30 June 2016

Charleston Social Media Day - 2016

Social Media Day - 2016, Charleston, SC 
Thanks to all the organizers, panelists and sponsors. Well done!
Congratulations to the winners. Cocktail Bandits, Callie's Hot Biscuits and Explore Charleston

29 June 2016

Teeny, tiny houses - Pawleys Island

Pawleys Island, SC   
 The dreamy little cottages that catch my eye don't always have the most charming histories. 
In the lowcountry they were often slave cabins and that is exactly what this one on Pawleys Island was. The main house is called the LaBruce Lemon House and was built in 1858. There is a bit of history below and we are lucky - since the property is a holiday rental there are images of all the rooms in the house on this real estate page. What a fun tour!

Many thanks to my day-trip partner in crime who pulled to a screeching halt for my photo op. 

28 June 2016

On leaving Georgetown & Vote for Me!

Georgetown, SC 
One of the best parts about Saturday's boating excursion was looking back at Georgetown as we sailed down the river. I love shrimp boats and the view was beautiful.

Tomorrow is Social Media Day in Charleston and the topic is actually interesting: Social Media During a Crisis. The event is held at the Charleston Museum on Thursday afternoon. There are some social media award and apparently someone has nominated ME.

Vote for me: as much as it makes me squirmy, if you are inclined to register, you can vote for me in the last category for best Charleston images - Charleston Daily Photo at this link: Social Media Day Awards. Many thanks to the person who nominated me.

27 June 2016

ChArt mural project update

ChART mural project, Avondale, Charleston, SC 
It's worth a now and then detour through the ally behind the shops in Avondale. 
Murals come and go. Luckily most of my favorites remain. 

26 June 2016

Lighthouse Hunting - Georgetown

Georgetown, SC 
I've been checking the lighthouses in South Carolina off of my list lately. The Georgetown lighthouse is visible from the water so it required a little planning and a boat ride to view it. There are two companies offering lighthouse and shelling trip from G-Town and for more convenient timing we took Cap'n Rod's tour which left at noon. The trips are popular and fill up so reservations are the best plan. There is a lot of history around Georgetown and I'd like to return for the plantation tour. We saw many beautiful plantation buildings through the woods.

We didn't get off at the lighthouse since it is still in operation but had a good view as we sailed by. We had close to an hour and a half on North Island to explore the boneyard beach and shell. Visitors were allowed to take shells and to carry pieces of driftwood of a size that one person could carry.
Begun in 1799 and lighted in 1801, the Georgetown Lighthouse is the oldest active lighthouse in South Carolina and one of the oldest in existence on the south Atlantic coast. However, a tablet above the entrance notes 1811 as the date of erection, differing from the nomination form’s conclusion. During the Civil War, the lighthouse was used by the Confederates as an observation post until it was captured by Union forces in May 1862. The lighthouse tower, in the shape of a truncated cone, is 87 feet tall. The stairs and center supporting post were cut from solid stone, and the outer walls are of brick. The light was rebuilt in 1812 and 1867. The lighthouse complex is in a cleared area of scrub-covered sand dunes and includes several one-story buildings that form the Coast Guard station, a dock on Winyah Bay, and a radio tower. Listed in the National Register December 30, 1974.

24 June 2016

Palmetto Roses

Palmetto Roses, Charleston, SC 
Even palmetto roses lose their bloom. 

It's Friday kids! I didn't make to my usual Friday afternoon matinee so hit the recliner with
potato pancakes and a few episodes of Orange is the New Black. Such an exciting life I lead. Heheh. 
It has been a busy week and I am perfectly happy. 

23 June 2016

Cutest little cuppa in town

Starbucks, Calhoun St., Charleston, SC   
It is surely one of the cutest little Starbucks coffee shops but most remembered fondly in 
Charleston as the former Goodie House known for hamburgers, chili and pie and I suspect
 nursed many a college hangover,

96 degrees again tomorrow kids. Seems awfully hot for this early in the year. 
My new air-conditioner is earning it's keep!

22 June 2016

Lock it up!

