31 January 2011

Before & After - St. Philip St.

St. Philip St., Charleston, S.C.

Can it be Monday already? The best weekends slip away too fast and this was a perfect one. Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine. Marion Square was filled with students laying on the grass enjoying the nice weather.

I finally got inside the renovated Dock St. theater to see Blue on Sunday afternoon (thanks Debby!) and then ended the weekend with good friends at the best table in the house at McCrady's. My friend Andre' recently retired as General Manager so it was like old home week and we were treated like royalty. Royalty at McCrady's gets treated pretty well! Yum.

This evening's photo is a Before & After scene on St. Philip St. For a long time there was a facade barely propped up. Now, suddenly there is a whole new house there.

Fun Shop Names

King St., Charleston, S.C.

I'm surprised that shoe repairs shops still exist. I was googling around to find fun shoe store names and found this list of clever shop names in general. Fun!

Assorted Businesses and Services

* Alexander the Grate (fireplace retailer in Belfast, Northern Ireland)

* All Cisterns Go (plumbing service in York, England)

* Ashwipe Chimney Sweeps (Chicago, Illinois)

* Beecher Meat (butcher shop in Beecher, Illinois)

* C’est Cheese cheese shop in Santa Barbara, California)

* Cycloanalysts (bicycle shop in Oxford, England)

* Ewe and Me Fiber Studio (knitting supplies shop in Sandwich, Illinois)

* Floral 'n' Hardy (flower shop in Lanark, Scotland)

* Florist Gump (flower shop in Bunbury, Washington)

* Get Stuffed (taxidermist in Islington, England)

* Going Pottie (ceramics studio in Dunkeld, Scotland)

* Grate Expectations (chimney and fireplace service in London)

* Haute Dogs & Fat Cats (pet shop in Dallas, Texas)

* Indiana Bones Temple of Groom (pet grooming service in California)

* Jamaican Me Crazy ("family fun store" in Haddonfield, New Jersey)

* Julius Cedar (lumberyard in Saskatoon, Canada)

* Junk & Disorderly (furniture store in Nottingham, England)

* Knead to Relax Massage (Traverse City, Michigan)

* Melon Cauli (greengrocer and fruit seller in Birmingham, England)

* Merry Pop Ins Child Care (Jacksonville, Florida)

* Napoleon Boiler Parts (plumbing supply store in Alton, England)

* The Old Spokes Home (bicycle shop in Burlington, Vermont)

* Old Volks Home (Volkswagen service and repair in Richmond, Virginia)

* Oui Oui Enterprises Ltd. (portable toilet rental service, Chicago, Illinois)

* Pane in the Glass (window washing service in Contra Costa, California)

* Phydeaux (pet-supply store in Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

* Sew Materialistic (fabric store in Brooklyn, New York)

* Sofa So Good (furniture store in Vancouver, Canada)

* Thistle Do Nicely (souvenir shop in Edinburgh, Scotland)

* A Time to Kiln (pottery store in Red Bank, New Jersey)

* William the Concreter (concrete contractor in Durham, England)

* Womb to Grow (maternity wear and baby gifts in Lichfield, England)

29 January 2011

Perfect Winter Days

Sweatman's BBQ, Holly Hill, S.C.

It's been the kind of perfect crisp and sunshiny lowcountry winter day that we are so fond of boasting about to everyone we know up north. I went for a drive in the country with friends, stopping for lunch at Sweatman's BBQ in Holly Hill and took this picture of a painting over the mantle in the restaurant. Hahah! Even the BBQ royalty have to have their portrait painted.

The big news is I bought this - a sweet wooden 12 foot long wooden Sassafras canoe. I had been googling around for a solo canoe I could handle by myself and had seen this one months ago. I scratched it off the dream list since it was sold as a kit for almost $900. Nah.

Last week I found a gentleman in Hanahan on Craigslist who was cleaning out his garage. He had bought the kit years ago, spent a month putting it together and never finished painting the outside. Whoa! He not only did all the work putting it together but gave me a super deal and was willing to throw in a seat and paddle. Happy days!

I am going to have to paint the outside but hopefully I can handle that. This sweetie only weighs 26 pounds so I should be able to carry it myself. I'll have to go back and get my new baby later in the week but she knows she is mine.

