13 December 2016

Lighthouse hunters - Folly Beach

Folly Beach, SC  
When you don't want to walk the extra quarter mile to see the real Morris Island lighthouse this one right at the entry to the walk might tide you over.

With the current situation of the world at large and the cost of tea in China, I can't bear watching network television anymore so I've been on a steady Netflix binge. Feel free to recommend any shows you have enjoyed or movies I should watch because it doesn't look like this will end anytime soon. Every week or so I turn on the news and make it through about ten minutes before I turn it off again. I plunked my rowing machine in front of the tv and am trying to row away the craziness.


William Kendall said...

I actually find reading the newspapers to be far less of a strain than the television news. But yes, these days it's good to set it aside for a bit.

I like this version!

Catalyst said...

I just watched "Assassination Tango", starring Robert Duvall. Even though I like him in almost anything, this movie seemed like it was ad-libbed. The tango dancing, though, was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I expect you have already watched "Longmire." I like House of Cards (Kevin Spacey), The Fall, Peaky Blinders, and Still Game. For movies, I am happy to say that both Spotlight and The Big Short are now on Netflix. I hope there's at least one in the list that you haven't seen.


Bill Dinger said...

I sympathize with your heightened need for diversion these days. Also my chance to jump in and say how much I've enjoyed your blog over the years - I'm also an expat. Anyway, here's my long list:

Salamander - Belgian political thriller
All the "Wildest" series, i.e. Wildest Islands, Wildest Africa - great photography and approach to the subject
Marco Polo - 1st season only
The Honorable Woman - Israel Palestine thriller w/ Maggie Gyllenhaal
The Borgias - Dark, glorious retelling of the famous family from the Renaissance
WW II in Colour - Guy thing but very interesting
Turn: Washington's Spies - Captivating retelling of a slice of the Revolutionary War
Chef's Table - Inspiring and beautifully photographed stories of the world's best restaurants & the chefs who created them
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown - love his take on things
Narcos - Well made thriller about Columbia and Pablo Escobar
WW II in HD - See similar one above
Witnesses - French detective thriller
The Last Kingdom - Vikings almost take over England in the early middle ages
Occupied - Norwegian political thriller
The Heavy Water War - Norway again - a WWII thriller centering on key component of making an atomic bomb which Norway possesses
Marcella - British detective thriller with a flawed heroine
The Crown - Great period piece about Elizabeth II and the world and people around her. Tremendous acting.

My email is billdinger@cox.net

Charlestonjoan said...

Thanks for your kinds words and the tips! I am currently watching Merli - Spanish series about a Philosophy high school teacher. I have watched Marcella, The Crown, Honorable Woman and will look into some of your other suggestions.

Bill Dinger said...

Good to hear back, Joan. I'll check out the Spanish one.