07 August 2012

Travel Tuesdays - Iona of the East

Inchcolm Island, Scotland

A few years ago when I was in Edinburgh with friends at the end of a hiking holiday, I took off on my own and caught the boat to Inchcolm Island in the Firth of Forth to explore the old Abbey. I rode on the Maid of the Firth through the Firth of Forth (say that three times fast).  Romans, Danes, Christians, Hermits, Monks, skeletons in the wall, First & Second World War fortifications, the little island has it all as well as one of the most impressive seagull nesting areas I have ever seen.

The lady who ran the gift shop was married to the boat captain and they lived on the island enjoying it all to themselves in between visitors arriving on the boat.

I explored the tunnels under the rolling hills and kept popping out in the midst of nesting areas where I was immediately bombarded by dive bombing sea gulls. I had to put my umbrella up to protect myself. It was grand and noisy! It was one of the best travel days ever.

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