Patriotic Birds of the Lowcountry

Marion Square, Charleston, S.C.

Patriotic birds of the Lowcountry! They fly the flag over their nest.

I couldn't resist :).

It is a lovely bright and sunny day. I walked to the East Bay Post Office to pick up a certified letter. Do people have any idea what a problem certified mail requiring signatures is for people who work? No, I am not there to sign it and no, I won't be home to sign it. I won't get off work in time to get to the Post Office. I might feel better about it if it is a Publisher's Clearing House check.

28 January 2011

Eggplant Hopping

See Wee Restaurant, Awendaw, S.C.

I'll be happy to have input on this one but as far as I am concerned these are the top three places in the Lowcountry to take care of my eggplant needs:

SEEWEE Restaurant, Awendaw: the best melt in your mouth fried eggplant chunks. If you are going to go with fried, these are the most delicious lightly fried taste treat. I want to open the windows and have them throw them at my car when I drive 17 North. More info and pictures on SEEWEE on the Highway 17 Blog.

Hominy Grill: Eggplant sandwich with roasted red peppers and goat cheese. I can't order anything else for lunch at the Hominy Grill.

Alessandra's Italian Eatery, Summerville: Eggplant Parmesan - not breaded, skip the pasta, pile on the eggplant. Thank you very much!

27 January 2011

SCRUBS "U" Session - Nursing Careers

SCRUBS program, Roper Hospital, Charleston, S.C.

I may have over extended myself just a little this week. I half expect to meet myself coming and going. I ended the day at Roper Hospital where the nurses had let me register sixty students interested in exploring nursing as a career.

I host these programs at least quarterly on different career topics but this is the biggest session by far and thanks to Leah Willis and her staff I just kept piling them in. I never get tired of seeing students who are really excited about learning. This evening they learned about joint replacements, how to run a code, blood pressures, hand hygiene and toured a nursing unit.

It is all part of my selfish master plan to have good people around to take care of me when I am old.

I am off to crash in my bed folks. I think I am supposed to be up in North Charleston on a vision council meeting at Trident United Way early in the morning. Y'all turn the lights out.

26 January 2011

Wednesday Hodge Podge

King St., Charleston, S.C.

Dark rolling clouds today and then it cleared up and the sky was beautiful.

Holy Cow kids, I've been bouncing balls this week. I ran a book and uniform fund raising sale today and have seventy kids interested in being nurses coming for a career exploration evening tomorrow night at Roper Hospital. Should be happy chaos!

I did make it out in time to meet my friend Debby at Med Bistro and we opened our calendars, spread out the Spoleto Festival brochure on the table and checked off what looked interesting. Let me know if you have any recommendations. Each year I plan to make the most of the festival and then it slips by before I get my act together. Not this time!

When you have a minute this is a lovely story: Vivian Maier - The Unknown Master Street Photographer. It is about a lady who worked as a nanny in Chicago and roamed the streets for years taking the most incredible photographs that were never shown to anyone until after her death when a fellow bought a box of negatives at an auction. He was stunned by what he found and tried to learn what he could about her. I expect there will be shows and books that will come out of this. I love this description of her:
She was a Socialist, a Feminist, a movie critic, and a tell-it-like-it-is type of person. She learned English by going to theaters, which she loved. She wore a men’s jacket, men’s shoes and a large hat most of the time. She was constantly taking pictures, which she didn’t show anyone.

Oh, oh! Can I play her in the movie?! There has to be a movie.

25 January 2011

Rain Walking

Norms, Calhoun St., Charleston, S.C.

Uhoh. I nodded off during the President's speech again. Me and speeches. Zzzzzz.

I reported at Ye Olde Crack of Dawn for a long day of leadership training at Trident Technical College this morning and did stay awake. I came home with three pages of doodles and a decorated Styrofoam cup. I have been doodling the same designs since high school. As soon as someone starts speaking I start scribbling. A psychiatrist once saw a page of my chicken scratches and asked if he could have it. Do you think it is framed on his wall as an example of some freaky condition?

I run around during breaks at these sessions and get all kinds of business done. We are such a huge health system - over five thousand now, that most of us never see each other and everything is done by email. Some things are so much easier to quickly agree on face to face. A worthwhile day even if my butt did get numb from sitting all day.

