31 January 2011

Before & After - St. Philip St.

St. Philip St., Charleston, S.C.

Can it be Monday already? The best weekends slip away too fast and this was a perfect one. Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine. Marion Square was filled with students laying on the grass enjoying the nice weather.

I finally got inside the renovated Dock St. theater to see Blue on Sunday afternoon (thanks Debby!) and then ended the weekend with good friends at the best table in the house at McCrady's. My friend Andre' recently retired as General Manager so it was like old home week and we were treated like royalty. Royalty at McCrady's gets treated pretty well! Yum.

This evening's photo is a Before & After scene on St. Philip St. For a long time there was a facade barely propped up. Now, suddenly there is a whole new house there.