18 June 2016

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Navy Chapel

Navy Chapel, North Charleston, SC   
This sight makes me so happy. I used to visit the old Navy Chapel on the Navy Base and watch as it fell into ruins. It was heartbreaking. The last time I was there at this time last year the spot was empty. I had heard it had been moved and reconstructed and tracked it down last weekend. What a beautiful job and setting! Thanks to Richard Mark's Restoration Inc. 

The Charleston City Paper has a good article on the project. 
The non-denominational Eternal Father of the Sea chapel has stood in the Navy Yard in North Charleston since 1942. In the chapel's early years during World War II, it was a place where Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish sailors and their families could enjoy services that reflected their faith. Sailors would also often get hitched in the chapel before they were sent off to war.
Original setting