These two pictures will be familiar to anyone who went to college in Charleston. One is the college laundromat and the other a popular pizza/sub stop called Norm's.

G'night kids! There is a lot more to get done this week and I need to get to bed. Y'all stay warm and dry!

Test Post

Test. I've been having trouble with my images from smugmug lately. Trying to figure it out.

24 January 2011

The shoes off his feet

Charleston, S.C.

I keep a stash of used clothes in my office closet. I don't have much room but I have a pile of folded shirts, pants in a few different sizes and a bag of new men's underwear. There are a few relatively nice jackets.

Every once and a while I get a call from a nurse on one of the units, who is ready to discharge a patient who has no clothes. Things happen. People land in the hospital after the most unusual circumstances.

Last year I got the call and carried up a selection for them to choose from. I had a beautiful black leather jacket and I was secretly smug that I might be sending someone home in better clothes than they might have ever worn but the nurses shook their head and said, "What he needs is shoes. It's cold outside and we can't send him home with bare feet."

Shoes?! I didn't have any shoes. What the heck? I was going to ask one of my volunteers to make a trip to Walmart when Dr. Rosen walked by. He heard the conversation and said, "He can have mine. He can have my shoes but I have to finish rounds first." And that is what we did.

Now, every so often the shoe fairy leaves a bag by my door. Dr. Rosen is a runner and wears the tread off of perfectly good shoes. No one should go home from the hospital in bare feet.

I work with good people in the friendly little hospital across the river.

23 January 2011

Party time!

Roper Xavier Society Gala, Charleston Place Hotel, Charleston, S.C.

Party time! No one said we couldn't clean up once a year.

Last night was the Roper St. Francis Healthcare Donor Appreciation Gala at Charleston Place Hotel with Ben Stein as the special guest speaker. I get to go because I am so involved with mentoring students in health care that I donate all of my Trident United Way donations into Nursing Scholarships and apparently it is enough to slip me in under the wire to play with the big kids. Woo hoo!

My volunteers also support the Foundation so I had a happy group of companions to go with. As you can see above I deliberately picked friends who would make me feel petite. :)

I am a pretty low maintenance gal and Sabriam Brinton at Whispers on Wentworth reminded me that I'd been coming to her for four years - that makes a total of four visits. Heheh. Once again I let my hair down and she gave me a glamor "do" for the occasion. Thanks Sabriam!

We had a great time. Thanks to all the organizers and sponsors of the event.

Clearly Charleston Daily Photo has been having some trouble with images lately. Not sure what that is about. I've fixed the links a couple of times and never know what is going to show up.

22 January 2011

Sew What??

Sew What??, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

Facebook is the new water cooler! I mentioned last week that I had bought an evening gown on eBay. I took a chance knowing I wouldn't be able to return it but it was half the cost listed on Nordstroms. It wasn't bad! I felt very lucky but it was almost three inches too long.

Facebook friends came to the rescue - very helpful. Staples! Tape! Pinking sheers! Someone even suggested burning it with a flame. Yikes. Then my friend Cathy said, "My mom sews. Take it to her."

And I did.

Cathy's mom, Brooke Hallman is the wife of Mt. Pleasant's Mayor Harry Hallman who passed away just over a week ago. I drove my trailing gown to her last Saturday and met a really neat lady. Brooke had been a Labor & Delivery nurse, Paramedic, Ballroom Dancer and now has had her own sewing company called Sew What?? She was in the middle of a big project but took care of me. The hemming was a lot more complicated than I had guessed and it's lucky I didn't take the pinking sheers to it.

Brooke is accepting new business so feel free to give her a call or email her at gramedic@gmail.com, if you need a seamstress but don't be surprised if you find one long white hair! She has a couple of four legged assistants on stand by. :)) Thanks Brooke!

Now, I need to meet a workman at 1 pm. A friend recommended him on Facebook.

21 January 2011


Blue Bicycle Books, King St., Charleston, S.C.

I like the way Blue Bicycle Books decorates their window. This one celebrated Martin Luther King's birthday. Dreams!

