10 August 2012

A Sad Story

Charlestowne Landing, Charleston, S.C.
It has been in the back of my mind all week that I was to report for jury duty this morning. It wasn't regular jury duty but I'd been summoned to report for the Coroner's Inquest to determined the manner of death in the little two year old who had been mauled by dogs in Mt. Pleasant. I knew when I read about it in the paper that it was the case we would be deciding and I was hoping against hope that I wou;ldn't be selected.

There were about thirty six of us this morning and after the usual people were allowed to leave for one reason or another they picked the jurors at random and I did not get selected. We were invited to stay for the inquest and I did stay for the morning to hear the heartbreaking testimony of the EMS and police responders. The worst part was listening to the awful 911 call and to hear to dreadful chaos and distress in the family's voices when they called for help. They were screaming and crying out to God to bring the baby back to life. It was the saddest thing I've ever heard.

I didn't go back after the lunch break but just read online that the death was determined to be accidental. I can't help thinking it was the only possible decision and that everyone involved has already been punished. Someone told me that one reason for the inquest may be to bring public attention to the issue of dog mauling so let's let it do that. As much as we love dogs they are animals and babies and toddlers should not be left alone with them.