23 August 2012

Straighten up there, partner!

Percy St., Charleston, S.C.
Someone is tilting a little. Don't lean on this house or it might topple over. I have a neato photo editing feature to straighten a picture and I have to be careful not to straighten out houses that really are leaning to one side.

Googling for "crooked buildings" to see where it led me I came to this web site of amazingly Bizarre Buildings. What a fun way to fritter away a few minutes.

Tomorrow is Friday. What movie shall I see? On Tuesday I treated all my volunteers to a matinee. The Terrace Theater gives me a deal once a year and all the hospital volunteers are invited to wave their ID badge at the window and relax. We saw Hope Springs. It went over very well. Thanks Terrace Theater! We filled the place.

My house is still a mess of white dust from ceiling work but I decided not to put new sheet rock in every single room. My handyman just put up bead board in the bedroom. I don't have the ceiling fan back or painted it yet but I am already tickled. The little Jolly Rancher is coming together!