I've already had a full evening and you young whipper-snappers are probably just getting ready to go out on a Friday night. I dashed from work to catch the afternoon matinee of "I love you Philip Morris" and still got home in time to go for a long walk. My march was interrupted by a chicken kabob at Tabbuli Grill. They graciously set a table for one even though it is still restaurant week. Yum!

I am headed into a crazy busy work stretch next week so need to squeeze every moment of relaxation and fun into this weekend. It seemed like I should start immediately.

20 January 2011

Where to stay in Charleston?

Andrew Pinckney Inn, Pinckney St., Charleston, S.C.

I've used this photo before but it fit this evening's question. I need to ask you all to help out a reader again. Here is her request:

May I ask a question, Joan? My husband (aka Mr. Brattcat), a dear friend, and I are planning a visit to your fair city next month. I know you've stepped inadvertently into the wedding planning business with Katie's request, but could I ask if you or one of your followers could suggest a B&B or a hotel that is not too glitsy/touristy? We're looking for some real old Charleston experiences and are eager for suggestions. Thanks!

The catch is, that most of us who live here never stay in the hotels. Who can help? Where should they stay?

Thursday Hodge Podge

King St., Charleston, S.C.

What have we been up to?

I've enjoyed two finger licking good dinners out for Restaurant Week - Sunday evening at Charleston Grill and last night at Cypress. I love seeing all the restaurants bustling with activity. Both evenings were a real treat. Did anyone else go anywhere good?

Here is another lowcountry photo blog for you to enjoy: Doug's Photo Blog

I keep on truckin' but Charlie online tells us where to sign up to get fit this year.

Here is how the World's Best Blogging Anesthesiologist stays fit while online.

What afternoon movie shall I see tomorrow?

A Love Afair with Your Camera

Palmetto Roses, Charleston, S.C.

I've had a post ready the last two nights and nodded off with my laptop. Zzzzz.

My fried Charlotte sent me a link to B & H Photo's: Seven Ways You Know You Have a Love Affair With Your Camera. some of them and the added comments are pretty funny:

  • One of your social-networking profile pictures is of you with your camera. In said photo, you tag the camera as "My Precious."

  • When you don't have your camera on you, people always ask, "Where is your camera?" as if you had a terrible tragedy happen to you as of late. Because of this, you are usually the photographer amongst friends and family.

  • You get nightmares about a terrible accident happening to your camera.

  • Your wardrobe choice is determined partially by how you'll be able to carry your camera: whether it is with a strap around your chest, stored in a coat pocket, or in a stylish camera bag.

  • On really cold days you keep it in the bag when you are indoors so that it'll stay warmer longer when you go outside and on really sunny days you put polarizers on it like sun glasses. You keep the cover off the lens as much as possible, because it wants to see the world also!

  • You worry more about your camera getting cold, wet, and dirty than you do about yourself.

  • You buy your camera presents, extra batteries, accessories, etc...

17 January 2011

MLK Parade, Charleston - 2011

King St., Charleston, S.C.

Thank you Dr. King. Seriously. I am in awe every time I listen to his words.

A few more from the parade in this album.

16 January 2011

The Queen of Marmalade

Tradd St., Charleston, S.C.

My walk this morning was bright and sunny and took me down to the waterfront around the Coast Guard Station.

I was looking out over the scene when I spotted this tiny scrap of paper glued to the top of a post and pushed the leaves out of the way to read it. It is an advertisement! The bushes were full of tiny citrus fruit, most green but a few turning orange. I wonder if any will survive the cold we've had. If they do I now know where to get a fat pint of the Queen of Marmie!

Understanding North

I drove past the sign for "North" yesterday and it reminded me of this video, then I spotted it shared on facebook this morning.

15 January 2011

Who am I?

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, S.C.

I'm not sure exactly what this is but it was a lot of fun to come up with this morning on Facebook.

Years ago a gentleman I knew paid the fee and became a "Friend of the Hunley". He gave me the ball cap. I'd forget what it said until someone would say, "Oh! You are a Friend of the Hunley," and I would feel I had to explain by saying, "I'm just a friend of a Friend of the Hunley." Later on, I'd find myself saying things like "I'm just a hippie by marriage." Heh.

I started with that silliness and we ended up with something like this:

Who am I?

