC. This statue by Schadow (1810), was buried for safekeeping during the Civil War in 1865, and now overlooks the Azalea Pool in the Gardens. It was a striking moment when I came upon her with the azaleas in bloom and felt compelled to paint and share her image. — at Middleton Place 

15 August 2012

It's Too Darn Hot

Architectural Antiques & Design, Charleston, S.C.

Can I put this on my door tomorrow and close up shop? I spotted this sign on the door of  Architectural Antiques & Design on St. Andrews Blvd.when I stopped by Hokus Pokus looking for Super Hero accessories.

I admit, I had no idea who Ann Miller was or what the quote related to but google solved that:

14 August 2012

Travel Tuesdays - Darjeeling

Darjeeling, India
It isn't a very crisp image and I've long since lost the original negative, but one I've always been fond of. The lady is so tiny and I love the colors. I took this photo in real tea country, the hills of Darjeeling, India. It was a magical place covered in fog with white Buddhist prayer flags on poles lining the streets. The mist would lift here and there and let you get a glimpse of what was on the hillsides. I hope it is just as pretty now. Look here for recent images.

We were eager to see the famous narrow gauge toy train but it was out of commission due to landslides. We visited the train station but were not able to ride it.

We stayed at the Windamere Hotel which was a bit like staying at an eccentric Grandma's house with a mix of old British raj furniture and monkeys climbing on the roof. The bookshelves had albums full of black and white pictures of parties from years gone by. There used to be good boarding schools in this area and when the British were in India they would stay at the Windamere when they came up to visit their children in the cool hills. The hotel web site has quite a few good old photos scanned in now.

Each morning we were to get up early to see the sun rise over the Three Sisters in the Himalayas and tea would be brought to our room just in case it was clear enough to see the sunrise.

When we wandered through the town shop keepers asked us where we were staying and sent us home promptly if it was time for tea or dinner. They loaned us umbrellas when it was raining which it seemed to do daily. I've tried unsuccessfully to recreate the Mulligatawny soup served in the hotel restaurant.

*Travel Tuesdays will feature photos taken out of Charleston and the Lowcountry.  Join me for Travel Tuesday Field trips!

13 August 2012

Guard Lion on South Battery

South Battery, Charleston, S.C.
Grrrrr. I guess this would be called a Guard Lion? I had so much water in my yard after this weekend's rain that I might easily have a Guard Gator or maybe a Guard Snake or two.

I had a mid day meeting cancelled today at the last minute. Unexpected free time is like a little present isn't it? Here - take these two hours and do what you will with them. Yeah!

How about a little blog hopping?

Here is a present for all your friends with iPhones: Micro Tripod on a Keychain. Cool.

Random Acts of Garden Kindness - Sneak out and plant something!

Learn how to trim your bushes into extraordinary shapes at the Topiary Workshop with the amazing Pearl Fryer from Bishopville on Aug. 18th at the the Simmons Garden at St. John’s Reformed Episcopal Church, 91 Anson Street in Charleston.

Latest Charleston Blog Baby - It's a Boy! What a cutie pie.

Lazy girls Art Walk: Barbara Stroud introduces us to a new artist each week.

Remember Ryan White story? His mother will be speaking at the Riviera Theater on Aug. 24 from  2-4 pm. I think I will go. Seating is limited, please RSVP to 402-2092 or kimberly.balaguer@rsfh.com.

Did you see the clip of the alligator grabbing a snack at the PGA on Kiawah last week. I heard the food was expensive so he is fending for himself. Wow.

12 August 2012

Objects in the Mirror

South Battery, Charleston, S.C.

Objects in the mirror are further away than they appear and fading quickly as the weekend fades away in our rear view mirror. Is it really time to squeeze my eyes shut and open them to discover it is Monday again?

There has been so much going on in Charleston this weekend it has been fun to log on to Facebook and see everyone's weekend photos flowing in from the PGA, 2nd Sunday on King St. as well as beach and vacation pictures. I've been dodging construction in my house still as we continue to work on my ceilings. My handyman works full time so he pops up at my door in the evenings and weekends.

