22 January 2011

Sew What??

Sew What??, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

Facebook is the new water cooler! I mentioned last week that I had bought an evening gown on eBay. I took a chance knowing I wouldn't be able to return it but it was half the cost listed on Nordstroms. It wasn't bad! I felt very lucky but it was almost three inches too long.

Facebook friends came to the rescue - very helpful. Staples! Tape! Pinking sheers! Someone even suggested burning it with a flame. Yikes. Then my friend Cathy said, "My mom sews. Take it to her."

And I did.

Cathy's mom, Brooke Hallman is the wife of Mt. Pleasant's Mayor Harry Hallman who passed away just over a week ago. I drove my trailing gown to her last Saturday and met a really neat lady. Brooke had been a Labor & Delivery nurse, Paramedic, Ballroom Dancer and now has had her own sewing company called Sew What?? She was in the middle of a big project but took care of me. The hemming was a lot more complicated than I had guessed and it's lucky I didn't take the pinking sheers to it.

Brooke is accepting new business so feel free to give her a call or email her at gramedic@gmail.com, if you need a seamstress but don't be surprised if you find one long white hair! She has a couple of four legged assistants on stand by. :)) Thanks Brooke!

Now, I need to meet a workman at 1 pm. A friend recommended him on Facebook.