I’m a friend of a Friend of the Hunley
The god-mother of a Daughter of the American Revolution.
I’m a sister of the Son of a Preacher man
The single mother of the Father of the Bride

I’m Mother Teresa’s Step-Mother
Father Claus’ aunt.
I’m the sister of a Son of a Bitch
Related to a Friend of the Family.

I’m acquainted with the Friends of Bill
The peaceful sister of a Son of a Gun
I'm the daughter of the Mother of Pearl
The son of a Son of a Sailor

I’m the daughter of a Child of God.
The wicked step-sister of the Sisters of Charity
I'm the cousin of a Daughter of the Dust
The youngest sister of Big Brother

I’m the mild mannered brother of a Vixen in Heat.
The lover of a demon lover
I'm the enemy of enemies of the state
The brother of a daughter of the South

I am a friend of a Friend of the Library
The hugging Aunt of Kissing Cousins
Your sister from another Mister.
I'm the mother of Father Jones

Thanks to everyone who added to it. I keep thinking of more!

Sweet Saturdays

Charleston Harbor, Charleston, S.C.

My sweet, sweet weekend. There was so much going this weekend it's a struggle to maintain a certain level of weekendy laziness. I made my way back from my walk this morning through participants in the marathon. Not sure how that worked since they ended at the Navy Base in North Charleston but there they were.

I had a perfect evening on Thursday at Five Loaves Cafe with fellow blog friends, Tales from the Microbial Lab - the scientist/gardener/photographer and Charleston Through an Artist's Eyes - the artist/historian. I've made such cool and talented friends through this blogging business.

It's Charleston Restaurant Week, kids and so many restaurants are participating. Many of our best restaurants have three courses for either $20 or $30. Check this directory to find out if your favorites are included and if the hustle and bustle I saw when I walked last night is any indication, you'd best call for reservations. I'm going to Charleston Grill tomorrow night and Cypress on Wednesday. Yum, yum!

This evening's project: I ordered an evening gown from eBay. I took a chance since it was half the price it was on the Nordstrom's site but if it didn't fit I would be stuck with it. It isn't bad at all, but I will need to hack about three inches off the bottom and I can't even find a pair of sharp scissors in the house. Grrrrr. I'm wondering if anyone would really notice if I didn't bother hemming it at all.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

14 January 2011

Wedding Advice Needed

White Point Gardens, Charleston, S.C.

Wedding advice needed. No! Not for me. Yikes! This isn't the National Enquirer. :)

Y'all have helped readers plan honeymoons before and this time we have a request to help a couple in Wisconsin plan their wedding. I received this email yesterday:

Dear Joan Perry,

I hope you don't think it too odd that a complete stranger is emailing you, but I happened upon your blog while I was looking for pictures of the White Point Garden Gazebo. My fiancee and I plan to marry in that beautiful, historic gazebo this year. It will be a small wedding (with the limitations of Gazebo attendance) followed by a possible carriage ride and dinner for all in attendance (25).

Being from Wisconsin and only able to peruse Charleston via the internet, I was wondering if you could recommend a nice restaurant in/around Charleston for our wedding dinner. I trust the opinion of a local far more than any internet review/star rated system! Any suggestion you could provide would be greatly appreciated as I am finding it is very difficult to plan a 'destination' wedding from a distance!

Thank you kindly for your time and consideration.

If you don't mind, I would also like some suggestions regarding a local, affordable photographer.

Katie & David

What do you think? They need suggestions on a place for dinner for 25 after a downtown wedding. Since we don't know their budget lets suggest the splurge and a more moderate suggestion. How about wedding photographers? Any suggestions?

I will pull out any of your comments from here or on facebook and start a list for Katie.

Here is what we have so far. I will keep adding as the suggestions come in:

Leigh Webber
Joanne Drolet
Tim Will Photography
Merideth Finney Garrigan with A Spot in Time photography

Dinner Locations
Poogan's Porch Close to the park.
California Dreaming (off the peninsula but waterfront)
Blossom Close to the park for your carriage ride. Their dining room lists for 22.
Confederate HomeGreat location and close to the park for carriage ride but I think you would need a caterer. We can suggest them too!

Lisa Sargent with Let There be Cake

Hair & Make-up
Tanesha Dupree with Affair Hair by Tanesha
Kelly Campbell with Charleston On-site Makeup
Stella Nova

Bert's Market on Folly Beach

So very cool! Can't wait to get out to see it.

