22 August 2012

School Days

Window Box, Charleston, S.C.
First week of school for the lowcountry and I made a mother cry.

All the back-to-school ads brought back fun memories of my kids and since I don't have any children in my immediate circle I called a single mother of a great teenager and asked mom how her daughter was set for school. She started to cry. I had waited almost too late to offer to help out a bright young gal whose mother works a minimum wage job. I got the cash I would have spent on my own and put it in an envelope to take care of a couple outfits for the first day at school and class supplies.

The lady slipped by my office to get the envelope and was so grateful when she left that I felt the sting of tears in my eyes. It was shame really, for letting her get to that stage. One of the nurses I work with asked what was wrong and kicked into action. By the end of the week we had a box of gently used fashionable clothes of the right size, school supplies and gift cards. She has four new "aunts" looking out for her. Thanks Kelly, Beth and Ginger! I love ya.