30 May 2019

On the road - Greenville

Tree Root System, Greenville, SC
I  was looking forward to visiting this amazing tree root system on the path just up the hill from Reedy Park in Greenville. It is a wonderful sight. I could have stayed there all day offering to take pictures of happy visitors posing in front of it. 

28 May 2019

On the road - Poinsett Bridge

Poinsett Bridge, Greenville, SC 
The Poinsett Bridge has been on my list for awhile and it was a worthwhile detour on the last day in the Greenville area. It was about half an hour from Greenville. What a sweet and cool spot on a record breaking hot day. There is a lively creek flowing under the bridge and we took our shoes off to soak our tootsies in the cool water. 
Poinsett Bridge is the oldest bridge in South Carolina and perhaps in the entire southeastern United States. Named for Joel Roberts Poinsett, it was built in 1820 as part of a road from Columbia, South Carolina to Saluda Mountain. The stone bridge, which includes a 14-foot Gothic arch and stretches 130 feet over Little Gap Creek, may have been designed by Robert Mills, architect of the Washington Monument. Though no longer in use, the bridge remains largely intact and is part of the 120-acre Poinsett Bridge Heritage Preserve. There is a nature trail a few hundred yards from the bridge.The bridge was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970.

27 May 2019

Comedy night in Greenville

Alchemy at the Underground Coffee Shop, Greenville, SC 
Last night in Greenville we went to a comedy improv show called Alchemy at the Underground Coffee Shop. The coffee shop was large and sprawling and a good escape from the heat. We met a friend and ordered a bite to eat before the show which was in a side theater room. The tickets were only $10 and the show was billed as family friendly. 

It was really fun. There were a few young people there with family groups 
and one little gal in the front row who was a daughter of one of the comedians. She was eager to participate and enjoyed seeing her mom on stage. At one point in the action she was worried and called out, "are you okay mummy?"

What a gift it is to be able to make people laugh. These folks did and we all had a good time. 

26 May 2019

On the road - Campbell's Bridge

Campbell's Bridge, Greenville, SC 
I've had such a lovely weekend. I made a beeline out of town Friday afternoon heading upstate to Greenville and we made the most of our time. More to follow but this scene was one of our last stops this morning as we detoured on our way back.

Constructed in 1909 Campbell’s Covered Bridge is the only remaining covered bridge in the State of South Carolina. The 38 foot long, 12 foot wide pine structure that spans Beaverdam Creek was built by Charles Irwin Willis. Locals believe that the bridge was named for Lafayette Campbell, who at the time of the bridge’s construction owned 194 acres in the immediate area. The bridge and surrounding acreage is presently owned by Greenville County and has been transformed into a passive park where visitors can picnic, explore the foundations of the old grist mill and home site, wet their feet on a hot summer day in Beaverdam Creek, and learn about the area through interpretive signage.

23 May 2019

Bright on Broad

140 Broad St., Charleston, SC 
Bright red! It is eye catching. Thanks to google street view I can see that the previous owner had a traditional wooden door. When it changed hands the new owner must have decided to brighten it up. 

21 May 2019

Frewil Apartments

Frewil Apts., Charleston, SC 
It's Frewil but my brain always reads it as Free Will and sings it out when I pass by. It is always decorated with bikes, wet beach towels, grills, lounge chairs on the porch and at least one wheelchair. If these walls could talk there would be enough short stories for a good book. 

20 May 2019

Cemetery walking - Magnolia

Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC 
The colors were so bright and vibrant for cemetery shots I had to try this one in black and white. I never tire of walking through Magnolia and St. Lawrence cemeteries. I see something new each time. 

19 May 2019

True Meridian 1849

True Meridian, Charleston, SC 
I spotted a discussion about this meridian marker on the Charleston History Facebook group and made it my goal to track it down this morning. It is in St. Lawrence Cemetery off upper Meeting St. near the water. Unfortunately I didn't bring my compass to confirm the settings. Heheh.

True MeridianThe true meridian is the plane that passes through true north poles and true south poles at the spot of the observer. The difference between true meridian and magnetic meridian is that the true meridian is fixed while the magnetic meridian is formed through the movement of the needle.[15][unreliable source] True bearing is the horizontal angle between true meridian and a line.
Henry D. Thoreau classified this true meridian versus the magnetic meridian in order to have a more qualitative, intuitive, and abstract function. He used the true meridian since his compass varied by a few degrees. There were some variations. When he noted the sight line for the True Meridian from his family's house to the depot, he could check the declination of his compass before and after surveying throughout the day. He noted this variation down.[16]

Doing an image search it appears there are many of these markers set up in the early to mid 1800's and they continue to be a curiosity. 

18 May 2019

Farmer's Market Season Begins

Charleston Farmer's Market

Oh yum. They even had peaches out already. Happy day! The only thing I bought was a perfect tomato and I can already taste it. The scene at Marion Square is different now with the Bennett Hotel open but that does offer outside seating with service. It all feels very bustling and festive. 

16 May 2019

Cemetery Walking

Sycamore Rd., Charleston, SC  
Uhoh. It looks like I have been a slacker in the blogging department. I've been keeping up on facebook though, so hang out with me there if you are a participant.

I am still walking as much as I can, aiming for the 10,000 step goal. I don't make it every night but it's good to have a goal. In fact, I started old lady zumba class again no matter how uncoordinated I am.

I took this picture of the Jewish cemetery on Sycamore Rd. on last nights walk. I have good friends resting behind those walls. 

09 May 2019


Calhoun St., Charleston, SC 
I parked and walked to a meeting at Gaillard Auditorium this morning and spotted this reflection of Mother Emmanuel Church on Calhoun St. and grabbed a quick cell phone shot. This afternoon I walked passed a group trying to get a good shot of the church and I said, "turn around, here is your best shot," and they squealed with delight and thanked me. 

07 May 2019

Cars, carriages & rickshaws

King St., Charleston, SC 
It was a quick cell phone shot but I caught carriages, cars and a rickshaw in the scene. There was a pedestrian as well but she was holding the camera. 

02 May 2019

Recent day trip to Georgetown, SC

Georgetown, SC
These shots were taken on a recent day trip up the coast to Georgetown, SC. It's the perfect distance for a midday trip and a stop for pralines to nibble on the way home.

01 May 2019

The Longest Table - West Ashley

The Longest Table, West Ashley, Charleston, SC 
I live in a community that is dealing with growth, traffic and flooding issues but has a strong sense of community which was very evident last Saturday when we joined together for lunch at one of The Longest Table events to encourage discussion and friendship. Local leaders and police officers joined residents for a delicious lunch which was prepared by the West Ashley culinary students. It was a very successful event. Many thanks to our coordinators and volunteers!