12 January 2011

Chasing the Black Cab - Charleston Hat Man

Broad Street, Charleston, S.C.

I haven't added to the Chasing the Black Cab series for far too long but I simply don't see as many of them around as I used to. Anyone know what the deal is? I know they aren't based at Charleston Place Hotel like they used to be but has the fleet of British Black Cabs in Charleston decreased?

Stay warm tonight, kids! My electric blanket has become my favorite appliance.

11 January 2011

Tuesday Blog Hopping

Branchville Pharmacy, Branchville, S.C.

This cute little pharmacy is in downtown Branchville, S.C. I did get out for a walk this chilly evening but it's been too cold and dark to take pictures so I've been dipping into the "Backroads, S.C." album for pictures I haven't used before.

I ended my day talking to the staff at the Marriott on Lockwood Ave. to plan an event. Things seem to be going well for them since it was almost impossible to find free dates to plan lunch time events. They said their phone had been ringing off the hook all year. Good for them. Tricky for me, but good for them.

Sorry guys. Someone was googling "Pot Heads in Charleston" and found this image. Not what they were looking for I'm thinking.

I went all the way to New York City last month and sat at dinner across from a Charleston blogger I had never met before. Meet Accidental Cootchie Mama.

In 2009 I walked coast to coast across England with Pat & Kathie. This year they hiked a 200 mile pilgrimage through Italy and Spain and Pat is blogging the entire trip. I have been enjoying the posts from the comfort of my home. Aaaaah!

Chuck wants to know who has the best fireplace in town and he has a good collection to start us off at Chuckography.

Gotta go kids. Colin Firth is on the Daily Show. Mmmmm.

10 January 2011

A Bridge Too Many

Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.

Nasty day. It was one of those odd days where anyone who didn't have to show up, didn't, except for suckers like me who got there early enough to miss the rain and sleet and then spent the whole day plotting our strategy to get home. Heheh. I love these days when most of management isn't at work so you don't get the usual 200 emails and actually get some work done.

Safely home to my corner of the couch and I fully intended to go for a walk but it hasn't stopped raining so I am forced into extreme laziness.

Today's photo was taken on a dreary day quite a few years ago at Magnolia Cemetery. It is dated by the three bridges in the background from the period after the new Ravenel Bridge was built but the older bridges hadn't been taken down yet.

Just for unrelated fun: Here is a recipe for English Peas from Paula Dean. The recipe only calls for canned peas and butter. What is so much fun is reading all the comments.

09 January 2011

Cold & Wet Day Ahead

Meeting St. Inn, Charleston, S.C.

There is talk of snow and sleet this morning so I am up at Ye Olde Crack of Dawn to get to work before the mess starts. These aren't real snowflakes but the last of the Christmas decorations hanging from the trees at the Meeting St. Inn. Be safe out there kids!

08 January 2011

Hello there, General!

William Moultrie, Charleston, S.C.

I marched straight down King St. to the water this morning and snuck up behind General William Moultrie who was gazing out over the harbor. The original Fort Sullivan was renamed Fort Moultrie in his honor and he is well known for using palmetto trees to build the fort which turned out to be very clever since they were so spongy they simply absorbed the canon balls that came their way.

General Moultrie had a busy career during the Revolutionary War and ended his career as the Governor of South Carolina. He is very much deserving of the statue put up in his honor at White Point Gardens in 2007. BUT. But, but, but....to my shame all I can think of when I walk past the statue is Dan Conover's column in XARK titled Moultrie - The Full Package, about how well endowed he was and I sneak a peak as I go by to see if it is true. And now you will as well.

Carry me!

Warren St., Charleston, S.S.

Repost of an old favorite from my bike files. This makes me smile every time I look at it.

I am lazing in bed knowing my weekend lays ahead of me. Since I traditionally leave all my chores to race through between 10 - 11 pm on Sunday night I should have some time for something fun. What is everyone up to on this bright and chilly day?

06 January 2011

Walking Speed Predicts Life Expectancy

Warren St., Charleston, S.C.

How fast you walk may predict life expectancy. Now, here is a study I like!

