08 January 2011

Hello there, General!

William Moultrie, Charleston, S.C.

I marched straight down King St. to the water this morning and snuck up behind General William Moultrie who was gazing out over the harbor. The original Fort Sullivan was renamed Fort Moultrie in his honor and he is well known for using palmetto trees to build the fort which turned out to be very clever since they were so spongy they simply absorbed the canon balls that came their way.

General Moultrie had a busy career during the Revolutionary War and ended his career as the Governor of South Carolina. He is very much deserving of the statue put up in his honor at White Point Gardens in 2007. BUT. But, but, but....to my shame all I can think of when I walk past the statue is Dan Conover's column in XARK titled Moultrie - The Full Package, about how well endowed he was and I sneak a peak as I go by to see if it is true. And now you will as well.