23 September 2015

I might get that hoop!

Folly Beach, SC   
Honey, I'm home! Although I left a couple of scheduled photos to post, I've actually been at the World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida for the annual national conference of the Association for Volunteer Healthcare Resource Professionals - that would be me.

The Marriott is huge and we were a captive audience. There were at least two or three other conferences going on at the same time - Healthcare Human Resources folks and Journalists. I went to a couple of serious sessions on legal issues surrounding volunteerism, copyright and student volunteers in healthcare. One of the highlights of the event for me was an evening reception and talk by Donna Brazile from CNN. She was a terrific speaker. I tried to get a photo with her but she did lose the top of her head in the shot. Ooops.

My normal tradition when I fly home used to be to walk to the tip of the peninsula and sniff the ocean. Now that I live West Ashley I decided to drive to Folly Beach and take advantage of a midweek afternoon for a walk without the crowds. Empty is exactly the way I like my beaches.