I met a handsome new gentleman friend on Saturday morning. What a darling! This is Chris & Vanessa's baby Abram.  It made my day to get a little baby luvin' in.

I walked the peninsula this morning and stopped by Bull St. Gourmet on King St. to get my favorite Portabella Mushroom sandwich. It seems like I haven't been eating out as much lately and I'll need to change that if I am to continue to live up to Waldo's expectations.

I am off to my bed.  Y'all turn the lights out.

11 August 2012

Unusual Sights

Pay Phone, Charleston, S.C.

Hey, not many of these around any more. I need to make an effort to include them in a shot when I can. This one is at the WL Stephens Aquatic Center on Playground Rd. Any guesses as to how much a local call costs these days? I didn't so I had to check.

Walking on through Byrnes Downs neighborhood I spotted another unusual sight. These folks must be getting ready to do some major yard work! What a cool old tractor.

10 August 2012

A Sad Story

Charlestowne Landing, Charleston, S.C.
It has been in the back of my mind all week that I was to report for jury duty this morning. It wasn't regular jury duty but I'd been summoned to report for the Coroner's Inquest to determined the manner of death in the little two year old who had been mauled by dogs in Mt. Pleasant. I knew when I read about it in the paper that it was the case we would be deciding and I was hoping against hope that I wou;ldn't be selected.

There were about thirty six of us this morning and after the usual people were allowed to leave for one reason or another they picked the jurors at random and I did not get selected. We were invited to stay for the inquest and I did stay for the morning to hear the heartbreaking testimony of the EMS and police responders. The worst part was listening to the awful 911 call and to hear to dreadful chaos and distress in the family's voices when they called for help. They were screaming and crying out to God to bring the baby back to life. It was the saddest thing I've ever heard.

I didn't go back after the lunch break but just read online that the death was determined to be accidental. I can't help thinking it was the only possible decision and that everyone involved has already been punished. Someone told me that one reason for the inquest may be to bring public attention to the issue of dog mauling so let's let it do that. As much as we love dogs they are animals and babies and toddlers should not be left alone with them.

08 August 2012

The Lone Sailor

The Lone Sailor, Riverfront Park, North Charleston, S.C.
He is a bit over dressed for our heat but Iam pleased that North Charleston has one of the twelve copies of the Lone Sailor Statue. The original Lone Sailor statue was created in 1987 as a tribute to all the personnel of the sea services and placed at the United States Navy Memorial. This gentleman overlooks the Cooper River at the North Charleston Riverfront Park.

In other more local news, my hospital passed our Joint Commission survey with flying colors today. Whew. What a relief. No matter how much we try to maintain a high level of care you never know exactly what surveyors are going to concentrate on.  They send a team that can pop up anywhere. Our CEO gave us the good news at 4 p.m. that all went well and they left very impressed. I am very proud of all my co-workers today. High fives to everyone! Yippee!

07 August 2012

Travel Tuesdays - Iona of the East

Inchcolm Island, Scotland

A few years ago when I was in Edinburgh with friends at the end of a hiking holiday, I took off on my own and caught the boat to Inchcolm Island in the Firth of Forth to explore the old Abbey. I rode on the Maid of the Firth through the Firth of Forth (say that three times fast).  Romans, Danes, Christians, Hermits, Monks, skeletons in the wall, First & Second World War fortifications, the little island has it all as well as one of the most impressive seagull nesting areas I have ever seen.

The lady who ran the gift shop was married to the boat captain and they lived on the island enjoying it all to themselves in between visitors arriving on the boat.

I explored the tunnels under the rolling hills and kept popping out in the midst of nesting areas where I was immediately bombarded by dive bombing sea gulls. I had to put my umbrella up to protect myself. It was grand and noisy! It was one of the best travel days ever.

*Travel Tuesdays will feature photos taken out of Charleston and the Lowcountry.  Join me for Travel Tuesday Field trips!