Jantzen Lock & Safe, Meeting St., Charleston, SC   
People tend to look down when they pass Jantzen's Lock shop because random keys are embedded in the pavement. When you spot the first one you think it is a mistake and then you realize it is part of the decor.  The lock and safe shop has been in business for 150 years.
Jantzen Lock & Safe Company has been key-master locksmiths since 1864. With over 150 years of experience as a family-owned and -operated business, you can be sure that you are working with the most trusted locksmith in the region.When you need to change your locks or repair your safe, call Jantzen Lock & Safe Company. We're located in the historic part of downtown Charleston, South Carolina, at 276 Meeting Street. We're best known for our symbolic front sculpture, which contains hundreds of cement-embedded keys in the front sidewalk of our building. This attracts thousands of tourist each year.

21 June 2016

On the Prowl

College of Charleston, SC 
On the Prowl 
Sculpted by John Michel
Professor of Studio Art 
Gift of the Class of 1996

20 June 2016

Red Solo Cup

Charleston Still life with Red Solo Cup, Vanderhorst St., Charleston, SC  
The tales the Frewil Apartment building could tell would be a great book of short stories. 

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Wentworth Fire Station, Meeting St., Charleston, SC   
If the dog is sleeping things must be calm at the fire station, right? It did make me do a little research on the connection between dalmatians and fire stations. This is what I learned.
Dalmatians: Because of the dog/horse bond, the dalmatian easily adapted to the firehouse in the days of horse-drawn fire wagons. Since every firehouse had a set of fast horses to pull the pumper, it became common for each group of firefighters to keep a dalmatian in the firehouse to guard the firehouse and horses. When the alarm came in, the dalmatian led the way for the horse-drawn pumper. In this way, the dalmatian became the firefighters' companion and a symbol of the fire service. Today, dalmatians are still found in many firehouses in England, Canada, and the United States.

18 June 2016

Unity Walk - Emmanuel AME

Unity Walk for Emmanuel AME, Calhoun St., Charleston, SC   
It's been an emotional time in Charleston. 
A unity walk was held this morning honoring the Emmanuel victims and 
focusing on conquering hate with love.  

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Navy Chapel

Navy Chapel, North Charleston, SC   
This sight makes me so happy. I used to visit the old Navy Chapel on the Navy Base and watch as it fell into ruins. It was heartbreaking. The last time I was there at this time last year the spot was empty. I had heard it had been moved and reconstructed and tracked it down last weekend. What a beautiful job and setting! Thanks to Richard Mark's Restoration Inc. 

The Charleston City Paper has a good article on the project. 
The non-denominational Eternal Father of the Sea chapel has stood in the Navy Yard in North Charleston since 1942. In the chapel's early years during World War II, it was a place where Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish sailors and their families could enjoy services that reflected their faith. Sailors would also often get hitched in the chapel before they were sent off to war.
Original setting

15 June 2016

Sad Days

Such sadness. 
As we mourn the precious lives taken in Orlando it is a full year since we had the 
shooting in the Emmanuel Church here in Charleston. 

14 June 2016

New Skateboard Park

SK8 Charleston, SC   
I've been hearing about the new Skateboard park, had seen pictures of it it but couldn't quite pin down the location. One of my self assigned goals for last weekend was to track it down. Coming towards town on I-26 at the Rutledge Ave. exit you can see the construction site over on the right. I walked up the bridge to no-where thinking that must be the entrance but had to back track and turn on to Oceanic Drive off of Mechanic St. I found it! More details here.
SK8 Charleston, the Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission's new skatepark, will be constructed at 1549 Oceanic Street, a 25-acre site with 3.3 acres of upland area located in the Charleston Neck area. SK8 Charleston will be located just a few miles north of downtown Charleston. Updates on the park’s progress will be posted to this page regularly.
The skateable area is roughly 32,500 square feet. We’ll have a 200+ foot snake run, a mini-bowl, a pro bowl, and a nearly 300-foot long street course. We’ll also have a small building with a check-in area, some retail and food items for sale, bathrooms and, covered and uncovered seating.
What fun this is going to be. Not for me of course, but I can't wait to see it in action. Well done Charleston.