29 June 2017


Charleston piazza, Charleston, SC   
Beach towels hanging over porches say summertime to me. The colleges might be on break but that is a good number of bicycles. It looks like some good times happen here. 

28 June 2017

Need a Notary?

Notary Services, Bogard St., Charleston, SC    
Cutty's is a neighborhood bar across from a pizza restaurant at St. Philip's & Bogard St. The Notary Public sign caught my eye but I didn't notice the hours of operation until I got home. That is funny. Now check out the wee figure perched on top of the light fixture.

A former members-only club reborn as a boozy community center for Charleston's creatures of the night. We're divey and proud of it. Entrance on Bogard St, across from D'Al's Pizza.

27 June 2017

Shutter art

Morris St., Charleston, SC   
They have seen better days but these decorative shutters always make me pause and smile. Thank you, dear builder for taking the extra trouble to cut in flowers that entertain me still so many years later.

26 June 2017

Shem Creek Boardwalk

Shem Creek Boardwalk, Mt. Pleasant, SC   
Walking the boardwalk at Shem Creek park is like an instant vacation. Shrimp boats, kayaks, stand up paddlers, fishing and dolphins bobbing in the creek.

25 June 2017

Pitt Street Bridge

Pitt St. Bridge, Mt. Pleasant, SC   
Say "Oh" what a beautiful morning. The forecast predicted rain but I had a delicious brunch at Water's Edge on Shem Creek and a walk down to the end of the Pitt St. bridge and got home before I heard the rumble of thunder.

24 June 2017

Walk with me - Bogard St.

Bogard St., Charleston, SC   
 Join me on my morning walk on Bogard St. Let's catch up with the changes!

When I first moved to Charleston it would not have been on my regular walking route but now it has well known restaurants - Trattoria Lucca, George Art gallery, D'Allesandro's Pizza, a new restaurant opening called Chubby Fish, the Catfiddle St. project, students moving in and out and a variety package of new and old homes.

23 June 2017

Edisto Mattress Swing

Mattress Swing, Edisto, SC 
The mattress swing on the side of the road is a familiar sight on the way to Edisto Beach. This is the most festive I've ever seen it. I am never sure of the etiquette - am I supposed to donate a couple bucks for the photo op? I'd be willing to but since I am never sure, I grab a shot and zip away.

Here is a link to some of the story: Edisto Mattress Swing. Sounds like it started when hubby had to sleep outside :)

22 June 2017

Ketch up!

Burger Hut, Hollywood, SC    
Ketch-Up! You'll Relish the Flavor!

Pull up to the cutest little burger joint around in Hollywood, SC. It even comes with a religious message. "Taste and see that the Lord is Good". Fittingly, I was there on a Sunday and it was closed. 

21 June 2017

Edisto mystery tree in it's summer glory

Edisto Mystery Tree, Edisto Island, SC   
The Edisto Mystery Tree is decked out in it's summer finery welcoming visitors to the island. I always look for it and try to grab a shot.
The tree stands a stone’s throw away from where Highway 174 intersects with Botany Bay Road. It’s nothing more than a scraggly little thing, but for generations it’s been decorated by locals and vacationers all throughout the year. During the peak summer months, it is commonplace to see beach chairs, sand pails, flip flops, Independence Day decorations, and a host of other items hanging from the tree. Like the seasons, the tree changes along with them. While the tree is ever-changing, the real mystery behind the tree is that nobody knows just who started the whole thing to begin with. In fact at one point some rebellious youths uprooted the tree and hauled it away, but lo and behold, some mysterious benefactor planted another similar tree in its place. Whether it was the same person who planted the original tree and started the decorative tradition or just a local who couldn’t stand to see the festive plant disappear, it appears that the Edisto Mystery Tree is not going away any time soon.

20 June 2017

Tool Collage

Vintage Tools, Summerville, SC 
Old doors and more! Vintage South in Summerville has all kinds of vintage odds and ends and it's hard to resist stopping by to see if they might have a fancy door handle or cast iron skillet that you didn't know you needed.

19 June 2017

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Holly Hill

Holly Hill, SC   
Remember this sweet chapel in Holly Hill, SC? It is for sale for $199,900. Buy it. Invite me over.

See real estate ad here: St. Ann's Catholic Church

Back alley color

Charleston, SC  
Mural Monday! This was a colorful find. I used to live in a historic Charleston single house and often felt it was the thick layers of paint that held everything together. Happy Monday, kids.

18 June 2017

Best tasting live oak tree!

Live oak wedding cake, Charleston, SC  
 Is this not the most amazing wedding cake? The wedding was held under ancient live oaks on Johns Island so it was completely appropriate. Check out the sweet-grass basket base and dripping Spanish moss from the branches. The cake maker's web site is incredible. These are almost, but not quite, too beautiful to eat. Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal.

17 June 2017

Walk with me - Spring St., Charleston, SC

Spring St., Charleston, SC    
To keep up with the fast pace of changes in Charleston lately, I've been taking my weekend walks down and back one street at a time and grabbing shots. This morning I walked Spring St. capturing it's vibrant and colorful self. Spring St. has a Veggie Bin now, coffee shops and restaurants.

Sadly the only things that didn't attract my camera were the recent buildings as I crossed King St. heading east. While I am sure they are comfortable and modern we need to figure out a way to squeeze some of Charleston's famous charm and character into the newer buildings. Awning, colorful shutters - they need something. Welcome to Spring St. folks. Join me on my walk today.

15 June 2017

Roof top view of the Holy City

Charleston, SC   
We have so few tall buildings on the lower peninsula it is always a treat to get a bird's eye view. This afternoon I helped take 32 students interested in exploring health careers up to the top of Roper Hospital to see the helicopter land and talk to the flight staff. I get excited myself every time. It is so cool to be up there and to see the helicopter land and take off.

14 June 2017

This little piggie

Newberry, SC   
Hello there! I am having a busy week do I dipped into the photo files for today's image. I took this picture when I stopped for lunch in Newberry a few weeks ago. Hello there! Those tusks could do some damage.

Hope everyone is having a good week. 

13 June 2017

Future healthcare professionals

SCRUBS Camp 2017   
Meet the good folks who will be managing your health in the future. These students all applied, wrote essays and had their teachers recommend them for the annual SCRUBS health career camp and we are having a wonderful time! It will be an action packed week. 

12 June 2017

I knocked but no one answered

Marion Square, Charleston, SC  
This shot is a little late. I took it at the recent Piccolo Art Festival at Marion Square. The festival finale was this past weekend so the doors may be gone by now but they were a colorful addition.

I enjoyed a lovely dinner at Al Di La with friends this evening. It was the perfect weather for outside dining and I was able to walk to dinner (that deletes any possible calories) and get a ride home.