20 January 2011

A Love Afair with Your Camera

Palmetto Roses, Charleston, S.C.

I've had a post ready the last two nights and nodded off with my laptop. Zzzzz.

My fried Charlotte sent me a link to B & H Photo's: Seven Ways You Know You Have a Love Affair With Your Camera. some of them and the added comments are pretty funny:

  • One of your social-networking profile pictures is of you with your camera. In said photo, you tag the camera as "My Precious."

  • When you don't have your camera on you, people always ask, "Where is your camera?" as if you had a terrible tragedy happen to you as of late. Because of this, you are usually the photographer amongst friends and family.

  • You get nightmares about a terrible accident happening to your camera.

  • Your wardrobe choice is determined partially by how you'll be able to carry your camera: whether it is with a strap around your chest, stored in a coat pocket, or in a stylish camera bag.

  • On really cold days you keep it in the bag when you are indoors so that it'll stay warmer longer when you go outside and on really sunny days you put polarizers on it like sun glasses. You keep the cover off the lens as much as possible, because it wants to see the world also!

  • You worry more about your camera getting cold, wet, and dirty than you do about yourself.

  • You buy your camera presents, extra batteries, accessories, etc...