I've always walked fast because I walked to actually get somewhere. It sounds like a "grumpy old man" story but I really did walk three miles each way to high school. We took short cuts through the woods and climbed hills and were still faster than the pokey bus route.

I don't know how to amble or stroll. You need to tie a rope around my belly and hold me back if you plan on a lazy walk with me. One of the hardest things about having small children and toddlers was never being able to take a brisk stride without picking them up and carrying them.

I am always so pleased to find people who match my pace. According to this study, I should live a long time - unless I break a leg first.

City Market Murals

Market St., Charleston, S.C.

I featured the mural on the other end of Market and recently spotted this gentleman. Nice! I imagine it is more of the talented David Boatwright's work. The market buildings are gradually getting spruced up.

It has been a day of end of the year reports and counting numbers. One of my volunteers was at loose ends today and started cleaning MY office. Shock and awe! Brave lady.

05 January 2011

Going, going, gone!

North Charleston, S.C.

This pile of rubble was Baker Hospital, although not the original Baker Hospital building which is now condos on Colonial Lake.

Baker Hospital became Roper Hospital North. After the hospital closed in 2001, the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce moved in but now the sweet spot on the water is going, going, gone. Soon no one will even remember there was a friendly community hospital there, but all over Charleston is a group of people that still greet each other and say, "Hey, didn't you used to work at Old Baker?"

Word Clouds

Charleston Daily Photo Word Cloud

Isn't this fun?! You can enter any words you like or the url to a blog or website. This one was created with my blog link. You can change the color and fun. It's a bit addicting.

Go play at: Wordle. Send me the link so I can see what you came up with!

03 January 2011

Vote for Best of Charleston

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, S.C.

It is time to vote for the Charleston City Paper's Best of Charleston. Join in! There are a lot of categories and you have to place at least 35 votes for your entry to count. Log in and you can take your time and return to the site as many times as you like as long as you don't click "finish".

Go send some love to your favorite restaurant, hair salon, grocery store and mechanic. Spread the word!

I've won the Best Local Interest Blog award for the last two years. The award tickled me to no end and I am most appreciative. It is a bit surprising since although Charleston Daily Photo is certainly a Local Interest Blog, many, if not most of my readers are what Charlestonians describe as "from off". In fact, most of my readers are "Slightly Off from Off" and I like 'em that way!

The photo applies to this entry because I always vote for Magnolia Plantation for Best Attraction. Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital has won Best Place to have a Baby for the last 13 years and we like that too. :)

Go vote kids! Thanks to the Charleston City Paper for letting us thank the businesses that stand out in this town. I haven't clicked "Finish" yet so let me know if there is something I should consider voting for. Who do we love?!

Before & After - Warren St. Favorite

Warren St., Charleston, S.C.

I've had my eye on this sweetie on Warren St. for a long time. I assumed someone would buy it, fix it up and hand me the keys encouraging me to live happily every after. Oddly these people seem to have their own plans because I haven't been consulted at all. Hmmmmph.

Still, nice to see a beautiful old place getting some love.

02 January 2011

Before & After - Rutledge Ave.

Rutledge & Vanderhorst St., Charleston, S.C.

I walk enough to keep up with the changes in the neighborhood and it's my job to pass it along to you. This is the new Ashley Hall School building at the corner of Rutledge & Vanderhorst St.

Speaking of progress, I am slipping. Wired Mazagine published their list of The 10 Most Significant Gadgets of 2010 and I don't own a single one of them. Am I alone?

They are:

1. Apple iPad
2. Berkeley Bionics eLEGS
3. Microsoft Kinect
4. Windows Phone 7 on Samsung Focus
5. Sprint Evo 4G
6. Apple iPhone 4
7. MacBook Air
8. Samsung Galaxy Tab
9. Canon S95
10. Kindle 3

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance

Morris St. Baptist Church, Morris St., Charleston, S.C.

This odd little corner building looks like part of a structure that collapsed around it. It was abandoned for years but now is all spruced up and appears to be used for something. The main historic Morris St. Baptist Church building is just down the street on Morris.

Below is the same property back from the time when Ninjas Were Real.

I made Sunday brunch for my tenants this morning because I never, ever want them to leave my property. That sounds fair doesn't it? One brunch equals permanent residence.