08 August 2016

You know you are in the South when....

Old Southern Bombshell Fireworks, Allendale, SC 
I ain't gonna lie. Fireworks are popular items in South Carolina. Here is a recent update about SC Fireworks law from About.com:
As a general rule, South Carolina fireworks laws are pretty inclusive, meaning they're pretty loose (especially compared to North Carolina). In fact, almost all consumer grade fireworks are legal in South Carolina.What fireworks are legal in South Carolina? South Carolina fireworks laws aren't just less strict than North Carolina, they're far less strict than most states. Overall, pretty much anything goes. Bottle rockets, mortars, spinners, cakes, aerial fireworks - they're all okay to use in South Carolina.It is pretty common for residents from North Carolian (and other states) to slip just across the border to purchase the higher grade fireworks, remember that it is still illegal to possess many South Carolina purchased fireworks in other states. What fireworks are illegal in South Carolina?There are a few fireworks that you can't have in the Palmetto State. Large explosive firecrackers like M-80 and Cherry Bombs are illegal in SC. Also specifically prohibited are small rockets (not bottle) less than 1/2 inch in diameter and 3 inches long.How old do you have to be to purchase fireworks in South Carolina?You must be 16 years old to purchase any fireworks in South Carolina