30 April 2011

Dancing with the Stars - Oxygen Ball

Dancing with the Stars, Oxygen Ball 2011, Charleston Marriott, Charleston, S.C.

I was lucky to be invited to the American Lung Association's Oxygen Ball last night at the Marriott Hotel. I was offered the chance by a co-worker who didn't even know that I had been volunteering for the Lung Association for years by taking the pictures for the kids who go to Camp Puff'n Stuff the annual camp for children with asthma.

This was the most fun event! It had a Dancing with the Stars theme and local personalities are paired up with professional dancers. I invited my friend Mitzi to go with me because she is a Dancing with the Stars freak which made it even more entertaining. I have two left feet so am easily impressed by dancers.

Here is the info about this year's participants including Anita Zucker and Chef Brett McKee (above), Carolyn Murray, Jefferey Rhodes and Mary Norton. Wow - you could tell they had put hours of practice into their performances because they were terrific! They had a silent and live auction, tasty food stations and an Oxygen Bar were you could sniff flavored oxygen.

It was a lot of fun and my hat is off to Jim Darby and Bob Rife from Roper St. Francis Healthcare who lead our team of Respiratory Therapists and the ladies from our local Lung Association for their good work.